M Cafe Bar and Italian Restaurant Looks Ready to Open in Logan Circle


M Cafe is coming to the southwest corner of 14th and R Street, NW. Awning is up and they look ready to go. Their Website says the “Grand Opening is Coming Soon!” It’s gotta be any day now.

A peek in the window:


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  • Wow, with so many Italian restaurants opening up here, this place better be really good to compete. We tried Casa Luca over the weekend, and the food is fantastic. Add in Red Hen and Etto, and there’s already a plethora of really strong Italian places in the general vicinity.

  • Yea and what’s up with that freakin ugly ass blue awning?? Seriously, an eyesore. The interior looks very LA circa 2004.

  • I hate that awning so so much.

  • This certainly looks a lot nicer than the usual McCafe I’ve been to. Is this a nice concept from McDonalds?

  • I’m in a bad mood today. Work stuff. So…everytime I go by here, I think how I hate the name, hate the logo, hate the font, and (now) hate the awning. I had hoped this was a temporary name and logo while they thought of a better one when it first popped up.

    • Oh, and who names a place “M” when it is five blocks north of a street called…M Street?

      • I agree, walking a long 14th St is now pretty visually nice or at the least interesting with all that is going on and then you hit this atrocity.

        Okay I am done now.

  • The awning is kind of sterile, but seriously, an eyesore?? You guys must be spending your time in pretty some posh areas if you are appalled by this.

    • Not if you compare it to Le Diplomate. Granted that place is keeping with the French theme but at least they tried and succeeded. Here you have a pretty ugly condo building and a very ugly awning. Oh wait, now i get it, they were trying to keep with a theme too.

  • the sign (especially font) is as generic as the building it sits in. The interior is tacky and dated. The name and the concept are tired. None of the new italian places on 14th (Etto & Ghibellina) compare to Posto and I suspect this one will also fall short.

  • The word CONTEMPORARY seems dated, you don’t have to scream it. Awning is tasteless…tells me the food will be the same.

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