PoPville PSA – Don’t Leave Your Bags/Purses on backs of Chairs – Video of Theft in Action

A reader explains what happens:

“The man in the cap and striped shirt puts his light-colored jacket over the back of my chair, over the purse strap, rests there for a bit, then takes his jacket, with my purse under it, and leaves. This was at Black and Orange (1931 14th Street NW) at around 2:10am early Sunday morning.”

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  • Who took the video?

  • notlawd

    This is why those purse hooks underneath bars are so important! On another note, the camera seems to be specifically focused on this individual, and even follows him out of the door. How does that work without someone directing it?

  • I thought the same thing at first, but it appears this is surveillance footage and someone is recording the screen. That’s why it appears to follow the perp.

    • Wow, I think you’re right. Weird. In the days of digital video, you’d think that a thumb drive and…

  • pretty sure the same maneuver happened in that Dennis the Menace movie at the park. this is old stuff.

  • Date fail! Always pay attention to anyone behind your date. Soon as that guy put his jacket down on the back of her chair, the guy she was with should have said “Hey, what’s your name? Looked like you wanted a seat”. Best case scenario: the guy means no harm and you seem friendly. Worst case scenario: Guy actually is a thief, now knows that you are aware of him/can ID him and he looks for another victim.

  • Sigh. Why is the theft never committed by someone in a polo shirt and lobster pants. That would be news.

  • This makes me feel like less of a dork for (usually) keeping my purse on my lap.

    Oh, and for the person encouraging people to use hooks under the bar to hang their purses: 1) They don’t work if you have a “crossbody” (long strap) bag. 2) Someone was posting on PoPville within the past several months about an incident of purse theft that occurred DESPITE her having put her purse on an under-bar hook.

    • yes, nothing is 100% safe, but the hooks under the bar are a decent gamble. also, if its a long strap, twist it around the hook a few times.

  • my man always makes fun of me for hooking my purse on my knee, but I’ll be damned if somebody’s gonna snatch my purse!

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