Good Deal or Not? Dinner Special at The Heights Edition

3115 14th Street, NW

From an email:

The Heights is having a great Burgers, Beer and Oyster special ~

Every Tuesday Night, 5-Close

· ½ dozen local raw Oysters
· 2 Burgers
· 1 Pitcher of draft Beer

All for $40 only.

This summertime special can be enjoyed at the bar, in the dining room or outside on the patio.”

Two_$40_The Heights
Photo courtesy of The Heights

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  • Great lunch special.

  • ledroittiger

    Seems to me that this is neither a good deal nor a bad deal. More like the correct pricing. I guess a better question is whether the quality of the food is actually worth it.

  • It seems like enough food and drink for 4 people, but seeing as they probably only intend it to be for 2, no, it’s not a good deal.

  • Are you supposed to eat oysters in July?

    • you can eat oysters year round. especially if they are farm raised.

    • The rule is “only eat oysters in a month with R in the name”. That’s pre-refrigeration, because in May, June, July and August, it’s too hot to be sure they stayed cold on their trip from the sea. I don’t think it applies as much anymore.

    • No, I’m pretty sure it has to do with the temperature of the water they are raised in. Something about toxins released by algae blooms.

      • justinbc

        It also relates to the time of year that oysters naturally reproduce. With farm raised oysters (such as Rappahannock) this is not an issue.

  • While I haven’t had their burger, this seems to be fine assuming that the burgers are good and that there are no restrictions on beer pours. 2 $10 burgers + $15 beer + $10 oysters = $45, so not much savings so to speak, but not too bad if you’re craving oysters with your burgers.

  • It’s a lunch special but available from 5:00 pm – close?

  • Oysters from a non-seafood restaurant? No thanks.

    • justinbc

      because only seafood chefs are capable of cracking open an oyster shell and putting it on a plate…?

  • I really like the burgers at The Heights, if that makes a difference to anyone.

  • orderedchaos

    That’s an *excellent* deal if the pitcher can be any draft beer they’re pouring — which are good beers (like Bell’s Oberon) ranging from $24-$31 per pitcher at regular price.

  • From their menu, their burgers are regularly priced $10.25, so you have $20.50 for those.
    Their pitchers are $24. I couldn’t find oysters on their menu but standard DC price for half a dozen would be about ~$10 bucks.

    So all in about $54 bucks.

    I’ve had their burgers, they are fine. You wouldn’t catch me ever paying $24 bucks for a pitcher of beer so no, this is a bad deal for me.

  • Given their food is generally mediocre, I would never order oysters there. Pass on this deal.

  • andy

    I’m mentally trying to compare with the Chez Billy oyster happy hour deal – @ $1 per oyster, $3 per Stella, you get 3 oysters and 3 Stellas at $12 . . . but no burgers on the menu.

    Perhaps upgrade to 4 Stellas and 6 oysters per person . . . $18. That’s pretty good, if you don’t want the burger.

  • Gosh this looks like a great deal! I can’t wait to go check it out. Thanks for letting us know!

  • isn’t this the place where the food is unholy and awful?

    • Unholy, yes. Awful is really more of a judgment call.

    • Not sure what “unholy” means to you – but The Heights actually has it’s own farm with grass-fed happy cows – which seems pretty darn “holy” to me. Plus the burger is about the best I’ve ever had and they will cook it rare. Lots of people I’ve taken there or sent there agree. And at happy hour, the burgers are only around $7.00. Also they have happy hour oysters every day for $12.00 a dozen.

      A couple of years ago they had some bumpy service and less than great food. That was a couple of years ago. Sorry you are bitter.

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