Good Deal or Not? “gourmet kitchen” edition

3520 South Dakota Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 3520 South Dakota Avenue, Northeast:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.08.07 AM

The listing says:

“Enjoy the open flr plan, gourmet kitchen, designer finishes & stunning hardwd flrs in this newly renovated home! The home features outdr space w/ spacious front yard, porch, fenced back w/ large back deck & off street parking w/ 2 spaces. The basement rec room has a bedrm & full bath! Fantastic location near new shops, restaurants & developments in Brookland & along Rhode Island Ave! NEW PRICE!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $525,000.

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  • I actually love this neighborhood and this price doesn’t seem bad for the space, but that is long walk up a BIG hill to the development going on around Brookland. It’s not exactly an amenity right down the street

  • Nice house for the price. However, it’s kinda crappy that they turned the backyard into a parking lot. There’s plenty of street parking in this area; I’d much rather have a real backyard & garden.

    • +1. If I’m going to live practically in the suburbs, I expect a big yard with a lot of gardening space, not a concrete slab.

      • It looks like there’s a lot of front yard, though. Maybe a serious gardener would need more space, but not your average buyer. I like my front yard better, anyway– better for people watching and being social with the neighbors. The back feels too isolated.

  • Love the house, hate the neighborhood.

    • Yes, quiet residential neighborhoods with houses that are still “affordable” by DC stands are awful…

      • This location is FAR FROM QUIET!!! It’s on SD Speedway and next to an intersection where they just installed an extra light. Which means in addition to worrying about some maniac doing 50 mph onto your front lawn, you get to listen to the sound of them racing away, not to mention all the large trucks that use SD Speedway.

  • Bonus: Fairly close to the only costco in 100 miles that sells liquor!!!

  • Is that really a gourmet kitchen? It looks nice, but kind of standard.

  • How is that a gourmet kitchen? Looks like a regular kitchen to me. And a really small one, at that.

  • Would rather live in Shepherd Park if I’m going to live that close to the Maryland line. More house for your money in a better neighborhood.

    • those neighborhoods are really far apart. you can compare them price-wise and distance to Maryland i guess, but way more factors are involved.

      • A similar house in Shepherd Park would run you much more. Although both homes are near the Maryland border, one is near Montgomery County and the other is near Prince George’e County. And MoCo and PG might as well be two different worlds.

    • You can’t be serious – prices in Shepherd Park are FAR higher than those in Woodridge.

  • it a great neighborhood if you like the suburbs and prefer limited transit or to drive everywhere you go.
    otherwises, it’s close to downtown, and you get a very residential mainly quiet neighborhood.
    definitely not a “good deal”.

  • The term “gourmet kitchen” annoys the hell out of me. Since when is a room gourmet? I thought food was gourmet. It’d be like a “couture closet” or a “luxury driveway.”

  • No way you could pay me to live on SD Ave. I bike through this intersection daily and cars exceed the 30 mph limit by huge amounts. There’s a speed camera further north, but that’s no use at this intersection. Also, a brand new light was just added here (Newton and SD), in addition to the one already there (22nd and SD) which means you get to hear all those vehicles accelerating along w/ the diesel exhaust from the trucks that use this route. 22nd St. is a fairly busy street too.
    A large front yard is no use if it’s too loud/smelly/dangerous to use it. No thanks at any price!

  • House is nice, awful neighborhood.

  • Anyone familiar or have bought a place from this developer, district properties?

  • There is a difference between an awful neighborhood and an awful location. Dakota is an awful street but the neighborhood, which is quiet, community oriented, and “affordable,” is actually quite nice. Unfortunately, it is hard to get closer to the metro, the Brookland development, and further away from such busy roads, like Dakota and Rhode Island, without finding the prices running above $600k and $700k.

  • justinbc

    This looks like a nice place, but there is absolutely nothing visibly “gourmet” about that kitchen.

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