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  • The folks at Joint Custody on 18th street in Adams Morgan told me a few weeks ago that they were moving into the space under Ginger Root…

  • Remember when vintage stores used to be called thrift shops?

    • They are two different things. These guys scavenge and find decidedly “vintage” t-shirts and hats, etc. Kitchy 80s & 90s nostalgia items (though the main business is records). A thrift shop has a larger array of second hand clothes, appliances, etc. for cheaper prices. You may unearth some great t-shirt or jacket at a thrift shop, but there’s plenty of crap there too. It’s not really my thing but I can see why people go to “vintage” stores for their selection. On the west coast, places like Buffalo Exchange have turned this concept into a chain-style business model.

  • The guys that run Joint Custody are awesome and they come up with solid vinyl finds on a regular basis. Happy that they have a better spot, but I’ll be nostalgic for their former gromity dungeon in AdMo.

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