Dupont North Metro Updates – Plants Gone, Center Escalator Closed Until October


On June 20th we learned about the man who had planted flowers at the Dupont North metro entrance. They are gone now. The Washington Post reported:

Metro tore out the foliage without waiting to solicit the neighborhood’s opinion, as it said it had planned to do.

“We want to meet with the community and see what the community would like. We will move forward with their wishes, as long as they are reasonable, sustainable and safe,” Michael McBride, manager of Metro’s Art in Transit Program, said June 21.

No meetings have taken place since then.

And in other Dupont North entrance news – the center escalator is closed until October:


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  • I think this is the fastest response I’ve seen metro have to an “issue”

    • lol I know right! If it was a broken elevator, or signs out of service you would never get them out to do it. They must be on that reverse psychology track. Lets all sign a petition and drum up community support to ensure all escalators stay broken and all trains continue to smell of pee and mildew!

  • I still don’t understand why no one noticed or intervened when the guy was planting hundreds of flowers in the first place. This whole situation could have been avoided if Metro was so opposed to the idea in the first place.

    • Probably because the lazy-ass station manager never left the little pod while the planting was going on, preferring instead to sleep and be surly to tourists. And then after getting complements from customers about the new flowers, starting an “investigation.” Next step was figuring out how to pay union wages and overtime for somebody to spend an afternoon ripping out the plants. Way to go, Metro, thanks for making my ride that much better!!!

    • Doctor walk. If he just confidently does it, odds are no one would question him

  • Commence “FEIGNING OUTRAGE!!!”

  • andy

    Rise up, Guerrilla Gardeners! They cannot catch us all!!! You can take away our land but you’ll never take our freedom!!! The gardeners and the people are one hand!!! Bolivia will give us all asylum!!!

  • I might be the only Dupont resident who doesn’t care about this and frankly thinks the idea you are mad that you do not have the right to just jump over the escalator and start planting stuff in places you don’t own is strange and unsurprisingly not okay.

    On another point, I don’t understand why they are working to replace the escalators on the North side before they decide whether to build a glass cover like they have on the south side. Why would you put new escalators in first?

  • Am I the only one who thinks the sign about the delay on escalator repair a bit patronizing?

    • Haha, yes. “We realize reasons can *sound* like excuses.” BUT THEY’RE NOT EXCUSES!

    • I actually find the message on the sign kind of refreshing; as if somebody is actually paying attention to cusomter communications or whatever they want to call it. If they had just change the date on the original sign, few would have noticed.

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