Good Deal or Not? “bright and renovated” edition

518 Park Road Northwest

This house is located at 518 Park Road, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.19.13 AM

The listing says:

“Wide, bright and renovated Federal porch front just a few blocks to Petworth Metro stop. Gleaming wood floors and woodwork, tall ceiling, off-street parking and bonus in-law suite in finished basement with separate kitchen & bath.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $549,000.

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  • good deal. But its really only two bedrooms upstairs. that third is too small. I see that tiny bedroom in just about ever row house (inlcuding my own in Park View)…was it always intended to be a bedroom. I would be curious what those small rooms were historically used for.
    And one day Park Morton will get redeveloped. for me though this is a deal breaker…don’t really want to stare at that complex or the open air drug dealing from my back deck.

  • Pretty sure this was already a GDON like a month ago.. If it is still on the market I guess it isn’t a good deal…

  • We almost bought a house this past year 3 or four houses away. You want none of that area. Constant violent crimes and thefts. Good deal or not if you buy that be prepared to take the long way around to everything to avoid being harassed on the corner of Park and Georgia.

  • No worries! I think it is kind of interesting to discuss why a house hasn’t sold in what is a pretty hot housing market.

  • I’ve heard it called a “trunk room”. As if the people for whom these houses were built were in the habit of going on transatlantic voyages. 😀

  • It backs directly onto Park Morton – a public housing complex notorious for various social problems in that area. Maybe someone could buy this house and rent it out for a while to 20-somethings, and eventually sell/move in once they redevelop that complex.

  • My house backs up to Park Morton and it’s not the cesspool that many may imagine. I am more aggravated by very noisy (possibly drunk) people walking by the front of the house late at night (I assume many of these are the college students living in fraternity or sorority houses nearby). Park Morton has actually been relatively quiet for the last 5 or so years.
    That said, not sure about this deal — the house has no yard to speak of.

  • I do think it was intended as a bedroom. It was just that at that time the only piece of furniture would be the bed – likely a twin – and maybe some small table beside it and a chair. People just didn’t have that much stuff and I don’t think they spent much time – other than sleeping – in a bedroom anyway.

    Obviously by modern standards it is SMALL though for an office or a baby’s room I don’t think it is too bad. I had a friend turn one into a closet because it had 2 doors (one to her bedroom and one to the hall) because it may have been a nursery/

  • It needs a window, door, heat, and closet to be considered a bedroom. This does NOT have a closet therefore is NOT a bedroom. RE Agents cut this crap out and be honest.

  • 2 bedroom plus office and a very sad english basement rental…

  • Um, it clearly has a closet.

  • Was responding to Park View Pirate, btw

  • Actually no, it does not need a closet in DC anyway. And who the heck cares how a real estate agent describes it. Don’t want? Then don’t buy it.

    And, for the record, I would not pay this much to live by Park Morton.

  • it does not need a closet to be a bedroom. DCRA requires TWO forms of egress (ie a window and a door) for fire safety.

  • I have lived in my house in Park View for the past three years. I moved from an apartment on the corner of 15th and Euclid. The crime here is almost non-existent. I can probably count on one hand the number of incidents that’s taken place since I moved in, and in DC that’s saying a lot. That’s nothing compared to what it was at my old place, which I’m sure a lot of you would consider a better place to live. Families and young couples are what you see the most in Park View. It’s definitely a close knit community, where you have to be willing to know your neighbors. Me being originally from NYC, that doesn’t come easily,however I see the importance of it. Park Morton can be a bit intimidating, but the result is that I’ve never heard of am incident resulting from there. It is scheduled to be redeveloped and you see a lot of boarded up apartments as a result.

  • In many homes, this was a trunk room

  • actually I beleive one of the point of egress has to be to an outside wall (so likely a window).again its a fire safety issue.

  • I agree that Park View is a great place to live!

  • I love my neighborhood , we have been here seven years and just seems to be getting better and better , there is still a lot of crime around here you have to have your Senses on at all times , just saying it has-changed a lot , but not as much as you think ………John cullen

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