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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Horrid morning of not feeling well coupled with not sleeping well and really not wanting to come to work.

    Rant: Anger and frustration and wanting to let it loose at the person who is causing it all. We’ve talked it out maturely and professionally and nothing has changed. Looks like someone needs a little reminder. But when I’m emotional I know it won’t go well…

    Rave: Studio Theater tonight with the husband. We’ve lived nearby for four years and never been (I know!) so I’m psyched to finally hit it up. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good play.

    • I’m not feeling well either. Just got back from the West Coast so I’m a bit jet lagged, but mostly it’s the dull joint pain I’ve been experiencing the past month or two. I had some relief when I was away from DC, but now it’s back with a vengeance. Suggestions on how to cope with this are welcome!

      • The humidity makes my joints hurt too. When I lived in Arizona, almost no pain, so I’m convinced it’s the wet weather. I recently went to an orthopedist about my knees because they were so achy and I am now in physical therapy to correct the weak cartilage/weak muscle mess. Might be worth checking things out to see if there are exercises you could do to help. I also hear good things about Joint Juice but haven’t tried it yet.

      • Vitamin D and potassium supplements work for me with joint/muscle pains… Get a blood test with your doc to determine any deficiencies you may have. This weather has been making me feel like a grumpy old coot lately, but those supplements brought me back inline with my age.

  • Rave: Took Monday off, enjoyed the time off immensely. Got to get some decent shoes with the extra time for shopping.

    Rant: The rain cycles make DC feel like the amazon jungle… Can’t we get a good long stretch of dry weather?!? Well, at least it’s not 128 frickin’ degrees with deadly wildfires…

    Rave: Met a new girl… she is only 22 though. I am finally able to say I’m old enough to be her dad, but she is wise beyond her years… Feel free to be mad at me, but she invited me out first. Honestly, that is 4 years below my usual threshold. πŸ™

    Rant: Kids after school hanging out in alleys, up to no good, yet cops lined up on Georgia Avenue to issue tickets for turn and pedestrian offenses… The days of police serving and protecting are done folks. They have transitioned into being tax collection agents…

    • I sometimes read about your dating escapades, but have never commented before. And, I have to say, I don’t think you should feel bad about dating someone significantly younger than you. I only think it would be bad if you adamantly refuse to date women closer to your age. If you happen to meet and click with younger women, I say go for it! I think it only becomes a problem when you meet someone closer to your age, click with her, and refuse to date her because she’s too old.

      • Thanks for the kind encouragement. This one is pretty cool. Met her while I was getting my cell phone exchanged and we talked non-stop for an hour the whole time while my contact were being copied over to the new phone.

        • So does she know you are 38?

          • It’s one of the first thins I told her! I asked her how old she was after the first 5 minutes of flirting… LOL. I always do that now because of the guilt trips I get on here all the time!

          • “Hey, can I ask how old you are? I need to know so that the people on the blog I post on don’t get on my case.”

    • “she is only 22 though….but she is wise beyond her years.”

      What does that mean. Like, 25? πŸ˜‰

      Carry on, my friend. I’m now living in a house that is overrun every weekend by women young enough to be my daughter, I will leave the stone-casting to Emmaleigh (you used “girl” just to annoy her, right?).

      • lololololol she is a bit high strung right ! : )

      • I LOVE Emmaleigh’s comments back to Jack πŸ™‚

      • like 25 hhahaha +1

        Also, pretty sure the rule is your age divided by 2, plus 7

      • Me, too. I love a good verbal donnybrook.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I accidentally called Jack5 a boy over the weekend, so I’m gonna let this slide πŸ™‚

      • You’re dating women young enough to be your daughter? Ew, I think that’s creepy.

        • I briefly dated a woman young enough to be my daughter — literally half my age. Unless she’s 18 or something it’s not actually creepy, though an obsession with vastly younger women would be.

          • Okay, we’ve gotta start listing our ages when we talk about these types of matters to prevent contextual confusion… I’m 38 this year.

          • I briefly dated a woman who was 40 when I was 25. For some reason no one cares when it’s a lesbian relationship.

