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  • Wow, that is pretty unreal. That school remodel is also a drastic change, especially from the Kansas Ave side.

  • I am curious whether this is the same developer that did the Good Deal or Not house from today’s post. The building materials look very similar.

    The front window would drive me bonkers but, otherwise, it looks better than I anticipated.

  • Still wish they had left the turret alone.

    • I’m sure it was on purpose. There is no way that properly fixing and restoring that roof came anywhere near the ROI that ripping it all down and building anew did. It’s a shame because this property really was beautiful and would have been a stand out in the neighborhood again if restored and cared for. Developers deep pockets win again!

  • It’s basically a new house on the old one’s foundation.

  • Pretty sure it didn’t collapse. A stop order was placed while it was being torn down. The house has gone up very quickly since the work started again. I’d question the material/build quality of this pre-fab house, but I’m sure it’ll sell for plenty.

  • brookland_rez

    Looks pretty good to me but was it a complete tear down?

  • The developer on this place let the house collapse? Way to go!!! Makes me really want to buy it. I saw the stop work orders and months of piled up construction debris and loose siding hanging off the house. It was scary. Wouldn’t ever buy this. Any info on the gut at 5th and Ingraham that also has been plastered with stop work orders?

  • The house did not collapse and would never be allowed to stay in a collapsing condition. It was being torn down because the existing structure was rotten and then rebuilt from the foundations up. I for one would rather live in a rebuild house than one where they slapped new siding over the existing framing.

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