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  • David Garber

    Does this include east of the river sales?

  • This jumps out…

    3813 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE NW 20011 $ 250,000 $ 479,120 $

  • What is considered a bedroom? When I see a Columbia Heights house with 3 beds, 2 baths, I am assuming that is the standard row house with 3 bed rooms upstairs, a full bath on the 2nd floor and a second bathroom in the basement. Is this correct? Do you consider the basement room a bedroom, if it has a window and a closet?

  • our house isn’t on there because we didn’t even have to list! found another couple at an open house in the neighborhood, started talking to them about how we may list our house and we handled everything ourselves (with help from lawyers of course). Easiest thing we ever did. We had quotes from different realtors about how much we would list at, took about 5% off that number but also gave no closing help and sold it basically as is. Win win for everyone (though maybe it would have gotten into a bidding war and we would have gotten above asking, but maybe for some reason it wouldn’t have sold).

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