          • My dad dated a woman who was only two years older than me, and it was fine. Except when my husband (my age), my dad, his girlfriend, and I would hang out, and everyone but my dad would be talking about 80’s inside jokes and pop culture, and we had to explain everything to him like he was the old man that he is. I don’t know if they thought it was awkward, but my husband and I did.

        • My dad often dated women younger than my sister. Bugged the @##$%^$ out of her. He asked me if it bothered me. I told him it didn’t, but if he started dating women younger than me, I’d send him to a home (he’s 40 years older than me, only 23 years older than her). Somehow, that didn’t go over well. Now he’s daying a lovely age appropriate woman.

        • why do you care?

      • In all fairness, I would have had to be 16 years old back then to be her dad…

        My mom made me feel bad about it when I asked her though, and that hit me hard because I always listen to my momma. :/

      • LOL. Are you a college professor or grad student living in a sorority house?!

        That would truly be a movie worthy scenario!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hush your mouth about dry weather! All this humidity is doing wonders for my hair!

    • Jack, wasn’t your previous romantic interest only 24? Maybe you’re claiming your “usual threshold” is 26, but this is the second woman under that threshold in what, six months?
      What about your “friend with benefits” who bored you with her movie quotations, but whom you were hanging out with for the sex?

      • Text, I think you’re confusing Jacks stories with my stories. I was the guy with the movie quote girl, and she was hanging out with me for sex too thank you very much

        • No, Jack5 was going on a little while back about dating a 24 year old. I hate myself for knowing that. I think it’s pretty bizarre how much he talks about his romantic life on here but hey, some people just love attention.

        • Haha, anonguy. He’s not confusing them. You guys just apparently lead much wilder lives than the rest of us. Unfortunately.

        • Aha, I guess I did conflate two you re. the movie-quoting girl. But Jack5 did have a “friends with benefits” situation with a girl who — if I remember correctly — he was contemplating taking to the movies because he found it boring to talk with her over dinner. And Jack5 was briefly dating (or attempting to date) a 24-year-old who brought her sister on their first date.

      • Haha textdoc…
        Your sharp memory retention scares me a bit… I’ve gotta watch what I disclose on here. πŸ˜›

        The β€œfriend with benefits” girl didn’t return my call last week. Like I said that relationship is going nowhere really, she is 29 years old in all fairness. I wasn’t hanging out with her “for the sex”, she is a long-term friend whom I still respect, she’s just a bit shady for reasons she won’t tell me, that’s all.

        The first girl I spoke of on here was indeed 24, but she ended up being a little too elusive… I gave up on her about a month ago. it was purely an experiment in trying a new (less skeptical and cautious) approach to dating that I did which didn’t pan out…

        • Emmaleigh504

          29. Have you ever dated anyone over 30? Do I want to know the answer? Listen to your momma.

          • Listen to an Enigma album from the early 90s… They say “Love has no boundaries”… I don’t discriminate, the cards just work out the way they do! I CAN”T CONTROL FATE!! and apparently on here I can’t control hate! Bammas! πŸ˜›

          • Emmaleigh504

            Listen to an album put out around the time the chick you might be seeing was born hahahahahaha

            I love hearing about your love life, don’t stop sharing! Please! I’ll be nice…sometimes πŸ™‚

          • It makes no sense for me to start a dating blog… The minute I’m off the market it would get extremely boring! I’m hoping the point where I’m “off the market” comes soon! It’s been a harsh past few months of heartbreak in the cradle robbing scene! πŸ˜›

          • Emmaleigh504

            Do it for the good of the people!!!

        • There’s an awkward phase some guys in their late 30s/early 40s go through in which they see approaching middle age-dom, blanch with fear, and start flirting madly with very young women. I’ve read it has to do with vicariously reclaiming the vitality of youth.

    • pablo .raw

      I’ve had better relationships with women younger than me, and because of that I think that age is not a problem (there are men who like women older than them). Once I was waiting to get my visa at the american embassy, and in front of me there was an american guy who mentioned that he was retired and he was getting a visa for his girlfriend who I would say was around 18… he didn’t speak spanish and she didn’t speak english. Clearly, age is not at problem, and neither is language !!! πŸ˜€

    • Be nice to the kids in the alley. You’ll be dating them soon enough.

