Halal Kabob House Coming to Adams Morgan – “a neighborhood restaurant that serves delightful Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine”

2120 18th Street, NW

Back in early June we learned that Halal Kabob House was coming to the former Piccante Pizza space on 18th Street. Their website says:

“Our menu is based on simple grill Kabobs where the taste and quality stands for what we believe in. We wanted to create a neighborhood restaurant that serves delightful Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine. The restaurant is simple, casual and inviting. Although small, the jovial atmosphere is sure to make newcomers feel welcome. Curries and Kabobs dominate the menu, but there is also vegetarian and fish section as well. The lentils and chickpeas are hearty and well seasoned. The naan bread, prepared on the premises, is delicious. The desserts are extraordinary sweet. Get entertained today by the delicious food.”

Ed. Note: Their menu is not up to date on their website. Here’s what the posted out front (sorry if it’s a bit small). Updates when they announce an opening date.


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  • I hope this place is awesome – like Kabob Palace in Arlington.

    My fear is this place will be some hot garbage.

  • justinbc

    All the great things you can get from the 15 Halal trucks camped out at Farragut Square, with the possibility of air conditioning!

    • I was just wondering yesterday…..why is there so many Halal/Kabob food trucks? Like is there one person that owns the niche and just keeps on pumping out food trucks? Or are all these food trucks individually owned? Food trucking is, from what I’ve read/seen/heard, a pretty tough racket. It just doesn’t really make sense to me – it’s all the same.

      Why can’t I get a stack of pastrami with coleslaw on rye from a G.D. truck?

      • justinbc

        “Where are there so many…?”
        Because it’s extremely profitable to charge people $7-8 for a plate of rice with some bits of chicken on it, especially when you have no real estate costs.

  • love the three dead flies near the dessert section of the menu!

  • andy

    I am curious about Pakistani cuisine and Bangladeshi cuisine. I have some concept of Indian food in my head, though I am certain there is much, much more I have never heard of.

    Can anyone point out anything that is specifically Pakistani food that is not also Indian food? Anything that is clearly Bangladeshi?

    It would be interesting to know the difference between the three cuisines, and I don’t yet.

    • Beef curry is a pakistani thing. Fish curries are big in Bangladesh. I’m sure more informed opinions can explain the spice differences. It seemed like everywhere I went in Bangladesh (and West Bengal), there was one particular kind of curry I always had. Didn’t come across it elsewhere in India.

    • I’m no expert, but the Pakistani food I’ve had has generally been a bit more spicy, with more heat, than your average Indian dish. And of course they typically follow Halal guidelines, which is more or less the Islamic equivalent of Kosher.

    • andy

      Cool. Thank you!

      And fish curry sounds great!

    • justinbc

      Cusbah on H St is supposedly N. Indian / Pakistani. I’ve only been once, and it wasn’t good enough to really recommend, but if you’re curious about learning more it’s worth a shot.

  • ledroittiger

    Adams Morgan/Kabobs = Shaw/Pizza

  • If only they would make the Swedish classic, kebab pizza.

  • this could be good. admo needs a subcontinent takeout spot. but seriously, clean your window sills!

  • I hope they don’t go the way of Dream Cafe

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