Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

1852 Biltmore Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1852 Biltmore Street, Northwest:

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The listing says:

“Wonderful 2 BR and 2 Bath 1,500 sq ft apartment with independent front and rear entrances. Located on a premium street close to metro, bus, restauarantsand conveniences. Beautiful brick arches and fireplace in the living area. Fully renovated with new kitchen and baths. Highest efficiency HVAC system. Cable TV, internet and water included. Parking available for a fee. Pets on case by case basis.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,995/Mo.

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  • I totally called this when the house was for sale for some ungodly amount (did it ever sell???)

    $4K for a basement is just stupid money chasing dumb money. That doesn’t even include outdoor space. No thanks.

    • I’m guessing that it did sell, and that the new owners are now trying to rent out their basement. Not sure if they’ll get asking $, but wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not too far off either.

      • I honestly think they will have a hard time renting it at that price. The type of people who can afford $4K for a rental can get something much better than this in the neighborhood. You can easily get a really nice 1500 sq ft loft with private outdoor space on California or Champlain for $4K. And the people who would get a basement apartment in this ‘hood want something that’s as cheap as possible.

        Light filled loft vs. dark, albeit nice, basement under a mansion? It’s not a tough decision.

      • It’s still listed for sale, under 3 different listings – one for the whole house ($2.5M), one each for the upper *$1.75M) and lower ($750K) “units” with the explanation that “owner will facilitate condo conversion.” The prices are ridiculous and the listings note “price is not negotiable.”
        Whoever would rent a basement apartment for $4K is insane or simply interested in throwing away money. I pay much less for a larger 2br that is nicer and in a better Adams Morgan location. And my place is not in the basement.

    • you “called this”? what does that mean?

      • There was a long thread on this house when the flippers/investors put it up for sale many months back.
        People were debating the usefulness of the basement apartment. A person spending $2.2 million on a house (or even just $1.7 million on the upper portion, as is for sale on Redfin) probably would not want to take on a renter when they are already spending so much coin on a place. The type of person who buys a $2 million property probably doesn’t need a renter to help cover his bills.

        I stated that the investors are probably going to start renting out the basement soon because they must be losing money hand over fist (the property has been on the market for a loooooong time).

  • The old Seestedt/Biel Residence. Amazing childhood memories until these asshats renovated it into mcmansion ugliness…

    • Can you explain what about this hosue is McMansion-y?

      • Lack of period-specific details. (Well, lack of “all” details, really.)

      • they stripped it of its beautiful, original details and made it opulently generic. The interior of this 100 year old beautiful row house in a historic district may as well have been built in Ashburn or some such horrible place last year.

      • I’d add that McMansions tend to be a crazy conglomeration of all “hot” designer/architectural trends with no real regard to history, neighborhood style, or utility. To my eye, this place is a very odd pastiche of traditional (e.g., crown moldings), modern (espresso wood cabinetry), and country (stenciled walls). There’s no sense of authenticity, no connection to the past of the structure. Yuck.

  • Good call. It is still on the market, though they dropped the price $100,000, so now it is listed at $2.4 mil.
    It is a big apartment and the finishes are nice, but it is too dark.

  • I used to live on Biltmore. Love the street and the neighborhood amenities.

    That being said, $4K a month for a basement is STUPID. No way this is a good deal. Granted, it is recently remodeled and it is huge – 1500sf. Still not worth it, IMO.

  • Awesome house. I don’t know if it’s worth $2.4 million, but I’d love to own it. I currently rent a 2BR basement unit several houses down, while I love the location I can’t imagine paying $4k for the privilege. Absolutely absurd.

  • $4k to live in a dungeon? no thanks!

  • Might be worth it if it weren’t in the basement. Looks live a really nice cave.

  • Always liked it from the outside. The basement looks very odd–if it were on another floor it would seem loft like, but with the low ceiling, it just looks like a barebones finished basement–an inlaw suite with a big public room.

  • totally not worth it as a rental. you could BUY 2b/2b condos in the same neighborhood and pay less on a mortgage. rentals prices may be going up, but that is not a 4k basement, especially if it doesn’t incude the parking, given that the last listing about this place tried to claim that there was space for 5 vehicles out back (as opposed to the 2 that most houses on that alley can boast)

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