Louis Rogue Building Painted and For Lease in Mt. Vernon Square – Update: To Become Cloakroom

5th and K Street, NW

Update from a commenter:

Cloakroom Washington DC’s New Standard In Adult Entertainment Coming Soon 476 K St, NW”

The old Louis Rogue building has been painted at 5th and K St, NW. Looking forward to seeing who takes over the space:


You can see all the old Louis signs here and this is how the building looked last January:


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  • Damn, i knew the day would deff come

    first club of its nature i ever visited at a tendor age haha

  • Actually, looks like it has already been leased. Supposedly opening in the fall, but I couldn’t find any more information


  • another “adult entertainment” club? does that mean strippers?

  • It’s good to know that there’s firm dedication to preserving DC’s history…

    I met the love of my life there, but things didn’t really work out because she didn’t have change for a $20… *sniff*

  • all that really nice renovation…but another strip club?

  • tonyr

    The one time I went in the old place was to observe the infamous Mount Vernon Square residents meeting. It was like a scene from Shaft. The place looked like it hadn’t been decorated, or even cleaned really since the 70s. I expected to see Huggy Bear hanging out at the bar.

    • Man oh man, I wish I had gotten to visit this place before it folded. I love the sign, love the idea of a ’70’s themed strip club, don’t love the idea of a place uncleaned for 40 years, lol.

  • Really? This is becoming a strip club again? I am really surprised and appalled. I have lived in this neighborhood for over 5 years and was glad to see Louis’ Rogue close. The neighborhood is changing so fast, and definitely for the better, why on earth is this smut coming back to a much changed area? It doesn’t fit anymore and it drags everything else down. I had been contemplating purchasing a condo in one of the nearby buildings but wow, I don’t want to see this on my way in and out of my place and I sure don’t think this will bring up property values, I feel bad for the City Vista residents. Sad day for a great neighborhood. I wish there was a way to undo this.

    • Yea, so the strip bars in Dupont and Georgetown are TOTALLY dragging down the neighborhoods. Right. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of folks who live at 5th and K won’t have the slightest clue that there’s a strip club across the street.

      • +10000000000

      • + 1000000 as well!

      • Clearly, you are most likely the type of classy person who will visit this establishment and therefore don’t have a problem with it. Amazing that you completely missed the point. Please go back under the rock that you crawled out from and if you don’t live in this neighborhood, troll around on other blog posts instead of this one.

        • Sweetie, just know that Jesus loves you. That’s most important.

        • the classic “i disagree with your opinion so you should go say it somewhere else”

          • Again missing the point…If you don’t live in the neighborhood, you don’t need to comment. But this is probably what you do all day across lots of blogs because you are a sad, unloved and most likely a tragically ugly individual inside and out. Have fun paying for love when this club opens 🙂

    • The strip club was there before City Vista was. Complaining about this is like buying a house next to the airport and then complaining about the airplane noise.

      • saf

        Or like buying in Petworth and complaining about the Safeway? Perhaps like buying in Shaw and complaining about the church parking?

        Fact is, airports, colleges, stuff like that, they tend to be permanent. That is not as true of retail, clubs, those sorts of things.

        • Yes, exactly like that, actually. Moving into a neighborhood and complaining about the people parking at the church the same way they have been for 50 years is BS, in my opinion. I didn’t shop at the Petworth safeway, and I’m glad they’re upgrading it, but I don’t deny their right to be there. More germane to the topic at hand, I don’t go to the House, but I knew it was there when I bought my house, and I can live with it. I didn’t buy my house with the expectation that the entire neighborhood would change to conform to my tastes.

          • Yeah! How DARE anyone try to improve the neighborhood where they live! No way should anyone ever try to enforce the law! Bring back the open air drug markets of Hanover!

        • When it comes to strip clubs in DC, unlike other retail and clubs, an establishment’s permanency is much closer to being actual. Except for the Stadium Club, do you know of a new strip club that has opened in the city in the last 10 – 20 years. As such, the existing clubs have something of a monopoly completely unlike other bars, clubs, and retail.

      • Nah, it’s more like buying a house with an ugly dead tree in front of it. You assume the tree will be bone one way or another, it’s just a matter of time.

        • Oops. That’s “gone!” not “bone” ugh…

        • Agreed with this, and with saf’s statement at 4:57 pm.
          I’m not thrilled with the House — I can tolerate it, but I imagine/hope that as Georgia Avenue improves, the House will be replaced by something else.

    • what?!? not to mention the strip clubs up on wisconsin by the observatory.

    • This place will make money hand over fist. That’s why it’s staying.
      The dancing and liquor licenses are probably grandfathered, so that alone is worth a butt-ton of money. The strip club’s margins are way more profitable than any other business that can fill that space.
      You’d be an idiot to put anything else in here. At least it will now be an upscale, “luxury” strip club.

      • justinbc

        Anytime anyone asks/complains “why is X being built here…?” the answer is almost always because it’s profitable.

      • yes, these licenses are grandfathered and cannot be transferred to another location – which is the reason a couple of the strip/sex clubs disappeared when the baseball stadium was built even when those owners were given a one-time right to move. so, for those concerned about it, start lobbying the DC Council to allow the licenses to be transferred to new locations. and good luck getting that done.

  • I was under the impression that the operator’s of Rogue owned the building. Are we sure it was up for lease? I heard (over at mvt blog) awhile back that the owners were always planning on keeping this a strip club upon renovating the property, and that they were going to go more “upscale”–consistent with the branding at the link to the place called Cloak Room above.

  • The word around City Vista is that there is going to be an Italian restaurant downstairs and that the “upscale gentleman’s club” will be upstairs ( I assume that’s Cloakroom). Not clear if those two entities will be run by the same people.

  • sounds like it should be called the Poke Room. 😉

  • this club is going to be exclusive for VIP’s only. The average person wouldnt be able to access. Apparently, this new club is going to serve top rated food and cocktails, have the most attractive dancers, and when Members drink too much, they will be driven home by a hired Driver. You wouldnt know that this club exists unless you’re a Member. They have Politicians, celebrities, CEO’s conduct meetings there and have a place to hang out without having people bother them. From what Ive heard— this place wont be a typical trashy place. Who really knows until it opens though

  • I am glad that the club will be upscale. I remember visiting Louis Rogue years ago and contracting the worst case of crabs.
    I wonder if the street prositutes will return….they did help with the neighborhood watch. Have a blessed day.

  • Hey dude, where are the strip clubs in DuPont and Georgetown….please share

  • Chet, really? Crabs is not a casual issue, it is serious communicable disease.

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