From School to Condos – Judging 1317 Shepherd Street, NW

July 2013

Back in Aug. 2012 we noted the former school at 1317 Shepherd St, NW would be converted into condos. Do you like the way it turned out?

Personally I think they did a great job though I’m sad they weren’t able to salvage the cool old fence. But besides that – I’m going thumbs up.

December 2011

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  • I kind of like the before better.

  • looked better before.

  • Someone liked it alot. One of the condos just sold for $540,000 after being listed for $525,000 (according to the monthly sales thing PoP posts every month.)

  • it’s a shame they couldn’t keep more of the original framing in the windows, and especially that they completely wiped out that gorgeous window on the third floor. also, these condo conversions could use more trees on their front lawns! otherwise cool.

  • I live directly across the street and I guess I’m just glad they finished construction. I don’t love the new look, seems kind of boring to me, but hey I don’t mind getting new neighbors.

  • Great addition to the block

  • What would be interesting is to see a before/after of the side/back of this building. They built it way out…like right up to the alley in the back. Curious about how that works in terms of zoning.

  • I do feel like it was a bit of a missed opportunity. It was always a good looking building, but I somehow feel like the color scheme, the new windows, and the removal of the old iron railing has sort of made it seem a bit bland. Admittedly, it probably needed some sprucing up, but I wish they’d been a little more creative in what they did.

  • They took away the tin roof! Sad…

  • Keeping a little character would have made it easier to price these a little higher.

  • Its ok. Retaining a proper residential front door instead instead of a commercial storefront would have made a big difference IMO.

  • The new version has a sterile, bland look to it. While the structure’s condition was undoubtedly improved, it seems to have come at the cost of its “character”.

  • justinbc

    Definitely prefer the before version.

  • I live a block away and had high hopes for this building, but they removed the period fence, replaced the classic wood door with a cheap glass one, and installed asphalt shingles. Frankly, I wish they’d just left the schoolhouse for a developer who would have given it the care it deserved.

  • I agree with the others — I like the “before” version better. The new version doesn’t look hideous (and the pop-up blends surprisingly well with the rest of the house) but it looks very generic. The original house makes me think a bit of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Too bad all of its character is now gone.

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