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Tennis lessons:

I’ve been wanting to learn how to play tennis for years and am finally ready to start lessons. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good instructor? I’d ideally like private lessons for my husband and myself vs. a group class.

Any recommendations? I live in the Brightwood Park (North Petworth) area.

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  • I do not know anything specific about this facility, but I see it all the time on the way to play golf. Seems like it is always packed, so it might be worth trying?

    • There are also pros/lessons at Haines Point (east potomac park), but I think the places I mentioned are easier to get to for the OP (who lives in upper NW)

  • Just FYI, private lessons are going to be $30-40 an hour.

    When you say you have always wanted to learn, what does that mean? You’ve never played before, or you play some, but want to get good?

    If it’s the former, your instructor honestly won’t matter that much. If you’ve never played, you need some basics and then lots of repitition. Once you’ve had a lesson or two, the way you are going to see rapid improvement is by hitting a lot of balls (ideally with someone the same skill level of you, so hopefully your husband is at about the same place in his tennis career).

    If you already play some but want to get good, I would interview some instructors. I’d start at the Rock Creek tennis center (on 16th St) or at the “Junior Tennis Champions Center” (not just for juniors) in College Park, or either of the 2 public indoor facilities in lower MoCo (Wheaton and Cabin John). Tell them what you want to accomplish, ask to talk to some of their students, etc. USPTA certification is what you want to look for here.

  • Yared Mekbib, who live in Columbia Heights, is a terrific coach and an all-around great guy. I can’t find his email right now, but you can find him easily on Facebook under “D.C. Tennis” or just Yared Mekbib.

  • Also, that is a very unusual picture associated with this post.

    You can only see 2 of the four players on the court, but can tell it’s doubles based on where the player on the right is standing (his partner is serving).

  • Haines Point has fantastic SMALL clinics for all levels. Not sure they do it in the summer but usually it’s not more than 6 people on court at a time. Drills are the best way to get used to the motions of the game. Also there is which will help you find courts. Play Your Court is a service where a “pro” will come to a court of your choice. I used that only once since I was sent someone only one level better than me, but she had played in college so that qualified her as an instructor? That wasn’t really for me, but if you’re starting out, it might be a good place to start to get someone to come to you and your husband. Good luck. Tennis is such a fabulous sport and I hope you find the spark too. One last thing — the courts at 3rd and Van Buren NW (next to Takoma Rec Center ) are great to get some pick up matches going when you’re ready. DC is a great tennis town.

  • The picture is from a Katsles match. Built for match then removed.

  • Many of the DC Parks & Rec Centers have coaches available. In the Brightwood area the Fort Stevens Rec Center (13 & Van Buren) has several good coaches; go by on a Sat. morning or on a weekday evening and observe/talk to some of the coaches.

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