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Need Volunteer Opportunity Recommendations:

“My employer has given us an allotment of ‘give back days’ to encourage us to volunteer around DC, but I’m having trouble finding the right fit. The problem is, it really only allows me two days out of the year to “give back”, and a lot of the opportunities I’m finding on say, VolunteerMatch require a larger, weekly commitment, which I’m afraid I can’t do. Does anyone know of any organizations around DC that are in need of a day or two of help? I’m fairly open to any kind of work, so anything will do, and I can even pass along the list to my coworkers.”

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  • Hands On Greater DC Cares is the perfect resource for the OP:

  • I believe that the Washington Humane Society uses volunteers for adoption events, so that could be an occasional thing for someone.

  • I think you can sign up for single-day shifts with DC Central Kitchen whenever you want. No long-term commitment. Also check out the websites for upcoming festivals and events like the one above, which sometimes have a call for volunteers.

  • Check out One Bricj

  • Food for All-DC is every Saturday morning 9:00 am. No training, no experience, no commitments. Just pack boxes of food and deliver (especially if you have a car or as a navigator) throughout DC. Takes between 1-3 hrs.

    • Capital Area Food Bank has similar one-off volunteer opportunities (my co-workers and I did a volunteer day there once, a couple of years back). They often need people to sort the food at their warehouse. (Basically, they get pallets and pallets of donated goods from places like Giant and need volunteers to sort those donations into bins by category–ie, put all the canned vegetables in one bin, the rice in another bin, cereals in another bin, and so on. Clients can then “shop” from those bins, or other volunteers make a variety pack of bags/boxes to deliver around to smaller neighborhood-based food pantries.) It might not be the most exciting volunteer gig, but it needs to be done–and maybe a good option for people who want a volunteer role that’s more self-directed and quiet/solitary.

  • Are you talking about weekday things, then?

  • If you can get enough people together, Habitat prefers groups but they accomodate one off groups I think.

  • The DC Blues Society needs all day volunteer for their festival on Labor Day Saturday.

  • Check out One Brick. This website specializes in no commitment volunteering. You simply view the calendar of volunteer events, rsvp through the website and show up to help out for a few hours. I used the site and chose to pack meals at Food and Friends.

  • I also recommend

    They have a daily calendar and you can sign up for events as they suit your schedule. Weekends and week days. Lots of variety too.

  • I do event photography for N Street Village (that’s their annual walk pictured above). It’s an organization that provides shelter and services to homeless women, and they’re always in need of volunteers to prepare and serve meals, host bingo nights, etc. You need to do an orientation prior to regular volunteering, but after that you can sign up for anything you want whenever they have an opening.

  • Casey Trees is a local non-profit with the mission to protect, restore and enhance the tree canopy in the nation’s capital. Casey Trees will often work with you to plan volunteer events or link you into pre-scheduled tree planting events (although these are on Saturday so I’m not sure it would work for your needs). You can go here ( to fill out a group volunteer request form.

    Good luck!

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