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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • A friend cyclist in the 15th St bike lane got hit by a motorist that was making a left on a red arrow. Be careful out there fellow cyclists.

  • Hope your friend wasn’t hurt too bad! So sorry

  • Rave: Looking at adoptable dogs on Petfinder. Cute overload.
    Rant: This three-day week has felt like an eternity.

  • Rant: The only people in my office today are me and my boss. So no cutting out early for me! :-/
    Rant: The tropical weather. I’d like to see some sun and clear blue skies, please.
    Rave: I bought a new briefcase over the weekend that’s been making me feel all adult and stuff this week!

  • Rave: Great second interview yesterday afternoon. Call should have gone for 30 minutes but took an hour.
    Rant: Good friend tried to crap all over my good feelings and I think it’s because her job search isn’t going so well. I can definitely avoid discussing the process with her but she’s the one asking me questions and bringing it up. She is the kind of person who doesn’t want others to be happy if she isn’t. And yes, it’s making me reconsider our friendship.
    Rave: Four day weekend starts this afternoon. Hooray!

  • Rave: The Real Thing at Studio Theater – it was an excellent production and it was a great night out with the husband.

    Rant: Still not feeling well though. Rainy days make me want to spend the day reading, drinking tea, with the windows open.

    Rant: Rough go with one of our primes yesterday – they were unreasonable and pushy. I managed well but it was frustrating nonetheless.

    Rave: So excited for some incredible family news that has been a long time coming!! I cannot wait for the announcement πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Sneaky Senators in North Carolina.

    Rant: Early dismissal means I get to do my work and feds’ work and they get to laugh about it all morning.

    Rant: Root beer in snack shop went up 10 cents. I hate everyone.

    Rave: I matched my eye makeup to my small clothes.

    • Teehee. Your comments about small clothes always make me giggle. I might just have to start doing that myself.

    • To your NC Rant: Uuuuuuuuuuuugh. My home state has been especially embarrassing as of late. AND tacking the anti-choice provisions onto a bill about Sharia law?! Let’s shove some Christianity down your throat while we force you to carry this fetus!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I find that particularly hilarious and scary.

      • So, is there a time increment before birth that is unacceptable to perform an abortion? Assuming it is murder to kill a baby 1 minute after birth, is acceptable to kill the child 1 minute before birth? Two minutes? Three days? Four weeks?

        • Blithe

          It’s unacceptable from the point that the fetus would be expected to be independently viable. And, yes, with medical advances, this is a marker that could change.

          • So the question as to when life begins is a matter of what point in technological innovation a generation finds themselves in? Not long ago, when obstetrics was not even an area of medicine, doctors hard difficulty saving children born in the last trimester. Now, children are born alive (and have been left to die outside the womb) at 22 weeks. And surgeons are operating on children in utero to save their lives before that point. It seems that whatever point one picks to deem abortion ethical, history and science produces evidence that that point is too late.

            It’s tempting to say, β€œI don’t care – it’s my choice”, but that ignores these substantive issues.

          • Blithe

            And the question as to when life ENDS is also a matter of what point in technological innovation — both assessment and interventions — that a generation finds themselves in.

    • I can’t tell if you are super into your small clothes that you write about them in your rant/raves so often or if you just like typing small clothes and getting reactions from people who find the phrase amusing.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I LOVE bras and underwear. I often match them to my nail polish or make up or shirts b/c it makes me happy and its more fun than matching my socks to shirts or whatever. I have already told 2 people at work that they match my eye make up b/c yes, I talk about my underwear a lot. It’s a hobby.

      • I always thought it was the latter. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

  • RANT: My company has strict, stingy guidelines for promotions that don’t reward people for getting advanced degrees, bringing in new work, etc. and we’re losing fantastic people because of it. I don’t understand this company at all. Sigh.

  • Rant: Tommy Branch, the human embodiment of feces in the brutal Maslin attack, was finally sentenced yesterday. Unfortunately, he only got 24 years. He deserves multiple life sentences in the jail cell with Bubba, a la Jonah Hill and the incubus in “This is the End.”

    The pain that family is going through is unimaginable…I can’t help but to feel for them.

    • Why are these hypothetical prisoners always called “Bubba”? And why is it okay to make rape jokes when they’re about prisoners?

      • Did you see the photos in the post yesterday that accompanied the story? The guy literally caved in maslin’s head with a bat. He lost the use of his left eye and will never regain the full use of an arm and a leg…and then left him for dead while laughing about it to his friends.

        I have no idea why he didn’t get the max 30 years allowed by law, and why is it ok to make rape jokes about guys like him? Simply because he deserves it. His actions have earned him what I hope will be an absolutely heinious jail experience.

      • saf

        It isn’t. Rape jokes are never ok. Prison rape is not ok.

        In general, rape is not ok.

  • Rave: 4-day weekend, w00t!

    Rave: Fireworks at the Mall, blowing up fireworks in front of my apartment bldg at 10pm tomorrow night, beers & BBQ, plus 2 days of surfing in Virginia Beach. I dig my White Trash Weekend.

