Dunkin Donuts Remains Closed at 14th and U St, NW but a New One is Coming to 12th and G St, NW


Lots of readers have been writing in about the closed/suspended Dunkin Donuts (and Subway) at 14th and U St, NW. On Friday we learned they had closed due to tax issues.

14th and U St, NW

In more positive Dunkin news – for those that work downtown – you’re getting a new double-wide one at 12th and G on G Street across from Macy’s:

12th and G St, NW

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  • 12th and G>? Why are they so afraid of moving uptown?!

    I’m getting tired of waiting for them to come to petworth.

  • andy

    Idea if this place closes: (no one steal this from me!) – based on the NY cronut fad, as well as the well known and beloved fad of crunking, open a Crunking Cronuts store.

    BOOM! There, I said it!!!! Didn’t that just blow your mind? Dancing staff and ridiculously good desserts for breakfast? Genius, right?

  • Why close down a store to collect back taxes. How is a business going to pay back taxes without revenue?

  • It’s back open now, they must have paid their taxes. The Subway next door (same owner, same tax problem) is still closed though.

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