Fire at 5th and Kennedy Street, NW


A reader writes:

“Flames licking the first floor window at Johnny’s Carry-Out. Hope no one was hurt. Buses pretty screwed up.”

@IAFF36 tweets:

“Update – 503 Kennedy St NW – fire on 1st floor knocked down, still working to access basement, primary search negative”

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  • Saw this on my way in to work. The thift store next to Johnny’s is totally gutted, it looked like that had been the source of the blaze.

  • Hopefully the fire was extinguished and all those involved are getting the assistance they need.

    I can verify the screwed up buses. I waited 30 minutes for a 63 bus that nextbus kept saying was 2 minutes away. 3 or 4 buses disappeared from nextbus before I called to find out that they were blocked by the fire. It was really nice when @wmata tweeted about that kind of stuff. I guess that person was off today.

    • The 63 was also re-routed a little further south due to a bunch of police activity at Sherman & Euclid. I got 12 (TWELVE!) MetroBus alerts between 6:30 – 7:30 based on both of these problems.

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