  • Rant: The weather. It’s like Panama without the canal.

    Rave: I’m not wearing my small clothes today.

    • Heh…yeah, hear ya on the weather…

      RAVE: Short week with a nice hike in the SNP for independence day!
      RANT: it’ll probably rain.

  • epric002

    rave: my husband’s birthday today!
    rave: HH tonight to celebrate
    rave: did yoga last night for the first time post cortisone injection, no pain!!! πŸ˜€
    rant: spent time straightening my hair this morning, which was utterly pointless given the humidity/rain. pretty sure i still look like a drowned rat.

  • I am never surprised when cyclists, are hit by cars especially in-town, I am shocked it does not happen more often. I have two kids and I commute out of DC for work so I drive a lot giving me ample opportunity to observe other drivers. What I see keeps me off any bike. I am a careful driver I watch out for children and cyclists (much more now) and my kids nag me so I don’t text and drive. Yesterday while riding in the front passenger seat I look over and see a clown holding a cup of coffee, looking down at his cell phone in the rain while driving. It wasn’t a quick look we rode along next to him for a solid 20-25 seconds. Cyclists I applaud you for taking to the streets knowing β€˜cell phone / coffee guy’ is out there driving.

    • Whether I’m a ped, a cyclist, or a driver, I assume everyone driving a vehicle is paying attention to nothing but their phone. I used to do this at late at night and on weekend evenings, I’d assume everyone had been drinking, but now it is 24/7.

      Be alert people, because most people out there aren’t.

    • I take driving very seriously too… If it ever became too difficult or costly to drive in DC, that would be the straw that makes me move away.

      After watching tons of scary videos of traffic cam accidents from Russia I think we’ll end up using them here soon too because we’re all on the verge of being a litigious society with all of the driving risks evolving into problems in DC daily. The city has no interest in safety unless it’s a “money generating” activity.

    • I had a mental picture of an actual clown drinking coffee and texting, which seems like it would be extra dangerous, since who’s not going to get distracted looking at a clown driving, drinking coffee, and texting at the same time?

    • @JoeEsq74-As a cyclist, may I personally thank you? Whatever…THANK YOU!

      Honestly, they’re pretty easy to spot most of the time while on a bike. It’s the one taking a little too long to accelerate away from a light or the slight swerve b/c they realized they’re drifting into another lane. I do wish we could send in video to MPD w/ clear violations + license plates + drivers face and have them DO SOMETHING about it….but cops spend 8-12 hrs a day inside their cars doing the same dangerous things as all the other self-absorbed asshats out there.

    • Yes! I don’t understand how people think texting doesn’t impede their driving. I saw a guy swerving on 395 the other day. I looked over while passing him and his head was bent down over a phone. It can wait people!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I see people walking & texting that swerve all over the place. It is so much deadlier in a car! It can wait!

        • Seriously. If you are so important that you have to check your messages while en route, then you will have a driver. For anyone else, PULL OVER TO CHECK YOUR MESSAGES.

    • Side-curtain airbags cause 2 significant blind spots for drivers making turns, or just for pedestrians or cyclists, so much smaller and harder to see than cars. I upgraded my car from a 1994 to a 2006 a couple of years ago and still sometimes forget to lean and crane my neck to see around the airbags. I’m a careful driver, an experienced “city driver” but yesterday in the rain I nearly hit a woman in the crosswalk while turning left because I just forgot to look around the airbag obstacle. She was dressed in drab colors and not looking out, but still my fault.

  • Rave: family’s first trip to DC was a success! The ate, walked, and even rode the bus. I doubt they will be back– the big city (and all the walking) was a bit too much for them.
    Rant: they delivered the wrong couch
    Rave: best worst song radio mix
    Rant: a friend planned a wedding trip to PR. I didn’t read the full invite, just accepted. So there will be no ceremony, this is just their honeymoon trip and now all of my (fun) friends are pulling out b/c of the expense and the fact there is no ceremony. I really wanted to go to the beach

    • Confused about this honeymoon trip-did your friend invite all of his/her friends to their honeymoon or was it just an announcement? So there is no event at all down there? I couldn’t care less about a ceremony, but if there’s a reception, not sure why folks would bail out. PR is relatively cheap compared to other Carribean destinations.

      • Relatively cheap, but that’s still a lot of time and money to invest in a wedding reception.

        • Well if you turn it into a mini-vacation…

          • Okay, but not everyone is able or willing to go on a mini-vacation to the destination the bride and groom have chosen during that particular time. This is why destination weddings are so ridiculous. I know someone that’s having her ceremony in Vegas, but hardly anyone wanted to go out there so they’re doing the reception here, with the cake and all that jazz, and the bridal party will be wearing their outfits then.

          • If you’re not willing or able then don’t go, same as a non-destination wedding. What’s the difference?

          • Seriously? You don’t think there’s a distinction between driving a few hours vs. having to pay for a flight, hotel room, and other travel-related expenses?