  • Allison

    Rant: Yesterday I looked at my calendar and saw that it was July. JULY! Bar exam at the end of the month! Miniature FREAK OUT! I was reading an e-mail to me from the state board and my heart was pounding just reading the instructions (things like gee, you should probably bring a pencil) *heart attack!*

    Rave: I have been working really hard, and I know I’m going to pass. I have a whole month left. I just have to stay calm enough to stick the landing, as it were!

    • Good luck! Having sat for the bar of one state and the practicing attorneys’ abbreviated exam in MD (and passed on the first attempt each time), here is my advice: Forget everything you learned in law school.

      Just kidding, but only sightly. The critical thinking and arguing skills that you’ve spent the last 3 years developing will only help you so much with the bar, and may actually hurt you. The bar exam is all about memorizing and then regurgitating what you learned during your bar review class. Just remember that now isn’t the time to develop a novel legal theory — neither the Scantron machine that grades your multi-state portion nor the attorneys who will be grading your essays will be impressed — and you’ll be fine.

      The exam is long, but totally passable if you take it easy and don’t over-think your answers.

      • Allison

        Thanks, that is good advice! Over-thinking is still a problem I’m dealing with; I’m having trouble finishing the essays in under 25 minutes because I’ll develop too many alternative lines of argument or I’ll go off on a tangent I spot that the bar examiners didn’t intend to write into the question and it will end up being “a mess of right” rather than a “tidy compact package of kind of mostly right.” Mediocrity is the goal!

        • Precisely. You don’t get a medal for scoring the highest. In fact, some states won’t even let you know what your score was.

          About alternative arguing, it’s a fine line between anticipating and preempting your opponent’s arguments (fine) and chasing your own tail (you’ll bore or frustrate the grader and/or run out of time). Just focus on the concrete state of the law, which is all the powers that be care about.

          One thing that I’ve noticed is that essay question writers love to throw in questions that test if you understand how their state differs from the multi-state exam (bar folks are parochial like that). For example, in MA there is usually one question that involves property recordation, as they use different terminology than nearly every other state. So when your state-specific lecturer says something like “Here is where [insert state here] is different from other states….” pay attention — it’s likely to be an essay question.

          • Allison

            Yeah, Maryland doesn’t let you know your score. I’m confused by that though, because how will I know whether I got a high enough score on my MBE to qualify to waive into D.C. if they won’t let me know what I scored? Has anyone waived into DC from MD and how did you know?

          • Can’t speak for Maryland, but Virginia does the same annoying nonsense with the scores. Virginia has you fill out a form on which you indicate what jurisdiction you’re considering transferring the score to (in this case, DC). You submit that with $25, and they send you back a latter saying only that, yes, your scores are good enough for that jurisdiction, or no, they are not. You then get to pay even more money to have your scores transferred. Huzzah!

          • Took MD bar last year. They do tell you your MBE score, which is all you need to waive into DC. VA doesn’t tell you, but you can find out if you got high enough to waive into a particular state.

        • I waived into DC from MA, and they stamped your disclosure authorization with a statement that said that you scored either over DC’s threshold or under. I’m guessing that MD does the same thing.

    • Once you get to calm, just stay there. Don’t let people talking before the exam rattle you.

      Years ago, when I took the bar, the guy to one side of me started talking about how it was his tenth try or something. So I was feeling pretty good. Then the guy behind me started talking about how he was taking that particular bar since it didn’t matter where he was barred – he was going directly from law school to teaching at a top 25 law school. Suddenly I felt like the dummy in the room.

      You’re right to aim for compact, mostly-right mediocrity. That’ll get you there!

      • Allison

        Thanks! In school I was always pretty good about avoiding people before final exams; I never studied at school around that time. I guess I’ll have to avoid the hotel bar!

        • Right. And that leads to one corollary: After the exam is over, resist the temptation to do a post-mortem at the hotel bar. Tying one on is perfectly acceptable, but don’t engage the tools who want to discuss specific questions. First, it’s over and discussing the exam will only make you second-guess yourself. Second, those people usually start the conversation only to show off how well they think they did.

  • Anybody got a good rec for a general handyman in DC? Someone that can do some basic drywall repair, painting, electrical repair (plugs and lights etc), basic carpentry. We seem to be getting a lot of flakes, wont schedule or schedule and cancel types. (Please I beg of you don’t direct me to Angie’s list).

