Final T Street Row House Shell For Sale


“Dear PoPville,

The house of the day at 1442 T St NW, which was noted by you to be one of the last (if not the last) abandoned homes west of 14th St NW now it has this sign up. It’s a complete shell of a home – as is for $650K or renovated for $1M.”

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  • I guess the land is valued at that ….but I still think the prices are crazy!

  • Do you really think it would take $450K to renovate that place? It seems silly not to buy it as is and hire someone yourself. Gut jobs cost what, minimum $200K and up from there? This place wouldn’t even require gutting because it’s already a shell!

  • Whaa??? Those footprints are tiny! Even with digging out the basement that is a lot of rooms jammed into a small space. Don’t get why you need 4.5 bathrooms….

    Just checked out the website, which is somewhat sketchy and it said 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths.

    • LOL. I was wondering the same thing. How could you even put that many bathrooms in that space?

    • Perhaps the next “middle finger” of the area?

    • The only way I think they could get 4 bedrooms in there is to do a basement digout. Four and a half bathrooms sounds like a stretch, though.
      If they did turn it into a 4-bedroom, I imagine three of the four bedrooms would be very small.

  • To get that extra size (and price) they must be adding another floor or something pretty significant to the back.

  • I love the “stunning Kitchen” that does not even exist.

  • Most of the houses with the original footprint are 2 bedroom and 1- 2.5 baths. If they make that 3 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, they will be putting a decent addition on it. Considering that two houses with the original footprint on that block sold right around 900K, seems like a fair price.

  • We live on that block and we were told we could not build up even in the back due to it being in the historic district. Of course the folks on Swann have built up and that seems to be ok due to you can’t see it from the street. The only thing you can do to increase space is to dig out the basement or bump out the back or grease the right palm.

    love the “all new systems”…what else would they be?

    • Plus the “horses’ ass nominees” still owe $68,000 in back taxes. There are two permits issued now — to install windows and a wrought iron fence. I would be very leery of transacting under those circumstances.

  • Probably a $250-$200k renovation, the developer is always willing to take a haircut on the value if you are willing to take on the risk yourself. Plus, they get a boost in value just from allowing people to walk in the door of a finished home.

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