Has Beloved Neighborhood Spot, CC’s Liquor, Closed in Columbia Heights?

3401 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you have any idea what’s happening with CCs liquor store on 14th and Monroe in Columbia Heights? I looks like it’s been shut for over a week now. I’m pretty worried about it, and the owner who I adore, and where I will go to buy my boxed wine if it closes for good.”

I’ve been getting lots of emails and tweets inquiring about CC Liquor closing. Anyone know if it’s permanent or only temporary?

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  • Target sells box wine.

  • One of the other 10,000 liquor stores in columbia heights maybe?

  • This would not be a cause for sadness…

  • Ok, CC’s may not be the swankiest liquor store, but the owner is incredibly nice. I hope everything is ok.

  • I agree. Where is your sense of community? I’d much rather give my money to Mr. Kim than to Target.

  • Ah no! I love this joint and especially Mr. Kim.

  • I would not be sorry to see this place go.

  • I love Mr. Kim. He’s really nice and that is the reason I keep going back. Since it’s been closed I do my shopping at D’Vines (they sell liquor now too). I will support local before giving my money to Target or waiting in line for an hour at the Giant. But I hope CC’s opens again soon I will go back.

  • I have to agree with the other comments that Mr. Kim is an incredibly nice man. I hope that he is OK. I always hoped that he could find a way to get some type of development loan to update his business. He always has a smile and has tried to update his store to meet the different needs of people of the neighborhood.

  • The evils of gentrification. Where will the community of Columbia Heights drunks and loiters get their two-buck-chuck now? Surely not DeVines. But what about their civil rights? ಠ_ಠ

  • Oh, I hope Mr. Kim is ok! The last time he closed outside of his normal schedule, it was for his daughter’s college graduation. You never saw a prouder papa.

  • I dont see a problem here at all. CC’s was a magnet for neighborhood degenerates. Sure, the owner was nice, but he basically ran a crack house out of that place. Why not just walk a few blocks down and go to D’Vines – a place where you can shop without fear of being mugged, or worse….

    • Really? Because I live across from CC’s and I’ve never once felt like I was about to be mugged. In fact, I would argue its safer than walking down to d’vines. I’m less likely to get mowed down by some kid texting while riding his bike on the sidewalk.

    • It is unkind, irresponsible, and possibly illegal for you to make that statement. Unless you have bought crack on the premises or can point to charges brought, you’re committing libel against a friendly, long-time business owner.
      At the very least, you’re judging a book by its cover. And it makes you look like an ass.

      • I have lived in Columbia Heights for a long time, and Im very frustrated with local businesses that cater to people who do nothing but loiter and pollute. Take a walk down any street in the neighborhood – theyre covered in trash and stink to high heaven. Places like CC’s provided an environment for low lifes, and I cant say that Im sorry its gone. That said, I wish Mr. Kim nothing but the best, he was always very good to me.

        • You wish him nothing but the best, but you don’t hesitate to write “he basically ran a crack house out of that place” on a public forum?
          You invoke fear of mugging inside his store, when I, a middle-aged white woman, feel comfortable and looked-out-for there at all hours?
          You’re spewing fear-mongering nonsense based, in all likelihood, on the fact that the un-cutesified facade offends your aesthetic sensibilities, and you don’t bother to weigh it against the fact that this is a nice, hardworking family’s livelihood. Who’s the lowlife here??

        • Heh, the guy was good to you and you wish him the best…but you’re accusing him of running a crack operation out of the business. Damn, I’d be worried to hear what you’d say about people who you *don’t* wish the best!

        • “Im very frustrated with local businesses that cater to people who do nothing but loiter and pollute.”

          Then why would you move into a neighborhood with “those people”, whom you obviously dislike so much?

          You sound like a masochist.

      • I’m with these guys, Mr. Upton. I’m not sure you’ve ever been inside of CC’s or frequent the neighborhood, but it’s extremely unlikely you’re going to get “mugged, or worse….” Crime data are dispositive that you’re safer on 14th and Monroe than 14th and Irving. This is a common misperception about our neighborhood, though: that somehow going north puts you more at risk. The opposite is true.

        D’Vines sells liquor now, too, but the selection is extremely limited and a bit trendy for some of us.


      Stephen Upton, your white privilege is showing hard. You won’t be robbed, nor will you be able to buy crack (WTF?), at CC’s.

      I heard you can get a $28 growler of “Clueless Ale” at D’Vines.

