More Reports of New Speeding Cameras around Town


“Dear PoPville,

Just noticed a new speed camera on W Street NW between 14th and 13th, right in front the entrance to the new YMCA. It looks like a permanent installation.”

Ed. Note: In May a reader wrote in about one seen at 19th and T St, NW.

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  • No good, they look like thay are gfetting smaller and smaller…. harder to spot

    these new cross walk and stop sign camers will be a blast too

    • Always use the app Waze when you drive. It will alert you to any upcoming cameras and the program is very good about updating the camera location since all content is user submitted. Got to use technology to beat the government at its own game!

      • Yeah, because merely speeding through a residential neighborhood isn’t enough, you need to be looking at your mobile device at the same time.

      • “Beat the government at its own game.” Slow down and stop at the lights, will you?

    • Or you could drive the speed limit. Or in the case of DC’s cameras: the speed limit + 11 MPH. Seriously, is 11MPH over the posted speed limit too hard for you to adhere to?

      • That’s silly. Why would I do that?

      • I think it depends on the posted speed limit for the street. I believe it’s 11+ mph in 35 mph or greater streets/roads, but the threshold is lower for 25 mph (such as in this location).

        • Not correct. It’s +11 mph everywhere.

          +1000 to ERD! Ass-tounding that people feel free to so casually disregard the safety of everyone else on the road. Selfish asshats all.

      • Especially on what amounts to a side street (assuming the camera is tracking traffic on W St.).

  • I think the camera pictured is actually aimed at ticketing overweight commercial trucks in residential neighborhoods. There was a recent story on NBC regarding these new cameras.

  • Are you sure that isn’t one of the cameras designed to catch commercial vehicles going down streets they shouldn’t?

  • Multiple commenters have noted that these are not speeding cameras. They are meant to catch oversized trucks.

  • brookland_rez

    Good. Somebody needs to slow these cars down so I can get around them on my motorcycle.

  • Speed cameras are great! I think of them as a toll for VA and MD commuters who otherwise use DC streets for free. I fail to see the problem here.

    • Why not put them on every corner in every city in America?

      • Why not indeed! Maybe then we’d have a situation that actually came close to sort-of approaching an genuine “War on Cars”.

      • Same Anon @3:45 here. I haven’t had a car in years and still think the speed cameras are too much. It’s a money faucet that the city will never willingly cut back on. Along with confusing parking signage, it’s a classless, malicious and cheap way to boost city coffers that are doing spectacularly well. I don’t see any of that being returned to the public in the form of tax breaks for residents (despite graciously allowing the temporary sales tax increase to sunset, imagine that). Set a maximum quota on speed camera revenue, no limit reflects poorly on our city.

    • You should pay extra if your plate is MD or VA.

  • Makes sense – there’s been one at Blair & Geranium NW for a couple weeks. There were frequently MPD commercial vehicle stings there in the past.

  • I’m pretty sure this is a truck camera—and one trucks are already learning to avoid, based on seeing several trucks turn onto eastbound W from 13th, avoiding this block.

  • So I have to say that I am not an advocate of the speed or light cameras for numerous reasons. I don’t believe the intent is pure. I also don’t believe in random, automated law enforcement.

    This said, cities are designed to support the flow of traffic several ways. One is through the application and implementation of traffic lights and stop signs. Another is by regulating the speed of the vehicles in the area. These variables are used by engineers to promote traffic flow, improve safety, and alleviate congestion. When people stop in the middle of an intersection during a light change just to avoid catching the light again, drive against the posted speed limits, and overall break traffic laws, they break the system designed. This causes traffic congestion and all of the side effects–road rage, irrational driving, and self-promotion. Think about these things before you insist on breaking the speed limit, running a light or stop sign, or stop in the middle of an intersection. These things only cause you to get there later than intended, and in the case of DC government, with less $$ in your pockets in the long run.

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