Portugese Water Dog Found in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoPville,

Around 1 am this morning, my friends and I spotted a really cute medium sized black dog wandering around with no collar at 11th and Park Rd NW. Our best guess was that it is a Portugese Water Dog, since it closely resembled First Dog Bo (“Faux Bo”?). He had one white leg and other white marks on his belly, and looked like he had been well-groomed until recently. I did not take a picture. He was non-aggressive to us as we tried to coax him over, and knew how to “sit”, but was very skittish and wouldn’t let us come close for more than a second. The worst part was he kept running into the street.

After requests to a 24 hour veterinary clinic and the Humane Society, who were both unable to help with a stray at that hour, we flagged down a police cruiser. The officers were very helpful and were able to coax the dog into the enclosed dog run at 11th and Park NW, at which point they called animal control to come collect him.

“Faux Bo” seemed like such a sweetheart and could use some help to find his way home! If you have any information about a dog matching this description, or, if it turns out to be an abuse/abandonment case and you would be interested in pursuing adoption, please contact DC Animal Services (202) 576-6664 or the Washington Humane Society (202) 234-8626.”

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  • What if it WAS Bo? Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome?

  • I thought the same thing…

  • I have met the family that owns the dog before and they do live in Columbia Heights. I’m familiar with Portuguese water dogs and the description sounds right. The family adores the dog so I am assuming they are doing all they can to get him back. Hopefully they are reunited soon!

  • We got him back. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for getting him into the dogpark where where he was safe!!!!

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