Pepco Transformer Explodes in Shaw/Truxton Circle


“Dear PoPville,

Pepco transformers exploded Sunday on 3rd St. NW, between Q and R streets on the east side of the Shaw neighborhood. At approximately 1:10 p.m., residents lost power. Second later an explosion could be heard and smoke rising from the ground near the underground power source. Residents scampered out of their homes to investigate and the fire department arrived within ten minutes. Neighborhood residents say Pepco had done some work in the area the previous day.”



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  • To whoever took the first pic with the fireman in it…That doesn’t look like a DC firefighter. Different gear and it looks like he is wearing jeans. Did you get a look where that guy came from? Was there a firetruck from another jurisdiction?

    • I didn’t take the picture, but I live on this block. My sense was this guy lives nearby and put on his gear to come help. Ultimately there wasn’t much of a fire to deal with… Mostly in the jurisdiction of Pepco crews not fire dept.

      • Just to clarify… The explosion was super loud… That might be how he knew to come out and help

  • And as of 5 minutes ago (3:00 pm on Monday) the power’s out again!!! WTF? Same 4,000+ people, same area. Same problem? Come on, PEPCO, get it together, please…..

  • We will have a long hot summer having to depend on Pepco. To many buildings built, and not addressing the infrastructure

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