          • Of course there’s a difference, but that’s on the brdie and groom – if they choose a location that’s convenient to few, then they run the risk of having few guests attend. For you as a guest who cares? An invitation to a destination wedding is no different than an inviation to a “normal” wedding on the other side of the country. If you have enough time/money/interest, then you go.

    • That’s an interesting one. If I were in that situation, I think I personally would treat it the same as any other wedding, ceremony or not. That is, if I had the time/money to go and I was close enough to the person to be interested in going, I’d go, for the fact that they’ve picked this event as the celebration of their marriage; whether the couple chooses to celebrate that occasion with a formal ceremony and a traditional reception in a hall/restaurant or whether they choose to celebrate the occasion with a less-structured gathering of friends would have no bearing on my interest in going or my financial ability to do so. (Assuming also that I could attend for a duration similar to a “normal” out-of-town wedding, like 2-3 days, and that the couple wasn’t expecting me to tag along for like a weeklong trip or something.)

    • It’s their honeymoon that they have invited friends and family to come on. There is not going to be a ceremony or a reception. I didn’t realize that b/c I didn’t read her e-mail. She’s a friend of a friend and I was only invited b/c my (fun) friends were coming plus it’s cheaper with more people.

      I haven’t pulled out yet but I don’t really know the bride plus the point was to hang with my friends (on the beach). I’ll see how it all shakes out. I feel bad b/c she was going to have the ceremony/reception in her huge backyard but my friend- who is now not going- convinced her to do a destination wedding/trip.

  • Rant: 5 day VA Beach trip (Driving + Food + 4 Star Hotel) – 1,400$ / 5 day Miami Beach trip (Air Fare + Food + 4 Star Hotel) – 1,700$ – 5 day Hawaii (Waikiki) trip (Air Fare + Food + 4 Star Hotel) – 4,200$.

    Rave: Tomorrow off, watching fireworks.

    Rant: Work on Friday, at least it’s a casual Friday, but seriously? Nothing’s gonna get done folks, let’s just be real about it.

    Rant: The Internet is now full of reposts that everyone pawns off as their own rather than inspiring new & creative content… This is not what the founding fathers intended.

    • I’m also working Friday, and I don’t mind. It’s already been like a ghost town in my office since last week. I took last Wednesday and Thursday off, so going back this Friday won’t be a problem. Don’t expect to be very busy, and I plan to have a pretty long lunch break (maybe at a bar πŸ™‚

    • 5 days camping on the beach in Assateague – all meals, drinks & entertainment = $100.00!

      • They had massively annoying horse flies the last time I went. I usually like the salt water you get south of Maryland.. OC is way too crowded with drunk kids… I think VA beach might be the best option despite being over priced…

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: My bad feeling about the two guys I commented about on Monday was not unfounded. I got two rejection emails Monday evening–sent within 7 minutes of one another, sigh.
    Rave: I’ve deactivated my account. Need a break from that shit.

    • ugh that sucks, i’m sorry!

    • binpetworth

      Maybe they were actually the same person?

      I have to say, the day I once and for all decided to quit online dating for good, I felt free and happy. Good for you to take a break from that nonsense!

      • msmaryedith

        Haha, no, not the same! I had been on three dates with one, and two with the other. And been stood up for a third with the second guy! I just happened to meet both in the same week; it’s unusual that I’d be interested in two at once. Or anyone at all, for that matter.

        I guess I just feel like when I give up on online dating, I give up on dating. I work in a tiny office with people three decades older than me out in VA. I go out plenty with friends but don’t tend to meet new people that often, and most of my friends are coupled off or have no one they would ever consider setting me up with. And I’m pretty shy, so I’m not the type to chat up someone at a bar or in line at a shop. And I’m introverted, so I like doing things alone or with small groups of people I feel comfortable around. So online dating SEEMS like a good idea, but it just never seems to pan out. I get a lot of “I really liked you, but I met someone else I like better” sort of rejections, which reinforces my thought that online dating leads people to constantly shop for a “better” option.

        • binpetworth

          That was exactly my experience too–people always seemed to feel like the grass is greener elsewhere. And I’m also not socially connected that I meet a lot of people on my own, but having time for things I enjoy and not having to “work” at dating also feels like a relief. I’m just hoping one of these days someone turns up at the library/ball game/volunteer spot who’s in the same boat.

        • Don’t be too down, it’s all the same with “normal” dating too. People are always looking for something better until they find what they want.

          • It happens with budding friendships too!

          • msmaryedith

            I know that’s true of “normal” dating, but to a lesser extent, it seems. Because in the real world you aren’t literally scrolling through the photos of hundreds of prospects saying “this one’s thinner, or prettier, or listens to better music” or whatever random thing makes you opt for one over the other. I think it’s harder with online because it really is a meat market–people are literally setting up multiple dates in a week (or day!) and making split second decisions. I think that outside of online dating, it’s not usual for people to meet so many potential dates, be emailing with a bunch at a time, be juggling multiple people at once all the time.

          • Or until they realize that what they have is enough. No one finds everything they want. But many people waste a lot of time searching for it.
            On another note – not sure why anyone would offer a “you’re nice but I found someone better” rejection. I think that’s kind of a d*ck move. “It’s not you it’s me,” and then move on. Rejection is always personal. No need to put someone down.