  • Rant/Rave: After six years in DC, it looks like I’ll be moving away some time in late summer or early fall. It somehow took me six years to figure out that DC isn’t really the right fit for me and I’m excited for what’s next, but there are a lot of things I’ll miss about DC. I’m trying to find the old threads with suggestions for must-dos before leaving the city. I’m also making sure to fit all of my favorite places in at least a few times before leaving. There’s a lot I’m going to miss!

    Rave: I know someone has mentioned this before, so I’m copying off that commenter, but Popville has been one of my biggest raves during my time in DC. I’m mostly an observer and not a commenter, but I’ve loved reading the insightful things everyone has to say each day. Thanks for running such a great community, Dan! I’m sure I’ll still check Popville every day until I leave and occasionally after that, but I wanted to put this rave out there while I”m thinking about it.

  • Rant: Well, it’s not really a rant, but anyone know what’s going on with the buildings next to the Tabard Inn – they are all boarded up for some reason?

  • Rant – Ticks are crazy this year!
    Double Rant – I’ve been infected with Lyme disease!

    Rave – I had been monitoring the bite and got the classic “bull’s eye” rash so I caught it early and my doctor phoned in a prescription for doxycycline without me having to come see her.

    • You are SO LUCKY you caught it right away. My girlfriend has had it for years, apparently, and it’s just being detected now. The wretched disease has destroyed nearly every system in her body. It’s even affected her brain, and we’re not sure if her cognitive abilities will ever be fully restored. πŸ™ Be sure to get tested for co-infections too, which are nastier and harder to detect.

      • P.S. – Good luck with recovery! I’ve heard doxycycline is not effective at treating Lyme, but there’s so much conflicting information from doctor to doctor that it’s hard to know what regimen to follow. You have the early stages so I’m guessing it will be easily treated in the course of a few months.

        • MsNesbitt

          I had Lyme, too. Doxycycline worked for me, but it made me sick as a dog while I took it. They caught mine early on (6 months-ish), but I’m still left with its lasting effects in the form of arthritis. I never had the signature bull’s eye rash, so now I’m permanently paranoid about getting Lyme again and not realizing. I routinely ask my doctor(s) for a blood draw to make sure I don’t have it again. Anonymous – so sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s cognitive impairment. Lyme is a bitch!

          • I’m thinking I should get tested, just in case the same tick crawled from her onto me or I got it from a shared razor or something. Plus ticks were a huge part of my childhood since I was always camping and playing outside.

          • MsNesbitt I had the exact same thing…although they said I could have had it for several years before…but the sick as a dog/no bullseye/last arthritis is all the same! Weird I’ve never heard of anyone else with the same symptoms as me…

            Be careful with the doxycycline…when I had to take it I was so sick (throwing up for days) I had to go to the ER for dehydration. If you get sick from it get some additional medicine (fenegrin I think is what I took) to keep you from throwing up. Throwing up the medicine obviously doesnt let the doxycycline do its job.

            My apologies for the graphic post…

          • curious that the doxy made you sick — did you get stomach problems? i was on doxy for almost a full year, never had any side effects.

          • jerseygirl: Im not sure…my doc told me it just doesnt agree with some people. Every time I took it within an hour I was vomitting for hours on end…but I had to keep taking it. I tried eating different foods with it to calm my stomach and nothing worked. Once I was admitted to the hospital they prescribed (fenegrin I think, what chemo patients take to keep the nausea away) that I had to take each time I took my dose of doxy.

        • CDC recommends Doxcycline, #1 choice, also amoxicillin – 14 day course.

          • Um, most people need WAY more than 14 days of antibiotics to get rid of lyme disease. Four to nine months is typical. It’s scary how much misinformation is out there.

  • Rave: Tickets to “Anything Goes” at the Kennedy Center tonight.

    Rave: Girlfriend (paramour? lover? inamorata? “Girlfriend” sounds a little odd when you’re getting junk mail from the AARP) (who is, btw, old enough to be Jack5’s new girl’s mother) put an end to the inevitable multilateral e-mail/text “where do we want to eat before the performance” discussion by announcing: “I’m a big Robert Kinkaid fan. We have a reservation for four at 5:45. My treat.”

