Friday Question of the Day – Coolest, Literally, Spot to Drink/Eat Outside during the Summer?

Partially covered roof deck from the Brixton at 9th and U St, NW

Like many others, I love eating, drinking and just hanging out at roof top bars and outdoor patios. Obviously when we’ve been having weather like we’ve had this week, sitting outside isn’t always the most comfortable spot. But it got me wondering if there are some outdoor roof decks and/or patios that are still comfortable during the hot months? I’m particularly looking for some that are cool but you still have a view and or feel like you are outside. Know of any cool outdoor dining/drinking spots?

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  • A frosty temperature is a tall order in the dog days of summer. All I need is a generous pour of Mint Julip or Sangria in some shade and I’m a very happy me.

  • While not normally my type of place to go, Whitlow’s on Wilson in Clarendon is my favorite spot to enjoy a cheap beer with the enormous misting fans they have on the roofdeck.

    • I’m surprised more places in DC don’t have these, they would be a huge hit here. Any place that had them in NW would be packed all summer long. They are all over the place in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

  • I also would like a place with outdoor air conditioning.

  • You could go to places like upstairs at Tabaq and the roof of the W hotel, which are not outside at all but have great views. (although Tabaq sometimes opens its sunroof thing but can’t imagine they would if it’s 107 out)

  • I’m thinking anything on a waterfront would be a bit cooler.

  • As much as I hate Local16, they do have misting fans on their rooftop. The place is fine during the day and early evening but I wouldn’t go on a Thur/Fri/Sat night simply because of the overcrowding and douchey feel.

  • I think the Standard has misters don’t they?

  • Cantina Marina

  • justinbc

    El Chucho and El Centro both have outdoor decks that are covered.

    • I know the one at El Chucho actually has AC that blows down on you from the roof of their roofdeck. They probably close it up when it’s this hot though, so you won’t really get the outdoor feeling.

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