Good Deal or Not? “clean entire home in an hour” edition

244 10th Street Northeast

This house is located at 244 10th Street, Northeast:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.15.04 AM

The listing says:

“Mon Petit Palace, the perfect Pied de Terre on Capitol Hill, blks to Eastern Market, Lincoln Park, metro. 2 bedrms, 2 full baths, heated Jacuzzi, gas fireplace, one of the city’s most private gardens, kitchen all Jenn-Aire appliances, home warranty, high efficiency central air an heating, low utilities, no condo fee, clean entire home in an hour, live in luxury. SLD “as is” as is, Agent is owner.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $679,500.

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  • if this house goes for that price I’d be shocked. the only appealing part of the design is the back yard.

  • Not a deal

  • Agreed, not a deal. It looks small and cramped. And the description should say “pied-à-terre,” not “pied de terre.”
    (For that matter, I guess it should also be “Mon Petit Palais,” not “Mon Petit Palace.”)

  • Clean the entire house in 1 hr. Because the bathroom is part of the back porch?! Uh…

  • As much as I love this neighborhood, not a good deal. At all.

  • Interesting house, but… wow. Over $1,000/sq ft? And this person is an agent? Somebody who should already be living in reality needs a reality check.

  • No way, Jose. You can get a 3 bedroom with a basement on the Hill for that price. I understand that being in the Hill Historic District carries a $100,000 premium but I live 5 blocks due East of here in a house of similar size that, 2 years ago, was 250,000 less than the asking price of this place. All that glass block would have to go and those arches are disturbing. House would need aesthetic renov work.

    • I would agree its not a deal – but I’d be surprised if you could find a 3 bedroom on the Hill proper, for 680K. 325 10th Street NE just went for 950K at 4Bed/3Bath.

  • hilarious

  • impressed that general consensus (if you can consider the first 7 comments a consensus)… that this is a bad deal. as a side rant… i have never understood jacuzzi tubs… they take up so much interior space.

    • Totally agree on the jacuzzi tubs. Even if you had the space. What a waste of water. I mean who uses those things?

      • I agree. Our house has one of those shower jacuzzi tubs and I want to rip it out. It makes it hard to step into the shower (my 93-year-old grandmother won’t shower when she visits because it’s too high to climb over) and you have to use every drop of water in the hot water tank to fill it. Plus it’s ugly and the jets are a pain in the ass to clean. Fortunately it’s the only bad design choice the former owners made, so we can save up the money and turn it into a walk-in shower someday.

  • Believe it or not, this is an appropriate price for the size and location. We saw a lot of houses on the Hill, and the sub-700k’s were always teeny-tiny. But the “as is” disclaimer and the questionable design choices make me suspect it’s worth less than the comps and won’t sell for as much as they’re asking.

  • I’ll leave the decision on if the price per foot is good for the amount of space and the location to the other commenters, but I personally wouldn’t pay over a half a million dollars for anything with appliances that old!

    And the decor!? If this person is an agent they should know someone who could stage it. It looks like the house one of the Golden Girls would have moved into after the show ended!

    • no offense, but I never understand the appliances are old comments. A) appliance in the grand scheme of buying a house aren’t that expensive. I get that people probably don’t want to spend another 3-4K outfitting their new house with new appliances..but when spending 500 + on a house, appliances aren’t what I would concern myself about = > .01% of the purchase price. B)Rome wasn’t built in a day, if they work, then use them till you can afford new ones. C) often times old appliances work better than new.

      What I would concern myself with is roof, hvac/furnace, joists, windows, drainage, water damage, mold, form/function of house and LOCATION. Paint, appliances, ceiling fans, light fixtures I could *initially* care less about.

  • Is the second “bedroom” actually outside? Or is that some sort of enclosed porch?

  • This house is listed on Vacation Rentals. My parents stayed here last spring and it was truly awful. The second “bedroom” is a sun room with a bathroom that is too small to close the door. The whole room leaked as well.

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