Good Deal or Not? “one bedroom Capitol Hill row house” edition

711 E Street Northeast

This house is located at 711 E Street, Northeast:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.40.56 AM

The listing says:

“Beautiful one of a kind one bedroom Capitol Hill row house with an open floor plan and huge back yard perfect for entertaining. Enjoy one-level living so close to everything. New kitchen, updated bathroom, amazing windows and light, refinished floors, central heat/air, lots closet space. Easy walk to Union Station, H Street, Eastern Market and Capitol Complex.”

You can see more photos here and a virtual tour here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $499,000.

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  • I dont get it – there is clearly something above the door, like a 2nd floor. What’s up there if it’s not another floor?

    • And looking on google street view, it looks like there didn’t used to be anything on top (it was obviously majorly rennovated) but it really looks like there is a window or something up there now.

      • I don’t know what you think you’re seeing. Is it the side of the neighboring building? Pretty clearly a one-floor building.

  • I live about a block from this building. It’s only one story high and probably was built to be a commercial structure. If you want to see what it looked like originally (before somebody added the bay window in the front) take a look at the street view for 720 F Street, NE.

    • Oops, I meant 721 F Street, NE. 715-723 F are all the same type of one story commercial building.

      720 is a row house that looks NOTHING AT ALL like this listing. Sorry!

  • I like how this tiny house has an even tinier guest house in the back yard!

  • Could you add a second floor? if so, probably a good deal.

    • It’s in the historic district, so no, probably not.

      • you couldn’t add up in historic distric, but given the enormous lot size you could extend it towards the back by right. The historic district has limitations on the street facing portion, but the general zoning laws govern the percentage of lot space a building my occupy. Lots of Hill houses build 2 story rear additions this way. In this case it would just be a one story addition (could probably double the sq footage too)

        • I think you can occupy 75% of the lot, right? So you could get this place to about 1300 square feet or so. But I’m not sure the cost would be worth it since you are already paying $500k for the existing structure.

  • To me this looks like a great deal for a single occupancy home. No HOA! Depending on the zoning restrictions, investing in the lot alone is much more appealing than even a condo in a rowhome with 2-3 units.

  • I think it could be a “deal”, depending on what you could do in the future with the lot and the structure. If you could add a pop-up to the main structure or a garage + income-producing apartment in the back (does this have alley access?), then I think there’s a lot of potential here. The location is certainly good.

    If the price was $425K, I’d say it would qualify as a “good deal”, with the caveat of figuring out any zoning restrictions.

    What’s up with the little shack in the back? Is that just a tool shed?

    • Since it is in the historic district, you couldn’t add a pop-up. You could possibly put an addition on the back, but I think it would have to be 1-story as well because otherwise a taller building behind would be visible from the street.

  • 499k is nuts for a 1br/1ba. Even at 399k seems crazy.

  • I think this thing is the perfect candidate to get blown out from the inside – remove all those walls that create silly little rooms and cheap tinny looking little closets, plunk a gorgeous open kitchen in the middle, pull down all that bland looking drywall to expose the brick, knock out the low ceilings and expose the ceiling joists and roof beams. Et Voila! A turn-of-the-century/industrial looking gem in the heart of Capitol Hill. I bet also that it would look and feel great to build a roof deck toward the back of the structure, not visible from the street. I suggest these things, of course, because I have so much money to blow on real estate and expensive renovations. Yeah.

  • Is that a washing machine in the kitchen?

    • Yep, it appears to be an LG front-loading washing machine.

      In the UK, it’s very common to have one’s washing machine in the kitchen, particularly since many people don’t have tumble dryers.

  • The kitchen is so narrow, it barely seems functional. Pretty small bedroom too, but otherwise, a really cute place.

  • This is probably appropriately priced, but no half million $ 1br/1ba is a “deal”.

  • The yard is better than the house.

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