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  • A few of those old plywood construction houses are still around the area. They are probably a nightmare to maintain cost-wise. I believe the movement to make row houses was spurred by the market surge that happened back then. Surprising how a lot of the things mentioned in this article are being re-used today to detail growth in petworth, and boy am I glad I live in an area outside of the malaria zones of DC… hah.

    • bfinpetworth

      Yeah, well the mosquito population in Petworth these days with the advent of the asian tiger mosquito makes me wonder about the malarial dangers these days. Those things are nasty!

      I agree, much of this article could be imagined to have been written now about the neighborhood! History repeats.

      • The mosquitoes are terrible! I can barely get into my house without getting a couple of bites. Really negates the point of having a front porch… 🙁

  • Uh-oh…looks like I just found a way to burn a few hours. Getting ready to time travel back to 1907 and check out the rest of the paper. Fascinating.

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