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Sanitation Issues at Lucky Corner Store (5433 Georgia Avenue NW):

I wanted to get your feedback on the sanitation and loitering issues behind the Lucky Corner Store that have become an eyesore and public health problem. As anyone who has driven by the corner of Illinois Ave. NW and Kennedy knows, the lot behind the Lucky Corner Store has become a dumping ground for the homeless, as well as the business that lease the property. It reeks of urine. The two dumpsters on the lot consistenly overflow with rotting trash and are left uncovered (a hazared in and of itself). The surrounding area is covered with litter and household debris. And the grass, what little there is, is uncut.

I have contacted DC 311 about this issue, and hopefully they will be able to address it in the short-term. However, I have no doubt that the problem will return in no time. Are there other agencies that have jurisdiction over this issue that I should consider contacting? For example, the DC Alcholic Beverage Regulation Administration. Do they have jurisdiction over these types of issues since the Lucky Corner Store is a liquor store?

What strategies have others employed to permanently clean up similar situations in their neighborhoods? Any guidance would be helpful.

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  • andy

    tell Muriel you won’t vote for her?

  • Keep calling 311 to report the violations. Whoever owns the property will be assessed fines. Over time, these fines build up! That is how we eventually got rid of some terrible neighbors. They were renters who totally trashed the property – including leaving garbage everywhere. It was disgusting. Rats everywhere. At first we tried telling the owner of the home that his renters were destroying the place. He didn’t seem to care and wouldn’t kick them out. So we called 311 all the time, and the city repeatedly issued the owner garbage fines. That finally got his attention and he got rid of the tenants. and sold the property. problem solved!

  • contact your local ANC rep.

  • Been like that for years. Great to hear others are trying to improve Kennedy St. There are just several factors that keep me from believing it will make a full transition.

    • Please elaborate, I’m interested in hearing what the “other factors” are.

      • All the businesses that haven’t renovated in years, no matter their condition. People that loiter for absolutely no reason outside of stores, businesses that still have glass windows to separate customers, liquor store, liquor store, liquor store. Etc. Etc.

  • I drive by this corner twice a day. I will start calling 311 as well when I see things. I agree, lets keep calling, and hopefully this place starts getting some hefty fines. Those fines will either cause them to clean up, or cause them to move out eventually. Either way, a positive result. I will call on my way home today from work.

  • What are you talking about? It looks fine (on streetview).

    • Don’t use street view to judge an area! Street view is an old photo, at a certain date, at a certain time.

    • jim_ed

      The backside of the building on Illinois Ave. There’s no one there on streetview, but you can see the milk boxes they use to sit on, and get a sense of how dirty it is. The biggest issue is you can’t smell it through streetview.

  • That corner needs to be improved. In addition to all the trash and urine odor I’ve smelled feces there. Also, on a recent jog for absolutely no reason one of the people that loiters there said “whiteboy get the fuck out of my face!”. I’ll also call 311!

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