    Rant: Spacing between paragraphs. How does one do it?

    • Ladyfriend.

    • pablo .raw

      Have you been to the top terrace of the Kennedy Center? I’m surprised of how many people don’t know about it’s existence. Great sunsets!

      • Rave: Got our marriage license without fuss today at the DC courthouse.

        Rant: We have to have a civil ceremony late next month since we don’t meet the requirements to be legally married in the state we’re having our religious/family wedding in.

        Do we celebrate the civil ceremony, or just go back to work?

        • Celebrate it!
          A good life rule is if in doubt, celebrate it.

        • em

          Celebrate! When my (now) wife and I got domestic partnered, we took the afternoon off work and went to the Department of Health (ooh, romantic!), visited a museum, walked around the Capitol grounds, and went out for a fancy dinner. It was nice to have a celebration that was just the two of us. Now we have two different but good wedding-type memories – one that was just us, taking care of business and making our promises privately, the other with our families and friends, celebrating and making our commitment publicly.

      • “Novia” sounds good. I’ll have to hit you up for some appropriate supporting affectionate Spanish phrases — she closes her e-mails in Irish so there’s a lot of pressure to respond and the French are letting me down. The Rooftop Terrace was the great cheap date site of my misspent youth at GWU — a smuggled bottle of wine and the sunset or the stars.

    • em

      What about “sweetheart”?

      Somewhat in line with this thread – the WaPo opinion piece this weekend about what to call your same-sex spouse who is a female really rankled me. The writer is looking for “a word analogous to ‘wife’ but free of its shackled history”. Okay, I get that there is baggage for the word, but I also find using the word “wife” feels very powerful and rebellious when I use it in the context of describing my spouse.

      • Though I often call her “sweetheart,” it strikes me as a little cloying unless used in a romantic context (“my sweetheart and caressed each other with perfumed unguents” v. “my sweetheart took the car to have the tires rotated”). I may be over-thinking, however.

        Speaking of over-thinking, I agree that trying to find β€œa word analogous to β€˜wife’ but free of its shackled history” is a bit absurd and that using “wife” in the context of a same sex marriage subverts the dominant paradigm, as the old bumper sticker used to say — use language to make people who oppose same- sex marriage deal with the reality of it. Plus, meanings change and if we’re going to obsess about all the baggage carried by that particular word (if, indeed, anyone besides the author of that piece actually does obsess about it), it would be just as poisonous for married straight women.

  • Zimmerman is not guilty.

    • Howzat?

      • The prosecution has been blowing it. I don’t think they will meet the “without a reasonable doubt” standard in order to get a Muder 2 conviction. They should have charged him with voluntary manslaughter. Dummies.

    • whaaaat?

      • Defense is strong. Also with FL law, even if he, Zimmerman, initiated physical contact, which no testimony proves he did, if he feels that extreme bodily harm or death is imminent, using his gun to protect himself is not illegal. And if Trayvon reached for the gun, as witnesses have testified, that is enough to make one worry that their life is in danger, if they didn’t feel so already from someone pinning him down and punching him… Trayvon was a thug and Zimmerman is an idiot regardless of what the case is.

        • how was he a thug?

          • “How was he a thug?” He was young and black and male right? Isn’t that all it takes to qualify?

            The stand your ground law in Florida is a mess. Outcomes are totally random. The law isn’t meant to protect people who initiate confrontations.
            If Zimmerman had minded his business, Travon Martin would still be alive. He got out of his car with a loaded gun to try and be a hero. And he killed someone who was coming home from a grocery store. He will have to live with that for the rest of his life whatever the verdict.

          • He was suspended for vandalism at school. stealing jewelry and smoking dope while also not attending school. 3 times suspended. But his grandmother thinks he is a good christian boy…I am sure he was with that respectful swag….

          • Yes, Yes, Yes. what was I thinking? Vandalism is not a violent crime, neither is smoking weed. Last I checked, our last 3 presidents did as well. I wrote in my textbook and was reprimanded for vandalism in middle school. so what? The point is a he was the victim of a violent crime, by a man with a violent history. Whether he smoked pot a month ago or not is completely irrelevant. The fact that you’re using it as an excuse saddens me and speaks to your own character.