          • msmaryedith

            Marcus Aurelius, I know! I guess it’s because he had been in touch so much that it was clear he was interested. But yeah, the whole “I met someone who I like better than you” rejection really stings.

            He also sent said rejection email to an address I rarely check a couple of hours before our rescheduled date (since he had stood me up the day before, this was a second attempt). I didn’t see it, and I showed up at the date. When I texted that I had just arrived, he called to say “didn’t you see the email I sent?” Then recapped it on the phone. While I stood in front of his house about to cry.

        • pablo .raw

          Have you read “Quiet” by Susan Cain?

        • epric002

          take a break from it, but i hope you don’t give up entirely. also, i’m totally biased b/c i met my husband online πŸ™‚ but truly, even before that i had nothing bad to say about online dating.

          • msmaryedith

            I know, it works for some. And I know it’s a numbers game, etc, etc. But it really stinks when it happens again and again. And seriously, two rejections within 10 minutes?! That was tough to swallow. Especially because Guy #2 and I had a date scheduled for that night. And had been NONSTOP texting/emailing, etc. It’s weird to me that he would have been in communication that much (mostly him initiating, too) if he was so into this other chick. But whatever.

            Which site did you use?

          • epric002

            ODH- we met on match. i tried eHarm and didn’t like it, and POF was full of creepsters. rejections are always hard, i’m sorry. i took breaks from it too from time to time, but when i was dating, i treated it like my second job, which can make it exhausting. but if you don’t get your expectations up and go on dates expecting nothing more than that single date, it’s hard to be disappointed. have you re-thought/examined what you are really truly looking for, and whether your profile accurately reflects that and is attracting that type of person?

          • msmaryedith

            Thanks for the insight! I HATED eHarmony. I’ve also done Match and OkC. I actually think I like OkC a little more in general, but yeah, it’s exhausting. I totally agree about the “only go into dates expecting a single date” thing, which is what I do. But both of these had started off well enough and with great interest on both sides that I was a little taken aback that both went cold so suddenly.

            I’ve asked friends for feedback on the profile and most think it’s very accurate–the one thing a friend has said that criticized it is that it reflects the funny, adventurous, smart part of me, but that she thinks it doesn’t show the more sensitive side as well (but I do list a lot of things on it that suggest that–it’s just hard to spell out on a profile). I do list my personality type, which also would point to that.

      • What’s a good alternative when it’s hard to meet people, and single people at that, when you’re just out and about?

        • binpetworth

          I’ll let you know when I find out…

        • Best of luck Hater, maybe think about who you would like to attract? I’ve never tried online dating but can’t really understand meeting people in formula created catalog. Rather then thinking you must be always looking, how about try being “struck” by somebody regardless of his/her relationship situation? If your a cute girl reading and looking misanthropic- I’ll come talk to you.

          • you’re!

          • msmaryedith

            Well, I do read and look misanthropic–just tend to do so at home, not in bookstores/coffee shops, etc.

            And I think my “must haves” are very few and quite general, because I don’t believe that there are many non-negotiables when it comes to who I’m attracted to. I look for someone with a compatible sense of humor, who is also kind, intelligent, and a little on the nerdy side. Honestly, other than that, I’m all over the place.

        • Blithe

          Well, I don’t know if this will work consistently as a strategy — but EVERY single time I have been walking around carrying my guitar case, guys have initiated conversations with me….. and they’ve tended to appear kind, intelligent, and a little bit on the nerdy side πŸ™‚

    • Don’t take this the wrong way – just being a bit of a devil’s advocate here – but you were auditioning two guys for one spot. At some point, if things had worked out with one of them, you would have cut the other guy loose. I understand the hit to your pride – been there and felt that. But the guys who dropped you were just doing what you would have eventually done to one of them, or both of them if a better third option came along. Like you said, everyone – including you – is looking for a better option.

      • msmaryedith

        I totally get that. It was unusual for me to go out with more than one at a time. Guy #1 had pulled back enough that I hadn’t totally written him off, but it was feeling more like a potential friend thing. For the better part of a week, our communication had dwindled, and third date was a daytime date with no kiss and followup, and so his email was not a surprise at all (and was quite kind and thoughtful). I met Guy #2 two days after Guy #1, was leaning heavily towards Guy #2. He was constantly in touch, constantly reaching out to me, seemed very interested. And he was keeping me very informed of his activities so that it seemed like he probably wasn’t going out with anyone else. So it just came as a bigger surprise.

        • epric002

          why wouldn’t you go out with more than 1 guy at a time?

          • msmaryedith

            I’ll go out on first and second dates with more than one at a time. But generally that’s enough time for me to decide “no, I don’t like this guy, so I’m not going to continue it,” or “I like him enough to get to know him better,” and it doesn’t seem really fair to go out on 3rd, 4th, 5th dates with him and still meet new people (because I think I don’t give new guys enough of a shot at that point–if I think I like someone, generally by 3rd date or so I’m sort-of shut off to total newbies). I have no idea if that makes sense. Mostly it’s because I don’t juggle it well and find myself feeling guilty and/or pulling back and not being myself because I feel like I’m hiding something.

          • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating more than one person at a time (as long as no one is being led to believe that he or she is the only person you are dating). But the downside is that it’s easier to get the “there’s gotta be someone better out there so why should I ‘settle'” feeling if you are in the middle of exercising multiple options. I think there is a point at which a person can be exercising too many options to give any one of them a legitimate shot.
            None of this is specific to online dating. It’s just that online dating can make it much easier to accumulate multiple options.

          • msmaryedith

            I totally agree, Marcus. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. And I do think it’s more prevalent with online dating (it’s so easy to rack up dates). If I am not going to give someone a legitimate shot, I don’t meet them. Or I end things if I feel like it’s not headed anywhere. But it’s hard for me to do that (fairly, kindly, with enough thoughtfulness about what I really feel) if I have more than one person I’m interested in, so I just don’t do it, generally!

    • That sucks. πŸ™ I’ve had some similar things – the last 4 guys I’ve gone out with that I really liked all abruptly ended things, when it had seemed to go well up until then.

      … On the other hand, I’ve also been on several dates with guys and had a good time on the dates, but decided I wasn’t really feeling it for more… Sigh. I hate dating. You either get hurt or hurt other people.

  • Rant: My partner’s brother asking if we can host a BBQ for his friends. I’m sorry, but I don’t know these people and I’m not doing all that work for them.

    Rave: Stood my ground for once. Told them they can use the backyard and grill if they need a cookout spot that’s close to the festivities on the Mall. But I’m not lifting a finger to help, and they’ll have to deal with the mess of overgrown weeds in the backyard.

  • Rant: Stepped in a puddle on my way to work this morning and now I have wet shoes
    Rant: Missing out on a 4th of July family beach weekend because my family invited me at the last minute and I didn’t have enough time/money to plan a last minute trip to my hometown. Someone also ranted about this in yesterday’s rant/revel thread. I feel ya.
    Rave: Watching the fireworks from my office building’s rooftop terrace tomorrow! Hope the weather cooperates.

  • Rave: Get to leave at 2:30 today
    Rant: Some genius scheduled a call for 3:15
    Open question: Got invited to a bar crawl that is going to have mostly our interns. Normally I would pass, but what does PoP think? I know Jack doesnt have a problem going younger haha

    • Go for it. Drinking with young people keeps you young! But remember (after six beers), as cute as those interns are, and as much as they would benefit from your wise career counseling and inside knowledge of DC nightlife and cultural opportunities, unless she/he actively decides to sit on your lap while doing shots, he/she does not find you nearly as desirable as you find her/him. If (s)he does sit on your lap, ask yourself WWJD — what would Jack do?

  • Me too!!!

  • What is up with pedestrians just sauntering across the street when I am coming right toward them on my bike and I have the right of way (in other words, they have a Don’t Walk sign). Three times today, all between Fairmont and U St along Sherman, they each just looked me straight in the eye, didn’t budge, and one even laughed. Arrrhhh!!!!

    • Today seemed to be “let’s drive/walk like an asshole day”. Something about rain here that makes people adopt one of two strategies. Drive like you’ve never seen precipitation before OR like you’d like to enter a drifting and/or a multi-tasking while you drive competition.

    • I feel pedestrians will counter with the countless times a day a cyclist nudges (or worse) into the crosswalk when pedestrians are present. I feel peds hate cyclists (I am one) more than drivers do.

      • Everyone likes themselves and hates others when it comes to transportation. Peds, cyclists, and drivers all find virtue in their chosen method and see fault in the others. No one seems to want to ever yield even if the rules say so, as if their very dignity and value as a human being is somehow linked to who gets to go first. It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

      • right. because cyclists can maim or kill peds and they can’t do that to cars.

        I nearly got hit with my newborn by a cyclist going the wrong way up a one way street. I no longer have respect for any car or cyclist and just assume they’re all selfish, idiotic a-holes. because, well, 99% of them are.

    • Perhaps you can comments on hits message posted on the Cleveland Park list by a neighbor of mine:

      Friday evening at 6 pm I decided to cross Connecticut Avenue at the new
      pedestrian crosswalk. I obeyed all the signals, watched to see that cars had
      stopped, and started across. At that point a bicycle going very fast between the
      cars down the Avenue came at me and managed to swerve somehow to miss me by less
      than a foot.

      A quick “Sorry” yelled, and he disappeared. Needless to say, I was
      shaken. I am a big fan of bicycle riding, and am pleased that the city has
      put in bicycle lanes here and there, but bicyclists *must* obey traffic
      signals, whether at corners with other streets, or at the middle of a long
      block such as this situation.

  • Rant: Was about to put my book down and fall asleep last night when all the firetrucks in the world converged on my block. Didn’t get to sleep for hours later.
    Rant II: House on next street over was on fire. They pulled one unconscious man out…he didn’t look good, cuts all over and clearly burned (looked like he realized there was smoke and was trying to get out, but fell and/or bumped into things cutting himself). Also, I think I heard them on the radio saying “one fatality”. I left at that point..didn’t really want to see.

