From the Forum – Looking for Furnace and Reupholstery Recommendations

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Furnace Replacement: Any Good Contractor Recommendations?

“Looking to replace our furnace with a high efficiency unit, the kind that can be vented out a wall rather than through the roof. Has anyone out there had similar work done, happy with the results and would recommend the company (and the main person) who did it? Thanks!!”


DC Reupholstery Recommendations

“Can anyone in Popville recommend a place to reupholster a couple of chairs? My wife and I were recently given a lovely pair of wing back chairs from someone moving out of the area. We love the chairs, the style is a perfect match for the rest of our furniture, but the fabric is a little outdated (and is a little musty). We would like to update the fabric to fit in with the colors of the rest of our house.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!”

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  • epric002

    haven’t tried them yet, but third + grace were just profiled in the express last week. planning on contacting them for some chairs we need reupholstered. www dot thirdandgrace dot com

  • I’ve had good luck with Karen Kormondy (she’s in Capitol Hill and does upholstery out of her house).

  • I used Rockville Interiors to reupholster a wood framed sitting chair and to make me 2 matching pillows with fabric I order at a discount website. They did a great job, worked with me to get the right amount of fabric based on the chair dimesions and picked up and delivered the final product free of charge, which was important since I don’t own a car.

  • Try Spicer’s in Alexandria; they pick up the items and deliver when finished. They have re-upholstered a large couch and three chairs for me. My only caveat would be to ensure you define “the inside material for the back pillows on the couch” which is to be used, as they provided a “loose/snow filling” instead of solid foam for my couch.

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