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  • power failure? on dc public transit, you say??

  • So this is what they were jackhammering the sidewalk outside of my bedroom window for at 6:45 one Saturday morning last month… The memory of that morning certainly dampens any excitement I might have otherwise had for the signs.

  • The size of the signs seem awfully big. I get importance of historical markers and appreciate them in general, but who wants to live in a “museum”?

    • I wasn’t aware that a couple moderately sized signs scattered throughout the neighborhood counted as a “museum”

    • Yeah, there’s 15 signs spread across the 100-acre neighborhood. It’s practically a branch of the Smithsonian or the Louvre now.

      • It’s unbelievable what some people will complain about. I think these are the people who go through life looking for reasons to feel slighted.

  • Anybody notice the Surefit sign behind the street car. I think that’s where Le Diplomate is today.

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