New Bibimbap Option Opens in Dupont – Triple B Fresh

1506 19th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“New spot just opened up at 19th and Dupont Circle at 1506 19th St. NW next to Kramerbooks and a Starbucks. Not bad, like a Korean bibimbap chipotle. Nice patio will be a draw.”

A look inside from their soft opening party via Facebook:


Check out the menu after the jump.


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  • andy

    Guacamole is extra? Is that okay?

  • ledroittiger

    How is this different than the place on 19th and L?

  • I gave it a shot yesterday and thought it was very tasty, if a bit over-priced (like everything else in Dupont). I wasn’t a fan of the fried egg costing an extra $1.75.

    • Oh-I’m glad I didn’t get the egg then, I was confused about it since it isn’t mentioned but the menu acts like it’s an integral part of bibimbap.

  • Interesting. I might have to try this. Is there any kind of food that is un-Chiptle-able these days?

  • Definitely want to try this – Kimbap is almost impossible to find in DC (only place I know that makes it is Mandu but only on weekends.)

  • Tried the classic bibimbap last night. It tasted great, loved the service. I really liked that they also had a brown rice option, many Korean places I’ve been to rarely have brown rice. I do agree that it is a little pricey but Korean food is also very hard to make cheaply so it wasn’t surprising.

    If I had to give feedback to the owner, it would be to have tables in the restaurant. They currently have tables outdoors and a bar table along the wall. I know it is a tight spot but even a few 2 person tables would be nice. Makes it easier for conversation when more than one person come together. Also, it would be nice to have a little bit more rice. Overall, I enjoyed the food and definitely plan on returning!

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