          • pablo .raw

            This is a distraction; Martin is not the one being judged because he didn’t kill anybody. He probably was not perfect, neither is Zimmerman and that is not the point.

        • I’ve attempted to ignore you, because it feels like you’re kind of trolling. But alas…how was he a “thug”. None of his background points to “thug”, he had a 3.7 GPA, well regarded by his teachers and was unarmed. Zimmerman on the other hand has a history of arrests and was toting a gun = Thug.

          • I am confused…what is wrong with being a thug?

            Stealing is acceptable? Using racist terms is acceptable? Thug 101 teaches this.

            Last 3 presidents, Bush, Clinton, Bush? or are you considering our “Current” president to be “last” president. It appears you should have been paying attention to your grammar lessons instead of vandalizing your school books.

            Just a case of when keeping it real goes wrong…for both fools associated with this terrible event.

          • You’re too generous to Court Watcher — he/she is most definitely trolling. No “kind of” about it.

        • Also, with all due respect, there is testimony that Zimmerman initiated the contact. Maybe you don’t believe it but it has been presented

  • “Anything Goes” was AWESOME! You will enjoy it- Rachel York and company were absolutely fantastic and left me smiling. I especially liked the number right before intermission- there are about 20 people tap dancing and singing at the same time, and the orchestra just nails it… What a treat!

  • epric002

    try mike jones at renaissance handyman. we’ve used him for a number of jobs and have been pleased. he appears to be rather busy though at the moment…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: NPR warning about all the humidity today, it is GLORIOUS!

    Rant: My cousin won’t let me name her daughter Moon-Unit Crazypants Gonzales. I think that is a fabulous name.

    Rave: Cousin hasn’t actually said the word “no” to my name suggestions, so I’ve got a wee bit of hope.

    • I think Jack 5 has only a slightly better chance with his 22 year old than you have naming your cousin’s daughter Moon-Unit Crazypants Gonzales, but there ain’t nothing wrong with trying.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I gave completely normal name ideas for their first kid and they ignored me, so I decided to go all out for the second one πŸ™‚ Jack5’s lady friend invited him out so he’s totally got better chances than me.

        • When people ask me what they should name their children I usually encourage them to choose the name “Kickme” It works out best for them during the middle school years. πŸ˜›

    • pablo .raw

      Gonzalez used to be my second last name, but I got rid of it when I became an american citizen!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Good name for good people! (I like my cousin’s husband a lot even if he won’t let me name their kids.)

  • Rave: One Night with Janis Joplin at the Arena Stage is FANTASTIC!

  • Rave: my huge news that i’ve been excited about lately – my (new) husband and I decided to quit our jobs and finally take a long travel break of 9 months!!! We’ve been wanting to do that for years, and finally the timing seems right – before babies and while we have money in a savings account. We leave DC on July 30th! Super excited and slightly scared. Mostly excited. Not sure if we will come back to DC after either, will explore SF, Brooklyn, Seattle.

    Rant: a giant flying cockroach landed on my husband’s neck in the middle of the night. I am looking forward to not seeing those things for a while.

    • Congratulations Maria! What is your first destination?

      • Majorca, Spain! and then on to homeland (Ukraine), then a long stop over in Thailand/Cambodia. Little trips here and there, I want to visit the Baltics – Riga, Tallinn. And Budapest. And Poland.

        • Krakow is wonderful!

        • All good places! I was in Budapest last year and really loved it .

          My suggestion would be to take your time and not try to see more places at the expense of enjoying where you are at the moment. Thailand and Cambodia are both amazing πŸ™‚

          • That’s our plan, less places but more time at each place. And mostly concentrating on Spain/Eastern Europe and then Thailand/Cambodia.

    • I am super jealous of your travel plans! I’ve always wanted to do something like that… however I need some sort of stable income to repay my student loans. Enjoy your months of travel!

      Also I’m pretty sure I’d die if a giant cockroach landed on my neck in the middle of night.

      • we have student loans too, but they are manageable as long as we stay a few months with the family in Europe rent-free. πŸ™‚ which i’m okay with.

