Pelican’s Rum, formerly Jamaican Joe’s, Transferring Liquor License to new U Street Location

Pelican’s Rum_u_st
928 U Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned that Jamaican Joe’s was becoming Pelican’s Rum at 928 U St, NW. We also took a peek at their menu that was in the window.

Now a liquor license placard posted out front reveals:

“Restaurant Transfer to New Location. Transferring from 2101 Benning Road, NE (Safekeeping) Summer Garden. Occupancy Load is 60.”

I like how they’ve added flower boxes all the way to the corner. Looks like it’ll make for a nice summer garden. Updates when an opening date is announced.

Pelican’s Rum

Side note: Anyone remember Brown Sugar Southern Cuisine?  I found this old sign in my 2008 archives:


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  • Link to the menu is broken.

  • I went to Brown Sugar. It was actually pretty darn good. In my opinion, better and faster than Ooohhs and Ahhs. Most of the food was under a heat lamp, and I thought the space was smaller than Jamaican Joe’s, but I think if it had opened today instead of 2008, it would’ve survived. It was pretty short-lived though.

  • Absolutely. Brown Sugar was really good. Friendly staff too. Their chicken and cornbread and sides were fantastic. By around 2006/7 they started to get a little pricey though.
    I hadn’t been around U street in a long time and I last year I went looking for them and it was gone.

  • Man, was Brown Sugar G-O-O-D! Definitely a better experience than Ooohhs and Ahhs (and they’re no slouch….so I’m not putting them down). I have to believe that Brown Sugar fell prey to the calamity of when good intentions (and a good product, in this case) are paired with bad business acumen. I suspect that Jamaica Joe’s (which I also frequented….and it never bothered me that I’d call in my ‘to go’ order and arrive 20 minutes later only to learn that no one there had any idea what I was talking about) also fell prey to messy management/business operations. Sigh…. At least I’ve been 2/2 on good food at that location. I’ll remain bullish on Pelican’s Run!

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