    • Oh no! I remember wondering about the emergency vehicles last night – seemed like an awful lot of folks and more than the usual hurry. Hope your neighbors are ok!

  • Rave: Your responses to my civil ceremony question yesterday. <3 you guys.

    Rant: Egypt. πŸ™

  • Revel: Found $17 worth of Metro fare cards buried in a box of pictures, postcards and other odds & ends!
    Rant: Sick of dodging out of the way of pedestrians who can’t be assed to look up from their phones while they’re walking.

    • I’ve started using a new tactic for those people. Right before they’re about to walk in to me, I just stop, and stand still, and wait for them to either hit me or swerve. It’s interesting. Nobody’s hit me, but they always seem so surprised that I’m there when they look up from the phone. Of course, I’m a not-small guy; probably wouldn’t recommend this for people likely to get knocked over.

      • Love this technique…apply similar for the people who are walking three abreast and using the entire sidewalk.

      • I do the same thing – if someone is about to barrel into me while looking at their phone I’ll say “LOOK UP!” They are inevitably surprised and I think not aware that they weren’t paying attention.

  • Revel: I have been seeing this guy on Metro secretly drawing images of fellow passengers in his little black book. Recently I learned he must be part of a sketch club that hangs out at Acre 121. At the bar, there he was, showing others in his club the clandestine drawings.

    • pablo .raw

      Leonardo Da Vinci used to do the same thing. Not on the metro of course, but he would walk around the city following people with interesting faces.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Feels like Friday!
    Rant: Weather. I don’t mind the rain, but after a 15 min. walk outside, it was hot, itchy, humid and I was sweating. I don’t sweat easily.
    Rant: I’ve been thinking about the best way to photograph the fireworks, and the song “firework” it’s not leaving me alone!!

  • Rant: Have to work today and Friday…at least Friday it will be from home…on Cape Cod πŸ™‚

    Rave: Friend is going to have her baby any day now. She’s a week overdue!

  • I swear I’m going to effin punch a tourist on the Metro someday. I came close this morning. If there’s a crowd of pissed off people in work clothes in a hurry behind you while you figure out the intracies of putting your farecard on the giant button on the turnstile, let them go ahead. If more than one person asks you to move to the right on the esclator to the train while said train is pulling into station, move to the gd right. And then when we all miss the train because of your obliviousness, don’t tell locals how rude they are. Be aware of others around you. I hope you get your bag stolen because of your oblivousness.

    • Be nice. It’s not as if tourists are the only ones who behave this way, and at least they have an excuse.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Although I can’t suppress a groan when I see a giant group of tourists on the platform during rush hour, I try to be nice to the tourists.

        It’s the daily commuters who stand in the doorway while people are trying to exit/board the train that I really hate.

        • Exactly. The tourists are an easy target because they are oblivious, but it’s the regular commuters who should know better that deserve our scorn.

      • epric002

        Disagree. There is no excuse to not move to the right when you’re asked MULTIPLE times to do so. Why this even has to be explained is beyond me.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 why aren’t they looking around at what other people are doing and trying to blend in? Do they want to get mugged/scammed??

          • epric002

            blending in is my travel (and daily life) motto. except on here where i run my mouth πŸ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            exactly! I blend in no matter where I am and I don’t get mugged! My other motto is keep moving forward. I get lost a lot and if I keep moving forward people think I know what I’m doing πŸ™‚ I’ve been stopped for directions on more than one occasion when I was lost.

        • Because believe it or not “stand right walk left” is not univerally accepted escalator etiquette. That’s my point – you’re standing there going “excuse me” and they may not even realize what you’re asking them to do.

          • epric002

            which major metropolitan areas do not recognize stand right walk left? and what would you suggest we say other than “excuse me”?

          • Many people don’t walk on escalators because the stairs are already doing the work for you. If you just walk up to them and say “excuse me” you could be about to tell them their fly is unzipped for all they know. (Or to take an alternate angle, not everyone is from a “major metropolitan area” and I don’t recall seeing a section in the guide books about how to use escalators if you’re visiting one. So cut people some slack.)

    • Tourists are always so amazed that people walk on the left and stand on the right. I thought travelers did that everywhere!

      • epric002

        +100. how is this not common sense?!

        • It’s not common sense because the escalator is a machine designed to provide an alternative to the act of climbing stairs. It hardly defies common sense to assume that you can just stand on an escalator while it carries you to the upper level.