    • Way to keep it classy Stephen. I’ve been shopping at CC’s for over 3 years and certainly don’t consider myself a degenerate. I’ve seen Mr. Kim working with his wife and daughter in there so to insinuate that they were selling crack there is just plain ignorant. He is a guy just running a business and trying to support his family. I agree that D’Vines is a good place to go also, but you may want to watch yourself on the way there, that block has been known to be kind of “stabby”, http://www.popville.com/2013/04/stabbing-near-chipotle-in-columbia-heights-sat-night-one-suspect-in-custody/
      So if you are so concerned about being mugged I suggest shopping (and while you’re at it, moving) to say Reston.

    • I’ll leave the personal attacks to others (although I agree with them). But regarding D’Vines, every single one of these upscale liquor stores has exactly the same stock, which all comes from a tiny handful of distributors. They only differ in terms of prices, so there’s no point in shopping there, since I can find everything they’ve got cheaper somewhere else.

  • D’Vines is expensive.

  • As a person who likes to purchase large quantities of mid-level quality liquor at a reasonable price, I would be very sad if this place were closed for good. Mr. Kim is one of the nicest local business owners. I hope he and his family are well.

  • Every time I pass this place I can’t help but marvel at how easy it’d be to turn it into a CVS. Now’s their chance! I should call their real estate department, perhaps they’ll even cut me in on some kind of finder’s fee…

    • Right, that’s what we need. Another freaking CVS.

      • Oh, I agree — one the one hand, we don’t really need one with the CVS at 14th & Irving. But on the other hand, look at CC’s sign and tell me it wouldn’t be a missed opportunity NOT to put in a CVS! We’re already, like, 80% of the way there!

  • Just wanted to chime in as another Mr. Kim fan. I can’t imagine that running a liquor store is the funnest job, but he always puts a smile on my face.

  • andy

    No judgment, but I remember someone was arrested with a significant amount of heroin right outside the place last year. That’s a negative for most people, though I don’t think you can attribute that to how the liquor store operated. Unlike the place a few blocks up 14th that was definitely a crack distribution center.

    • Right, and someone was stabbed right outside D’Vines. Hordes of us stepped over the blood on the sidewalk on our way to metro the next morning. Doesn’t seem to dissuade the newbies, nor should it.

      The only difference is that CC’s is old and minority-owned, and D’Vines is new and pretty. Newbies want everything that is old to make way for artisanal and small-plates and whatnot. But those of us who have been around long enough to see lots of the pretty new joints shutter within 18 months have learned to appreciate the mainstays, the folks who stuck it out, the familiar faces. Especially the smiling ones.

      • Well said. If this was reddit, I’d give you an upvote.

      • It doesn’t necessarily correspond to newbies vs. old timers. I have lived in the neighborhood 11 years and don’t consider myself a newbie. There are a lot of the old places that I am/was fond of–the Rib Pit comes to mind. I’m sure the owner of CC’s is a nice guy, but I would nonetheless not mourn the closing of a rundown liquor store with bullet proof glass.

        And D’Vines is minority owned too.

    • andy

      What I mean to say is that some crime has occurred there, so it is not crazy for people to have negative associations in mind. People have also expressed positive statements as well, and they can all be valid. I hope no one’s negative associations with CC’s are based simply on age or that it is minority-owned.

      • I don’t care if it’s minority owned or a giant conglomerate managed by old white men: CC’s has been a blight on the neighborhood. I hope something better comes along.
        also, as a woman who has to walk by cc’s every day, i look forward to not being harassed by drunken customers any more (never been harassed by a d’vines customer)

  • I always thought this space would be better suited for a restraunt with a nice wrap around patio. No ill will to the owner but I wouldn’t be sad to see this place fixed up.

  • I have been a cusomter of Kim’s since 2002, he has always been super nice and tries to run a tight ship. His prices are a bit higher than Cavalier a couple blocks down however. Kim doesn’t own the building, and he was paying CRAZAY money to rent this place out, and the rent only went up year after year. Im not sure whats up with the place but wish him well.

  • I’m not the biggest fan of this place, but agree that the guy who owns it is nice. The liquor store on Columbia Rd., by the old CVS, is a bit cheaper, in my opinion.

  • I shopped there once, when I moved into the neighborhood 3.5 years ago, and bought about $100 worth of liquor for my housewarming party. After ringing me up, without a word, he grabbed a handful of airline bottles of Bailey’s and Kahlua and threw them into the bag.

    This is sad to hear.

  • Schneider’s is the best <3 <3 <3

  • supposed to be in reply to the schneider’s comment, and not a troll. alas.

  • The Kims and their daughter are nice people. He has always been respectful to me and threw a guy out of his store who was bothering me. I even get freebies during the holidays.

    Yes, it could use a facelift. Not every business has to be run by some wealthy yuppie who wants a 2nd career.

  • Bullshit.

  • I was replying to that liar Upton.

    Mr. Kim’s daughter just graduated from UM Law and sat for the bar. You really can fuck right off back to Herndon.

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