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  • ugh small plates

  • love the small plates!

  • I hate when restaurants don’t put prices on their online menus. Seriously, I want to have an rough idea of how much my 3-5 small plates per person will cost.

    That said, I seriously in the mood for Greek food now.

  • who keeps giving this tool money to open more awful restaurants?

  • One of the items lists “skin” as an ingredient.

    I like greek food, but I was so totally underwhelmed by Graffiato that I think I’ll pass, and just get my fix from Greek Deli during the workday.

  • I’m intrigued by the duck-and-cherry combo. But seriously, how much?

  • With all the low priced places in this city with excellent Greek cooking, why on earth would you go to a place with tiny portions and no prices on the menu (which I assume means it’s expensive)? As someone pointed out, you’ve got awesome places like the Greek Deli, to name just one, that are certainly more authentic, given that they’re actually owned and run by Greeks from the old country instead of an Italian-American reality TV star.

    • I will never set foot in a restaurant owned by this douchebag, but it should be pointed out that Greek Deli closes at 4PM. So I guess that might incentivize others to go elsewhere.

      • Go to the Greek Spot, which is three blocks from this place. Delicious and probably one of the cheapest places on the U Street corridor. Or head down 11th and hit up Veranda for a decent Greek meal with real portions.

        Anyways, people will go to this spot not because it’s Greek food, but because it’s convenient (they live either in the fancy condos nearby or they will be partying at the U St/14th Street bars later in the evening). Not many people will be going out of their way to eat here, but there’s still plenty of money to be made just off a good location alone. This place is cashing in on lazy people.

        • People will also go because it’s a “celebrity” chef.

        • Greek Spot, just kind of “meh.” Not really impressed with their food. It should be a lot better. Trust me, I want it to be good b/c I live only a block away……..

    • It’s Greek food for people who hate Greek food. Also eating.

  • what is this, whiney wednesday? lotta hate for a place that isn’t even open yet.

  • What’s with all the hate for this guy? Did I miss the Top Chef episode where he stabbed someone?

    You can’t get those low and slow foods at your local Greek spot, and it’s difficult to devote the time to do it yourself. That aspect of the menu is why I’ll give this place a try, unless the prices are ridiculous. Greek-American, like Italian-American, is not the same as their foreign counterpart, and more power to him for trying to expose people to more authentic Greek food, which in my opinion is just as great as anything Italy has to offer.

    And Greek Mezedes are small plates original to Greece, which are similar to tapas and are often enjoyed with Ouzo, which is sort of like Sambuca (but better in my opinion). So if you don’t like small plates, fine, get something on the right side of the menu. What’s the problem?

    • a. The existing food IS authentic Greek food. Take the Greek Deli (not to single them out, but they’ve been mentioned a lot here as a good example). It’s owned by Kostas, who was born and raised in Greece and learned to cook from his Mom. In Greece. How Mike Isabella more “authentic” than an actual Greek with traditional Greek recipes he learned in Greece?

      b. “You can’t get those low and slow foods” – Really? I’ve seen a lot of places with slow roasts. Again, how is this new?

      • Granted, looking at the Greek Deli menu, it looks pretty great, and I’m going to have to try it out. But since there’s just one take on it, that’s it? Nobody else can add their take on a particular cuisine once a singular place becomes respected in that area? I didn’t realize you’re not allowed to cook a particular country’s food unless you were born in that country and were given ancient family recipes by a beloved grandma.

        Where can I get spit roasted suckling pig or goat or a whole lamb shoulder?

  • I’m trying this place even though I wasn’t wowed by graffiato. i’m cautiously optimistic that it’ll be a good option, but I’m worried it’ll be way overpriced just like all of the other 14th street spots.

  • Graffiato and Bandolero were the two biggest disappointing meals I had last year. I will not be giving this douchebag a third chance.

  • Wow. A guy opens a restaurant, arguably one of the hardest (and riskiest) businesses to open and run, and he is greeted by people who don’t know him or have even eaten the food calling him a douchebag. Investment, risk, hard work, laying your reputation on the line, working long long hours to be greeted by stuff like this. Wow.

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