Good Deal or Not? “double level back porches” edition

1246 Monroe Street Northeast

This house is located at 1246 Monroe Street, Northeast:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.54.40 AM

The listing says:

“Don’t miss this fantastic Brookland home w/ 4 finished levels including a two bed in-law suite! Features pocket doors, hardwood flrs, bay windows, elegant fireplace, exposed brick and more! Enjoy the warm weather on inviting front porch, double level back porches, side patio & huge fenced back yard. Located just steps to the Metro, 12th St shops & new restaurants, cafes, &developments!”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4 bath is going for $675,000.

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  • absolutely a good deal, this could be one the last affordable houses near known development and metro with a porch and yard

  • Yea, this isn’t going to last long… AT ALL.

  • Wow, that is one hell of a deal.

  • Echoing other comments, Brookland is probably the last, best close-in neighborhood with great housing stock that is not outrageously expensive (note: $675K for a house is still out of reach for a vast majority of home buyers, but it’s not stratospheric). If we were in the market again it would be at the top of our list.

  • north of brookland? middle of nowhere. no thanks.

    • I’m sure this was facetious ….

      • You do need a car in this neighborhood (I mean you can get by without one but you’re going to feel the impact unlike with the closer-in neighborhoods).

        • No, you don’t. I bike through this neighborhood every day and see tons of people walking to metro. This is 3 blocks from a station.

        • With the coming of Monroe St Market, word is a supermarket, a bike store, a book store, and other eateries will be included. As well, there will be several restaurants. On 12th St itself, there’s Tex-Mex, Cuban, Ethiopian, Italian, and a new restaurant from an H St restaurateur. Plus there’s a post office, a hardware store, a CVS, a diner, and several public, charter, and private schools. Finally, Dance Place is on 8th, Chocolate City is blocks away, and values in the area are only going up. What more do you want? Only downsides to this house is the traffic on Monroe and the Catholic U party houses on the block.

        • “Sometimes you need to get to things besides the metro.”
          thats true no matter how “close in” you live.

    • If we continue to see development around Fort Totten, then that area is on track to be the next Brookland.

  • It looks like a good deal. But my tastes do not mesh well with the blue countertops in the kitchen. Renovations are definately needed.

    • Agreed. A nice house overall, but the color scheme in the kitchen is a bit… well… particular.

  • Great deal – big house, plenty of space, great neighborhood. I also don’t love the color scheme, but still, if I had any money at all I’d bid on it.

  • Great house and great location, walk to Metro and 12th St – pretty sweet. Also looks like 3 kitchens? How many rental units? Could be looking at some signifigant mortgage offset. Looks like no central AC, basement unit looks pretty dated, I wonder about the age and condition of all of the other systems – electric, mechanicals, etc. Heating seems to be a bit of a mish mash from the pictures.

  • This house is a steal when you consider that 3br homes in worse shape further from the Brookland metro are now going for $400k +. This neighborhood is going to look a lot different in 12-18 months as well. Uh, at least I hope it does…

  • justinbc

    This listing makes me wish I had really looked harder at Brookland during my search. The house looks old and dated, but the size is fantastic, as is the proximity to Metro. I’m in love with that upstairs room! At only about $230 per sqft including the basement this is beyond a steal.

    • There’s never a lot of inventory on the market at any one time in Brookland. It’s sort of a matter of “right house at the right time” if you’re looking to buy there.

  • As someone who lives here and loves it… everything in Brookland is a good deal. Consider what things sell for in other neighborhoods with similar commute times and amenities, but FAR smaller yards and less square footage (e.g., Hill East, Petworth). Plus the university and mom-and-pops give it a really unique feel. AND we have the very best Neopolitan pizza in the DMV area. And there’s tons of upside potential with the new Monroe Street Market and 901 Monroe developments underway.

    But I know the real estate market here really well, and it’s not common for something that’s not very very nicely finished to go for more than $650k (or even more than $600). So while I could see someone looking at all of the factors I listed and offering $675 (or more), it might not appraise.

    • My wife and I purchased a home in February for a little under this price range and as it was one of the more expensive properties at the time, it appraised below our contract price. However, ended up not being a bad thing as we were able to renegotiate the sales price with the sellers. We’ve seen since February a few of the larger homes come on the market at prices near this or higher, so I think there will be a whole new set of comps to work with supporting these higher values. Just recently a large place nearby (albeit in better shape) was listed at 799 and is currently under contract. Best of luck to the sellers and I welcome whomever buys this house to a great neighborhood.

    • brookland_rez

      Been in Brookland 4 years, and I love it. For me it’s the perfect balance of city and suburb. My only complaint in the past was lack of retail and dining options, but now that’s coming.

      Where else in the city can you get the kind of houses we have with the metro and a yard at that price? No where except east of the river.

  • This house is a three unit college rental. Proceed with caution.

  • I just moved to that little sliver of a neighborhood directly north of Catholic U. Yeah, I know it may not be technically part of Brookland (east Petworth?!?!), I still consider that my neighborhood. I’m very excited about all the development that is going up in Brookland.

    Also, the Brookland Bridge blog just confirmed Rustik Tavern will open another location on 12th St.! I think 12th St is going to see alot of new stores/restaurants in the next few years.

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