New “East London Style Cafe” Coming to former Cafe Green Space on 17th Street

1513 17th Street, NW

A new cafe/restaurant is coming to the former Cafe Green space at 1513 17th Street, NW. Ed. Note: The former Java Green space downtown will become a Retrospect Coffee and Tea.

A liquor license application posted outside 1513 17th St, NW says:

“New East London-style cafe restaurant and market serving coffee, sandwiches, salads, local produce and seasonal dinner plates. Occupancy load is 95.”

The space is located on 17th Street in Dupont between Mr. Yogato and Little Serow. The name is TBD. Stay tuned.


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  • does anyone know what an East London style cafe actually is?

  • Hasn’t the pub on EastEnders burned down like 5 times?

  • Sad to hear. I liked the food at Cafe Green.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m looking forward to seeing who moves in. Good food or not, Cafe Green has been closed since August 2012.

  • I hope it is finally a good and affordable lunch option for the East Dupont work crowd!!

    • You can have good, affordable, or being hit in the head with a hammer. Pick one.

    • If you are asking for good and affordable lunch options that means you have lunch options already. You’re better off than a lot of us who have to brown-bag it every day.

      • Okay well you’re better off than people who can’t afford groceries for a brown bag lunch. What is the point of this game?

        All I’m saying is that it would be nice to be able to grab something better than McDonalds without walking twenty minutes round trip. It wasn’t really commentary on my plight as compared to others.

  • The East End of London is basically a cross between Shaw and the SW Waterfront. It used to be very lower-income/working class and industrial. High crime and just a generally all around bad place.

    But, 20+ years ago, developers started coming in and now its really expensive and more development on the way.

    For example, canary wharf used to be a dock yard until the 80s. Its now filled with bank HQs and others. Its probably the furthest along – since its basically just a second City of London (like Midtown Manhattan).

    I’d hardly consider it to be hipster. though there may be other East End neighborhoods that are… but I dont think so..

    So, in short, I dont know what an east end style cafe is. Contemporary east end? 1800s east end? 1950s?

    • My guess — like Glinda’s — is that when they say “East London,” they’re thinking not of the larger eastern part of London (like with Canary Wharf) but the newly hip parts of East London – Hoxton, Shoreditch, Hackney.

      I’ve been to London a lot, and I have no idea what an “East London-style” cafe might be.

      • Huh, importing the feel of Hoxton could be a good thing or a bad thing (I’m thinking of bringing over the Tex-Mex and Barbecue restaurants from Hoxton Square as the bad side of it).

        Shoreditch, on the other hand, has one of my favorite gastropubs that does a fantastic Sunday roast….damn, now I’m craving Guinea fowl and Yorkshire pudding…

  • I’m imagining something even cooler than little serow but easier to get into. I hope this is true. I’ll be tickled pink.

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