Heurich House, DC Brau, and DC Homebrewers are launching Heurich’s Lager, a historical recreation of Christian Heurich’s pre-prohibition beer

1307 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

From an email:

Heurich’s Lager Launch Party
Heurich House Museum
Monday, August 12, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Just as most DC residents are closely acquainted with DC Brau today, there was a time in recent history when many Washingtonians knew of Christian Heurich, his successful Foggy Bottom brewery, and his iconic mansion below Dupont Circle. The last time anyone tasted a Heurich beer was 1956, the year his brewery closed and made way for the Kennedy Center. The Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. had been the District’s last production brewery, and no others existed in the city until DC Brau opened in 2011. Heurich’s legacy survives at his former mansion, the Heurich House Museum, which today displays the Heurich family’s original furnishings and decorations, as well as the home’s original state-of-the-art technology.

Heurich was an avid record-keeper who maintained books of brewery invoices, advertisements, and records, some of which have survived. Beer historian and avid homebrewer Mike Stein spent months poring over brittle invoices at the National Archives. With the help of DC homebrewers, Joshua H. Hubner and Pete Jones, several test batches were brewed using modern ingredients when literal historical accuracy could not be achieved.

This project is part of the Heurich House Museum’s continuing efforts to honor the legacy of Christian Heurich, to preserve and maintain his historic home, and to promote local Washington, DC history and culture. Every third Thursday throughout the year, the museum hosts monthly local craft beer tastings and beer-centric house tours called History & Hops. Other programs presented this summer include free outdoor movies, local music concerts, and public house tours.


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  • Heurich did have a beer – I think called “Old Heurich” in the 80’s. It wasn’t physically brewed in DC, but it was sold & promoted by the Heurichs.

    • That’s right, the beer was called Old Heurich’s, and it ceased production in 2006. They were run by Gary Heurich (Christian’s grandson), and produced Foggy Bottom, Old Georgetown and Senate beers. I’m rather surprised this has already been forgotten.

    • I used to love Old Heurich (a Marzen style lager, if I remember right). They also had Foggy Bottom Ale and Lager through a similar deal. That was definitely going on in the 1990s too.

      Old school Heurich ads from like the 20s also used to adorn the walls of the Brickskellar. Not sure if they’re still there at the new incarnation (I haven’t been).

  • Yes, Gary Heurich (Christian Heurich’s grandson) did operate Olde Heurich Brewing Co. during the 80’s and 90’s, and we’re glad you remember and liked it!

    The Heurich’s Lager beer that we have brewed with DC Brau and the DC Homebrewers is based on wonderful historic research and is a recreation of Heurich’s Lager beer that the historic Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. produced for many years. While Gary’s beer was an homage to his grandfather, his recipes were not based on historic Heurich beer recipes – this will be the first.

  • andy

    So what did they know or not know about how the historical beers were made?

  • I was walking through Rock Creek Cemetary a month or two ago and found the Heurich Mausoleum. It is pretty remarkable and impressive to see in person. The stained glass was done by Louis Comfort Tiffany.


    • The Heurich mausoleum was originally at their dairy farm, which is now where Prince George’s Plaza is.

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