Garden of the Day and Homegrown Tomato Contest


A great vegetable garden from Columbia Heights. So let’s kick off the summer tomato contest of 2013. If you’ve grown a great tomato (color, size etc.) or have a huge haul send a photo in an email email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail with the subject line tomato contest and every week I’ll pick my favorite. Winners get a PoPville t-shirt.

Tomatoes have to be homegrown – we’re on the honor system here!


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  • mtpgal

    MAN I wish I knew this person’s secret. This is our third try and we only have one tiny, green tomato.

  • My tomatoes are abundant, but not very tasty. I didn’t know it was possible for home-grown tomatoes to taste anything but delicious! Next year I’ll definitely start from heirloom seeds, not Home Depot transplants…

    • It’s probably your soil is to blame for lack of taste–try prepping soil/pots before hand with crushed eggshells and some fertilizer. Every so often when I’m finished w/milk container I fill it with water and water tomatoes with the milk wash. Tomatoes need calcium. I’ve bought bedding plants from Home Depot/Logan Hardware/Whole Foods and have always had delicious results.—and I do in pots on a balcony

    • We’ve had a lot of rain this summer which is good for growing. But too much water => watery tomatoes.
      And excess water also means the tomato can’t take up nutrients from the soil leading to blight/fungal disease.

  • Anyone have any tips or good resources about growing tomatoes in pots/containers?

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