        • My theory is that the average tourist: a) is in their own world and on vacation, so they’re not cognizant of the fact that others are in a hurry; and b) doesn’t encounter escalators very much in the course of daily life and therefore aren’t used to stand right/walk left. Metro-riding locals pretty much use the escalators every day; out-of-towners are more likely to drive everywhere, and when they use escalators, it’s some place like the mall where no one is in a huge hurry to get up or down and basically just hangs out on them (except for me, since I loathe the mall and want to get in/out as quickly as possible.) Addendum to that theory: some people are just really lazy and will take every opportunity to get out of moving their bodies. Same phenomenon with moving sidewalks. (There is a mall near where some relatives live with a hugely long overpass and I have an enduring pet peeve with people who will just park themselves across the width of the moving sidewalk. Hello, half the point of the moving sidewalk is that if you walk on it, you can cover ground more quickly! Exceptions, of course, for people who are older or have injuries or other circumstances that affect their mobility, but I see SO many young, able-bodied people who refuse to walk. And take up the entire moving walk way so that the rest of us who want to walk are stuck behind them. Grr.)

      • they exist to ruin your lives by slowing you down for a few minutes.

      • Ah, no. Neither travelers nor locals do that everywhere. I rarely get stuck behind someone standing to the right on a metro escalator, but when it happens, a simple “excuse me” does the trick.

        HOWEVER, in DCUSA, I am almost ALWAYS behind a local (one assumes) who does not think the stand-on-the-right rule applies anywhere but metro. See how that works? The blood-pressure-raising obsession with standing on the right and ONLY on the right seems to exist mostly on the DC metro system. I have not encountered it elsewhere in my… you know… extensive travels.

        What I have encountered is people who are generally pleasant in the face of pleasantness. Try it.

    • See a angry management counselor anonymous 11:36 am. You are the few that make DC rude and uncomfortable to visit.

      • epric002

        if you’re a tourist somewhere, you need to follow the customs of the place you’re visiting. just like you don’t visit a foreign country wearing inappropriate clothing or without learning at least a few phrases of the language. i am regularly baffled by people who seem to show up in this area without bothering to have learned/looked up a single piece of information about how to get around/behave. last summer i was practically cursed out by some obese tourists who were enraged that they could not park within 5 feet of the pentagon’s 9/11 memorial. if you can’t be bothered to find out how to navigate DC and assume that you can drive/park/stand anywhere and everywhere, don’t then get mad at the locals.

        • Sometimes, you don’t know or can’t figure out what those customs are, or even that there ARE customs about something in the place you’re visiting.

        • Yeah, sorry you sound like a real jerk. If you’ve ever traveled anywhere you’d know that no matter how much prep you do ahead of time, at some point you’re going to do at least one thing that will make the locals shake their head or get annoyed. And all those locals who see you do that *one* thing wrong are going to rant about you for not following the local customs or even bothering to look up any information before you arrived. Sounds fair, right?

          • epric002

            right. people who say “excuse me” on escalators are jerks. how dare we try to catch the train that will get us somewhere on time?! it takes approximately 15 seconds on a metro escalator to observe and recognize that you should SRWL. and i bet you insist on driving the speed limit in the left lane and walking 6 abreast on a busy sidewalk. and since i’ve apparently decided that it’s a *good* idea to engage in debate on the internet with people who hide behind their anonymity, FYI, i am an extensive traveler who has also lived in many other states and countries, so yes, i expect others to at least attempt to exercise a modicum of consideration for the people who live in the place that they are visiting. that means that you move over when asked, and do not get angry with the locals after getting in their way/making them miss their train/they are not able to procure you a parking space at your desired location. if you can’t manage that, then please stay home.

          • epric002, you seem to be intentionally missing my point and won’t see things from any side but yours. FYI, I am the exact opposite of these people who annoy you so, but I also understand that it’s a big world full of people who are not exactly like me and that I will occasionally encounter them and I prefer not to treat them like shit when I do, whether in my town or theirs.

          • AND in my extensive travels, I’ve made mistakes even though I though I knew what I was doing and even after locals explained it to me. So I’m okay with it if visitors to my town don’t nail it every time.

        • “practically cursed out”? How does that work? Like they said something mean in an angry tone, but with no actual curse words? But you felt like they were very *close* to using curse words? I don’t understand.

          • They probably said “dang” and “tarnation”, which aren’t curse words here but are back where those tourists come from.

          • epric002

            yes. i was waiting for my husband to pick me up outside the pentagon. a carload of tourists pulls up and asks me where they can park for the memorial. i tell them they can park on the other side of 395 at the mall parking lot (where half the people who work at the pentagon park) and walk over. they start grumbling and complaining and directing their discontent at me (as if this is somehow my fault). they tell me, rudely, they are upset that there is no visitor parking immediately adjacent to the memorial and that they’ve been circling for a half hour looking for parking and that this lack of parking is ridiculous and blah blah blah. i think i give them a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look and they continue muttering and complaining (and cursing, though not directly at me) and drive off. how would you characterize this exchange?

    • When you’re traveling you have to be attentive to so many more details than usual that. Where are we, how do we get to the next place, when does that museum close, where did the kids just run off to, how do these fare cards work, OMG that’s the WHITE HOUSE, need to find an ATM, is there a place to eat lunch nearby, can we visit both of these places today or are they too far apart, blah blah blah blah. So the things that the people around you might be focused on (getting up the escalator ASAP) might not be what is at the front of your mind.

