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  • compared to some photos I’ve seen as a grand juror, those are crystal clear. I hope someone identifies the guy soon.

  • This looks like three different people to me.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • the dude in the middle looks like someone else. the first and third photo look to be the same man

      • I thought the 2nd and 3rd photos are the same guy, while the first photo is a different guy!

        Obviously, the Metro Police are also confused, hence why they are publishing all three pics.

  • Those are definitely three different guys. Are they saying it could be one of them?

  • Um. More info please? Also this was a month ago. What the hell?

  • The guy on the left is definitely a different person.

  • My guess is that they tracked the metro card used by the attacker and then got photos from multiple days of metro card usage. They probably know where he typically enters/exits the system.

    Those are some high resolution cameras. Damn.

    • I was thinking that too, but I thought if they had the smartrip usage, couldn’t they tie in a credit card? Then again, maybe this guy never registered his card and always refills it with cash.

  • This is kind of odd. The guy on the left does look different, and the photo in the middle is kind of blurry, so it’s hard to tell (to me) if he’s the same person as the guy on the right. In any case, it’s clear from the clothes that these photos were taken at three separate times. Are they saying the guy is a regular user of the Smithsonian station and based on the date/time of the assault, they cross-checked footage from other days to compile images of the same guy from several different angles? (And if the person is a regular rider, wouldn’t it be better to discretly post a transit PD lookout rather than let the guy know the police are on to him? Or ensnare some poor unknowing Metro rider if in fact the guy on the left is a totally different person who has no connection to this? Although maybe transit lookouts didn’t work, hence the call for the public’s assistance.) In any case, whoever the perpetrator is, hope he’s found soon.

  • Why is Metro putting out photos of three men, two of whom are apparently innocent. Clearly three different guys, all in a Metro station and all wearing different shirts????

  • They all look like the same guy to me. Same brow shape, same hair, same ears. What are you seeing that’s different?

  • Photos 2 and 3 look like the same guy. The first photo looks like a completely different person, but it could just be the camera angle. The hairline does appear to be the same in all three.

    • In photo 1, he has his lips tucked in, which is pulling his nose downward and changing its shape.

  • looks like dwyane wade to me.

  • This brings new meaning to the phrase “Fits the description” That looks like 3 different people to me” We are looking for a black male average height average build.

  • These are clearly 3 different people–the one on the far left has his shirt tucked in. Middle guy in a different colored shirt. Guy on right in same color shirt as far left, but shirt is hanging out. Only guys on the far left and middle kinda look alike, but again, different clothing.

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