      • With most student loans (at least the federal ones, not sure about private), you can get a deferrment if you’re unemployed, or sometimes even a 12-month forbearance for any reason whatsoever. I’m not saying this is the most fiscally prudent thing to do, since the interest often continues to accrue, but…still, could be an option depending on how strong the urge to travel is. It would not be for me, since I’ve realized and made peace with the fact that I’m basically a homebody who craves stability. But two friends of mine traveled around the world for two years after getting married, instead of a traditional honeymoon. They had decent jobs, and were uber-frugal for a couple of years to save up for it, and basically got rid of their lease and other trappings before they set out. They also really roughed it (lots of hostels, camping, street food, etc.) but made it work and had some interesting adventures. For people who are into that sort of thing, they blogged at http://andyandtarasworld.blogspot.com/, and I think one of their old posts has an explanation of how they financed everything; many of their posts also break down how much they got by on per day in a particular country.

        • will check out the forbearance program, thank you!

        • Hey thanks for that link! I like knowing step by step how people are actually able to do stuff like this. I’d love to take time off and travel at some point in my life. Unfortunately for me I still owe a lot of money in federal student loans and my interest rate sucks, so deferment would be a bad idea at this point. But I’m trying to pay them off as quickly as I can to get them to a more manageable amount!

    • novadancer

      wow! totally jealous!! enjoy…

    • Congrats!! Well wishes and good vibes πŸ™‚ High five for living life!!!

    • awesome. how much do you have to save up for a trip like that?

      • Not that much, but we are saving a lot of money by staying with friends and family, and our only big expense will be in Asia. We picked it because it will be so cheap, budgeting $40 per day there plus airtickets – $5000 for 2 month for 2 people in Thailand/Cambodia. WIll be taking budget airlines in Europe otherwise.

  • Rant: Loud talkers at work are distracting me. Inside voices, people! You’re in a cubicle, not out on the street. The entire office does not need to hear your phone conversations.

    Rave: Work does not block Pandora so I can drown out the loud talker with music.

  • Rant-Rave: Caught some of Seattle’s Gay Pride celebration on Sunday and was blown away by the scope of the festivities. DC’s Pride is pitifully small in comparison and I’m jealous!

    • Seattle’s is not as big as DC’s, actually. There are 200,000 spectators and the DC parade last 3 hours or more. It’s one of the largest in the country, save NYC, San Fran, and maybe Chicago.

      • 200K spectators? really?? I’ve been a couple times (this year and 2010) and it seemed to be a lot smaller than that…

        • I think DC’s pride seems a lot smaller because the parade and festival are on separate days, and there’s no real gay neighborhood anymore so the parties are spread out all over the place. Plus a lot of gay people don’t even bother going to the main events anymore because it’s gotten so commercialized. There are also a lot of people who go to black pride instead, or one of the other prides in nearby cities. I think Seattle’s pride is more cohesive and draws in alot of people from neighboring states.

      • Maybe, but I don’t believe it. The geographical area of Seattle’s festival, and the density of people there, was so much greater than anything I’ve ever experienced in DC. And in DC you don’t have roads blocked off all weekend for street parties that go on well into the wee hours of the morning. It was pretty amazing!

  • Rant: Apartment building’s fire alarm goes off for a solid 30 minutes at 3:45AM this morning.
    Rave: I got to sleep in as a result!

  • Rave: Got our marriage license without fuss today at the DC courthouse.

    Rant: We have to have a civil ceremony late next month since we don’t meet the requirements to be legally married in the state we’re having our religious/family wedding in.

    Do we celebrate the civil ceremony, or just go back to work?

  • Rave: Still living!

    That’s still all I got. LOL!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Taking kid #2 to the orthodontist. I will be so glad when we’re finished with the orthodontist.

    Supplementary Rant: If the the current state of his teeth is any indication, kid #3 will possibly need braces someday.

    Rave: If the orthodontist is the worst part of my day, I’ve got it pretty good.

    • Allison

      Watch their wisdom teeth!! Mine came in impacted around age 18 after I had years of braces in my early teens, and undid all the straightening work done on my bottom teeth. They asked me if I wanted braces again after having my wisdom teeth removed and I said no; can’t fathom having to do it twice. Don’t undo the thousands of dollars of work by letting the wisdoms ruin it!

