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Suggestions for family photo shoot locations:

“I am taking family photos for a friend (a couple with 2 kids). Other than Meridian Hill Park, what are some other DC locations that people can think would be good for this? I’m hoping for a place easy to get to and not so crowded that every shot has a stranger in the background.

Any suggestion is appreciated!”

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  • Yards Park or the new Georgetown Waterfront Park might work. Nice water features in the background. You could also try Battery Kemble or parts of Rock Creek Park.

  • How about Bartholdi Park, kind of behind the Botanic Garden. It’s a beautiful spot and not usually overrun with people.

  • The columns over in the Arboretum make for cool shots.

  • Arboretum!

  • We have had great photos done in Rock Creek Park many times. Also, Montrose Park is nice. It’s next to Dumbarton Oaks. (DO won’t let you shoot on their grounds.)

  • The bridges through Rock Creek Park… they are beautiful this time of year.

  • There is a hefty fee to shoot at the Arboretum, and other sites around town. Like $250 if they see you with anything like professional gear. And they’ll confiscate your battery to make sure you don’t shoot on the sly.

    • The fee is for commercial photography. If she is shooting for a friend and not charging a fee, I would think the fee wouldn’t apply.

      • that should have been “he or she”

      • Shouldn’t be an issue. My husband and I got our engagement pictures taken at the Arboretum and we were not required to pay anything. It was a wonderful location and the pictures were fantastic- I’d highly recommend it. The best part is you can drive around the Arboretum so you can try a bunch of different locations without getting sweaty or the kids getting tired.

  • Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral?

  • andy

    How about right where the Glover-Archbold Trail crosses New Mexico Ave?

  • Dumbarton Oaks Park is another nice spot, go down the hill between Dumbarton Oaks and Montrose Park.

  • epric002

    +10 for rock creek park suggestions. soldiers home? don’t know the rules about permits/photography there, but it’s beautiful.

  • Book Hill in Georgetown. Pretty foliage/plants at the bottom and nice views from the top.

  • Most places in DC require a permit.

    The Arboretum’s rules have changed recently and it is not limited to professional photography but to photography of people. And my understanding is that they are very strict on enforcement these days.

    Bishop Gardens does not allow use for photography unless you are getting married at the Cathedral.

    All National Parks require a permit. This includes locations on the Mall, the monuments, Rock Creek Park, Glen Echo, and places like Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, etc. The permit fee is generally $100.

    The Bartholdi Park/Botanic Garden specifically prohibits family portraits.

    And FYI, most places do not limit the restriction to professional photographers.

  • Thanks everyone! I’ll explore these options!

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