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  • Is this a Justin Timberlake spoof restaurant to go with his SNL skit?

  • That name is just awful, I can’t get over it.

  • Dear Restaurant Owner,

    If English is your second language you might want to run your restaurant name by someone else just to see if it is a good idea. Between this and the “Big Wang Cuisine” I saw in Rockville yesterday I think those without the full grasp of English and/or a basic understanding of pop culture have lost the privilege to create restaurants.

    • Cmon. I know I’ve eaten at New Big Wong just because of the name.

    • In LOVE Meat in a Box! The people that own it are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They’re aware of the SNL skit but the restaurant was open before it came out. Their food is delicious. Try their ice cream sandwich, I was a skeptic but it’s the best I’ve ever had and I’m not an even ice cream fan. So excited about this!

      This anonymous person above is an asshole.

  • Yes the name is odd… but I’m telling you, the food is good. I’m a frequent visitor at the one in Falls Church. Nadia & her hubby, owners of MIAB are super sweet & awesome. Try the rosewater icecream sandwich.

  • target audience: nailed.

  • Call me crazy, but I think they’ve hit upon a gold mine with that name.

    So many douchy, drunk bros are going to patronize this place at 130am just based on the name alone.

    “YOoooooo broooo, I’m so hammered. Let’s hit up Meat in a Box for some drunk eats before I drive home!”

  • between this, astor, amsterdamn falafel, the new greek spot, and doner bistor, there are some serious heavyweights contending… very welcome if they can turn out good food in that spot. that place has turned over a couple of times, not sure whether because of kitchen or what, but the location is hard to muck up.

  • I can overlook the name if the food is good.

  • I went last night, and it is good! This is not just another crappy jumbo slice place…

    • Honestly, I never comment on this site (although I read it every day). I felt the need to chime in on the article because I live on Vernon Street and was excited to see a new restaurant open in the neighborhood that wasn’t a crappy jumbo slice. As you all know, the previous place had random hours and various names over the past 2-3 years. I am the commenter above and am a real person. This place is good and a great addition to the area.

  • I am a little skeptical… all of a sudden there are a bunch of comments from anonymous users and usernames that aren’t familiar, praising this joint.
    Maybe the food is actually good, but ugh, the name. And unless all/most of their pizzas have meat toppings, the name “Meat in a Box” isn’t even apropos.

    • What a great point you make. And you’re not being the least but hypocritical at all with your name.

      Meat in a box opened after the skit. I was there on day 1. Who cares what it’s called? If you can’t get past the name you have issues and a lack of both immaturity and perspective.

      The owners are a nice couple who are from Iran and turkey. They are great and do not deserve being attacked for “not being native speakers of English” like someone above did. (Does anyone deserve this attack, really?)

      The food is wonderful and is some of the best kabobs outside of Britain and the Middle East I’ve ever had.

      Congrats to them on their expansion!

    • PDleftMtP

      Seriously, has this site jumped the “well, I haven’t seen YOU posting here before” shark, Anon (if that’s your real name)? All we need now is post counts and a progression of “know-it-all,” “gold buttinski,” and “platinum has no life” titles by our usernames.

    • Thanks for the posts, Anon X and PDMtP. I didn’t mean to be snooty; I was just honestly skeptical because I didn’t recognize the usernames and we’ve seen that kind of street-teaming before on PoPville — I think for a club or two, and a Wednesday House Porn.

      Glad to see a bunch of usernames I recognize recommending this place. I still think the name is terrible, but now I might actually check out the food.

  • Hooray! My coworkers absolutely adore the Falls Church location and it is definitely good food. Wish them lots of success at the new place!

  • As a POPville regular (not a suspicious anonymous poster) and an Adams Morgan resident, I can say I’m very excited about Meat in a Box coming to the neighborhood. My half brother, who lives in Falls Church, dragged me to the one out there once when I was visiting, and the staff was wonderful and the food was very tasty (and reasonably priced). Yes, the name certainly raises eyebrows, but the food and the owners made me a true fan once I was there. I can’t wait to see if this one lives up to the franchise’s standards.

  • Still waiting for Jack in the Box.

  • This is one of my favorite places to dine in the whole world. The dishes are delicious. The owners are super great hardworking gracious people Audie n Nadia. Very clean restaurant smple parking easy to find. Out of this world hummus bread tea baclava. You will love it too

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