      We’ve all been the oblivious one at some point (and if you haven’t been, it’s only because you were so oblivious you never came to realize it).
      So give people a break, ask them to move (by giving them some direction of what you want them to, “please move to the right, thanks” rather than a gruff, “excuuuuse me”), take a deep and calming breath, and move on.

      • Ahem: epric002 is an EXTENSIVE TRAVELER, FYI. And he/she thinks that if you can’t manage all those details on sore feet with tired kids, then you should just stay home. And we all know he/she has never made a blunder while EXTENSIVELY TRAVELING.

        • epric002

          oh for effs sake. i can’t keep straight all of the obnoxious anonymouses today (or perhaps there’s just one?) please continue to assume that i am a colossal asshole. i will continue spreading my assholeness by rudely (by today’s popville standards) saying “excuse me” to people who stand on the left side of the escalator. i’ll also continue to at least attempt to follow local customs/blend in while i *eyeroll* travel extensively. i am SUCH a jerk! y’all do remember that this all started as someone’s RANT, right? you know, the purpose of this forum? holy hell, i’m done with the internets today.

          • More than one Anonymous, FYI.

          • Good! Go rest. Feel better tomorrow, treat others better tomorrow. I know my empathy is always at a low ebb when I’ve been working too long and too hard.

          • novadancer

            wow. A bunch of assholes today! ITA with everything you’ve said πŸ™‚ ANd I really do travel internationally…

          • Emmaleigh504

            Lots of anonymous assholes today.

          • This is DC. Who DOESN’T travel internationally? I think that’s the point. It is the norm here to travel or have traveled extensively. A stamped-up passport isn’t a license to treat visitors to your home badly. In fact, I would say that my own (extensive!) travel experiences make me nicer to tourists in DC. I’ve been lost in some strange and scary places, and am grateful to the locals who weren’t assholes to me in my bewilderment.

            If your extensive travel has served to make you less patient with tourists, I think you’re doing it wrong.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: MRI results are back.
    Rant: Have a herniated disk in my lower back.
    Rant: Ortho doc I’ve been referred to can’t see me until July 24th.
    Rant: Shouldn’t bike or do yoga.
    Rave: My awesome husband, friends, and friendly strangers like Emmaleigh504 and PabloRaw who offer support. It’s really hard not to get down when you’re constantly in pain. Every little bit of encouragement helps.
    Rave (hopefully): Next few days at parents’ on Eastern Shore. Hopefully can relax, enjoy the beach, see my awesome nephew, eat some good food, not sit in front of a computer for a while.

    • Ugh, that just sucks. Everything hurts when your back hurts. Hang in there.

      • GiantSquid

        Thanks Anonymous, I can deal with back pain. It’s the resulting pain in my butt, tailbone area, and down my left leg that’s hard to deal with. You don’t realize how much you use that area until its hurting. And I really miss biking.

        • epric002

          july 24 is a loooong way away with back pain. you can’t go see another ortho sooner?

          • GiantSquid

            I can ask my PT doc for a second recommendation knowing that the wait is that long. I don’t know if I want to navigate the unknown waters of back specialists on my own.

          • epric002

            i’d recommend that. and/or ask the original ortho to call you if there are any cancellations. and maybe call them frequently to check if any appts have opened up. good luck, back pain is a beyotch!

          • For what it’s worth (from a random PoPvillager), I like Dr Peter Moskovitz and Dr David Lutton (Washington Circle Ortho). Also Dr Louis Levitt (Office of Ortho Med & Surgery).

  • I’m homesick. I’m from a little cowboy town, and am in desperate need of big skies and dirt roads. Fourth of July in the city is fun but I miss the small town parade, carnival in the park, fireworks shows at the high school football field and drinking out in the country. Can’t wait to go home.

    • It might not completely alleviate homesickness, but the parade down Barracks Row definitely has a small town feel to it.

    • I know what you mean. I love the small town parade down Main St and fireworks in the community park.

      Although it’s not the same as being home, there are a number of “small town” parades here in the city – for example, the one in Palisades

    • They say on Mapquest that it’s four hours away, but Buchanon, VA, a cute little burg curled up against the James River south of the Shenandoah Valley, has a great July 4th parade — sponsored, as the Lord meant it, by the volunteer fire department. They also have a little parking lot carnival in a field on the edge of town, near the Exxon that sells Budweiser and Coors, and bluegrass music played for old-timers who know how to step dance. After the sun sets and a beer or two back in the car, you feel feel like you’re a million miles and forty years away from here and now. Great camping and swimming holes nearby. Beats the heck out of the beach (to me). Hell, if you promise to split gas and beer, maybe I’ll drive. πŸ˜‰


  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Short day. I love my job, but I do not mind a little time off.

    Rave: My aunt is so awesome.

  • Rave: When hump day acts like a Friday. No work tomorrow! And bbqs and fireworks… speaking of which, has anyone watched fireworks from the Cardozo field/bleachers? I know the old hill is gone because of construction, but can you still see them from the lower field?

    • Not from the lower field, no. You have to be up the hill. Before construction, it was a fun place to watch them. People stand on the sidewalks on 13th.

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