Old City Cross Fit Coming to 810 H Street, NE

810 H Street, NE

@HStreetDC_ tweets the photo above and writes:

“Coming to #HStDC – Old City Cross Fit in 800 blk. You’d need trainer. 1/2 block from @benschilibowl

Old City Cross Fit’s website says:

Old City CrossFit prepares you for LIFE. We don’t work out to get better at working out; we workout to get more out of LIFE. We do CrossFit so we can climb a mountain with our friends; so that we can continue playing sports long after college without fear of injury; so that we can hold our kids and grandkids and put them down when we want to, not when we’re tired. No one at Old City CrossFit will ever have to ask for help when putting their luggage in the overhead compartment.

Old City CrossFit opens doors to your life and keeps them open longer. We play more golf. We spend more time outside. We chase our kids until THEY are tired, not us. Old City CrossFit cares about you, and values you as a member of our family. We want the best for you, not just in fitness, but in LIFE.

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  • jim_ed

    Jesus, that blurb reads like a Miller 64 ad. No thanks.

  • I believe the phrase is “there goes the neighborhood”

    • Why, because they are opening a gym in a neighborhood that does not have one? You’re being ridiculous. And if you don’t like it – then don’t go! See how easy that is?

      • Well, there is Fitness Together, Effervescence Personal Training, Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, and Yoga District within a few blocks of here, so it’s not like the area is bereft of fitness options. But I’m glad the so-called “dead zone” of H Street is filling out a little more.

        • None of those that you listed are actual gyms. Personally, I’d like to see a Golds or something similar pop up. H St will now have one gym at the starting low price of $165 per month.

  • The first rule of Cross Fit…you must ALWAYS talk about Cross Fit.

    The second rule of Cross Fit…you must ALWAYS talk about Cross Fit.

  • Really great to see all of the positivity as usual on here. I say good luck to the people opening it – it sounds like they’re passionate about their business.

  • This is a long overdue and very much needed addition to the street. I’m really excited about this place and look forward to their opening. Oh, and I absolutely love the blurb from the website! Whether it’s CrossFit or some other style of functional fitness, this type of training gets results…period. Welcome to H Street!

    Co-Owner, Metro Mutts

    • Agreed. I do CrossFit myself, and I do tend to sing its praises too often, but as long as you are doing SOMETHING, good for you. The US has long been a nation of lazy lard asses, and just getting off the couch and moving is to be commended. If it takes the form of CrossFit, well, welcome to the club.

      • +1. I jog daily and use the modest gym at work or in my apartment building, but am growing tired of this routine – I look forward to checking this place out once it opens.

        • lindz0722

          There’s the spirit! I forced myself to go to group fitness classes (which I liked) and run (which I didn’t) and lift a few weights here and there (which was a joke) — finally I gave in and drank a bit of the Crossfit koolaid. I feel better about my body and physical capabilities than I have in years, and I actually look forward to pushing myself during workouts.

          The Crossfit negativity from random people gets tiring, but feeling my pants fit better does not 🙂

  • I thought I was the only one who had a bad experience with Cross Fit. I made the appt. went to their site over in Buzzard Point, listened to their speil (basically agreed), was willing to do a trainer, called the trainer…but then all she kept doing was trying to get me to come all the way across town at her convenience.

    It left me thinking they were some kind of gym nazi cultists. Ick.

  • I’m pretty pumped for this! Went to another CrossFit gym in NW for a while, but they seemed to be focused on getting better at CrossFit for the sake of being good at CrossFit. This gym sounds more like the philosophy I’m looking for.

  • the irony here is that if you did all those things they talk about in their blurb… you wouldn’t need CrossFIT.

  • justinbc

    I was hoping for a gym to open up in the now vacant Foot Locker space, hopefully if this place is successful it will inspire such a thing. Aside from the longterm damage that Crossfit does to your body, my biggest aversion is the absurd membership rates the places charge.

  • Why, oh why, won’t a gym open in the old Willpower space, which even still has old gym equipment in it?

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