      • Yep, me too. After nearly a decade of orthodontics I’m back at square one. All the pain and discomfort, and money spent, and trauma of having several baby teeth pulled, was all for nothing.

      • Emmaleigh504

        If they are lucky they will inherit their great-grandmother’s wisdom teeth and not get any. They don’t seem to have my hill billy teeth so they aren’t likely to inherit the 2 sets of wisdom teeth that I may have gotten from grandfather. The folks with the hill billy teeth have straight wisdom teeth at least and plenty of room for them.

        Yeah your kids are screwed toothistically speaking.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Quatio’s kids, not yours Allison.

          • Allison

            Haha, my kid’s teeth are going to be all kinds of screwed up if they get mine, and fabulous if he/she gets Husband’s (who has never had braces.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m hoping I ended the reign of hill billy teeth in our family by not reproducing. It was genetic and each generation got fewer teeth! Few teeth, but strong teeth! Quality over quantity I always say πŸ™‚

  • RANT!: DC DMV. Two and a half hours before my number got called. Waited in line to even get in the building. GRRRRR…..

    Double rant: The guy behind me who spent the whole time screaming into his cell phone right behind me in the waiting area. And the woman who brought three kids and no toys or books or anything to occupy them while waiting. Poor kids – I was about ready to scream and run around the room too.

    Rave: Four day weekend coming up!

    • Wow, I’m surprised. I’ve never spent more than 30 minutes in the DC DMV (although I would have been thrilled if a trip to the VA DMV only took 2 hours!!). I guess a lot of people thought 4th of July week would be a good time to take off and get that stuff taken care of.

    • OMG. SAME. I got there right when it opened and there was already a line around the building. Took three hours…

  • I just do not understand how the person who hit T.C. Maslin over the head with a baseball bat was only given 24.5 years. That is simply not right. He should have without a doubt been given a life sentence.

    • Or at least don’t let him serve time for the different charges concurrently.
      Given DC’s regs, does anyone have a good sense of what the actual time served will turn out to be?

      • My understanding is 85% minimum. Once people are actually sentenced, they have to serve the majority. With that said, 85% is only 21 years, which is even worse.

        • Yep on 85%.

          DAs to the other questions, D.C. sentencing law is quite complicated. You can download a sentencing score sheet from the D.C. Superior Court website and start there.

    • I heard on NPR this morning that a hitman in that big Boston mobster case is doing TWELVE years for his TWENTY murders-for-hire. Cut a deal with the gov’t to go after Bulger.

      And then, the home invader/ rapist in Bethesda got life PLUS 220 years.

      How does any of this make sense??

    • So so so many homicide in DC end up with sentences of less than 20 years. Incredible injustice our justice system doles out, I just don’t get it. Does it depend on which judge you get? Or which jury? And in TC’s case, it wasn’t even a homicide!

  • Rant: So much to do, so little time!!
    Rave: I don’t live in Florida anymore. Land of the kid killers.
    Rant: Long weekend, here I come!

  • Rave: By this time tomorrow I am officially on vacation and not back until July 16!! Hoping I can do some serious soul-searching while I’m there.

    Rant: My body knows that vacay is coming and is making it hard to function today.

    Rant: Totally eating to my emotions. I want cooooookies…….

    Rant: A friend in the Navy is stationed at Pearl Harbor and due to budget cuts there will be no fireworks this year.

  • Rave: On Saturday June 15, my (leashed) dog and I were attacked by two (loose) large dogs near 11th and Otis. I received some serious injuries, but many courageous and kind neighbors answered my cries for help. They separated the dogs, called an ambulance, applied a tourniquet, covered me with a blanket, reassured me that my dog would be okay, and kept me calm and conscious until help arrived. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to everyone who helped me that day. Columbia Heights has some truly wonderful people. I can’t remember everyone who helped me (I lost my glasses at the start of the fight and I’m blind as a bat), but special thanks to the very patient Michael.

    Rave: Racheal with DC Animal Control does an outstanding job and deserves a raise and a vacation.

    Rant: Register and control your dogs. Report aggressive dogs. No one should have to go through what I experienced.

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