More Streetcar Construction for H Street – From 3rd St, NE to the top of the Hopscotch Bridge – from today through mid-October


From DDOT:

“Construction work along H Street/Benning Road to ready the corridor for DC Streetcar continues. Stage 2 of the Western Turnaround work is set to begin on Wednesday, July 31 and continue through mid-October. The Western Turnaround refers to the extension of the streetcar tracks from 3rd Street, NE to the top of the Hopscotch Bridge. Elements include construction of a streetcar platform where passengers may board or leave the streetcars with access to Union Station and tracks to allow the streetcar to reverse course and proceed eastbound through the corridor.

Most noticeable for motorists traveling in this area will be a shift from using the north side to using the south side of H Street.

Traffic and parking restrictions and changes are as follows”

· At 4th Street, westbound H Street traffic will be shifted to a single lane on the north side. During Stage 1, westbound traffic used a middle lane from 4th Street to the top of Hopscotch Bridge.

· On Hopscotch Bridge, eastbound H Street traffic will be shifted to a single lane in the middle of the roadway to 4th Street. During Stage 1, eastbound traffic used the south curb lane to 4th Street.

· No-Parking restrictions in the 300 and 400 blocks of H Street will continue, just as in Stage 1.

· No-Turn restrictions at 3rd Street will remain in effect for vehicular traffic.

· The 3rd Street crosswalk on the north side of H Street will be open to pedestrian traffic.

· Pedestrian detour signs will be installed for the 3rd Street crosswalk on the south side of H Street and both crosswalks crossing H Street at 3rd Street. Vehicular and pedestrian restrictions at 3rd Street will remain in effect until mid-October.

· The X1/X2 Metrobus stop on the south side of H Street will be temporarily relocated to the mid-500 block, from its current temporary location near 4th Street. Its original location was just west of 3rd Street.

· The X1/X2 Metrobus stop on the north side of H Street will remain at its current temporary location just east of 4th Street for the duration of Stage 2.

· The southbound D8 Metrobus route to Union Station will be rerouted along K Street to North Capitol Street, bypassing the regular stops at 4th & K Streets, 4th & H Streets, and 3rd & H Streets. There will be no change in the northbound D8 route to Washington Hospital Center.

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  • i drive by here everyday, this work has been going on for ages

  • Construction through mid-October? So, testing is not going to begin that month. “NBC reported that it could be 2014 before passenger service begins on H Street. That report was based on DDOT’s statement that streetcar testing will begin in October, and that no one knows exactly how long the testing will take. If it takes longer than expected then opening day could be pushed to 2014.”

  • This is very needed for access to Union Station via the parking garage. I hope they make some pedestrian improvements in the area as well.

  • It definitely won’t start until 2014. It’s a race between the street car and silver line! My money is on the silver line actually starting service first.

  • Why didn’t they do this work in the first place, when the rest of the tracks were put in place?

  • what’s the difference between riding a street car and a bus?

  • I believe the Silver Line will start serving passengers late this fall, barring any unforeseen delays. And I think the streetcar line is a lot farther off than they’re letting on. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it didn’t show up in 2014, even.

  • You can’t get lost on a streetcar. Also: less urine.

  • Because that would make entirely too much sense and DC doesn’t work that way!!! 🙂

  • Disagree. The street cars will be late to come online, but it will happen in 2014 for sure. They already have the streetcars, and the work at the end of the track (literally in front of my apartment) is coming along nicely.

  • When will traffic be opened up on 3rd St NE? I’m shocked this hasn’t seemed to have hurt business at the new Giant, but opening 3rd Street sooner than October would sure help them.

  • I’m not sure why you think 3rd St being closed would hurt Giant. You can still get in and out of the parking garage on 3rd, but you have to go around to 4th to get to H St. Not that big of a deal. Not to mention there are plenty of people in the neighborhood who walk there rather than drive.

  • Arent they still waiting on two more to come?
    from my understanding they would not be starting the system with the 3 that they have now (unless thay did end up getting the additionsl two)

    also, i think the system must “make sense” and right now it doesnt
    who will be using these street cars? yes i know it will be nice to get up on h st but those riders will not be able to fund the entire project
    there have been talks about extending it further out torwards michigan ave etc but they already commute via bus which will probably have more of a schedule. not sure on pricing yet

    it just seems this entire project was not well thought out begenning to… well there is no end yet lol

  • Why on earth are the moving the X2/X1 bus stop between 5th & 6th on H when there is already a stop at 6th Street? Why not just move the stop back up to 3rd? This is going to make taking the bus even more of a nightmare.

    It’s bad enough that despite an increase in residents in the area they still don’t have the Express X9 stop at the 4th/3rd street stop Westbound. It only stops at 8th Street and then after the bridge at North Capitol.

  • Bu, but : where will the cabs and Virginia Town Cars have, to park illegally?

  • The difference is perception. Many people “perceive” that the streetcar is a more upscale way to travel, as evidence by a comment below that someone says “less urine”. I personally prefer the bus to a streetcar. With people who always double park, I believe that the streetcar may be prone to being “blocked”. With a bus, when there is an obstacle in the way, the driver can just steer around. I have seen the lightrail stuck before after an accident in Sacramento.

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