Good Deal or Not? “Exotic Italian tile” edition

1504 Massachusetts Avenue Southeast

This house is located at 1504 Massachusetts Avenue, Southeast:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.56.00 AM

The listing says:

“WOW!!! Gorgeous Renovation just completed! Be the 1st to write a contract!! Completely Gutted and Rebuilt, Practically New! Brickfront, HUGE Front Yard w/ New Decorative Metal Fence. 3 Piece CROWN. New Cherry Stained Hardwoods. Gourmet Kitchen w/ GRANITE/STAINLESS, Bartop, Pendant Lights. Master Bath w/ Exotic Italian tile & ORB Shower Door!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $429,900.

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  • TINY! Living room barely can fit a sofa and forget about a kitchen table. And really, a two bedroom? Looks like a one bedroom and a closet….maybe office.

    • Some people are willing to have less space and pay less, though. It sounds like a good deal. Hard to find anything in this area for less than half a million.

    • Difficult to tell how big the bedrooms are. No mention of parking. probably a better deal than many2br condos with 2 tiny bedrooms.

  • They really liked that stairwell…..

    I would say that is fair given the size and location I predict it will sell pretty fast (there is low inventory for properties in that price range on the Hill). My house is a few blocks away (and closer to grocery/metro) and is the same size but has a basement and was valued last year as part of a refi about $130,000 higher.

  • I hate the lights over the island–cheap looking and overused in this town.

  • This place has been on the market awhile. I saw it a few weeks ago. It didnt seem possible to have a small couch and a tv in the living room.

  • Utility, gas and other boxes right next to the front door…really?

  • Looks like a good deal, but I presume there is something seriously wrong with the location that keeps it on the market for that long.

    • I think it is more that there is no living space downstairs. The staircase is just too much in the way. Though it is right next to a liquor store.

      • It’s next to a terrible intersection, and there are a lot of loiterers by that liquor store (and corner store a block away). It’s probably one of the worst corners in the neighborhood.

      • It’s immediately adjacent to a liquor store and dry cleaner plus a pretty busy intersection. I think they need to come down to $400K to compensate for this plus the size and lack of parking. It’s a good condo alternative for someone. Based on the community listserv there is also a nosy neighbor living very closeby (she’s constantly complaining about the activity in the alley adjacent to this place and the corner store just north of it). Also, it appears as if they somehow gamed the MLS to make it look like a new listing but it’s been sitting for a few weeks.

  • What about this place,, pretty close by, a little bit bigger and closer the the metro

  • We saw this place. Apart from the seemingly inexpensive rehab, the biggest issue was the kitchen. It is tiny. Things need to be closed to open other things. The fridge was dented from just getting in there. And back there is the boiler and all. Expect your kitchen to be torn apart if anything ever happens and access to the back is needed.

    • We also toured the place about a month ago, when they were wanting $475k for it. The house has been on the market for a long time (for DC).

      The “second” bedroom is really just a small office at best. You wouldn’t be able to fit anything larger than a twin bed in it.

      Also, there’s a small patio which could fit a grill and maybe a 2-person table setup.

      It is next to a liquor store, but the area is changing a good bit, plus there’s a bikeshare right in front of the liquor store. We passed on this house because it’s really for a couple at most, and we do plan to have a kid in the next two years.

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