Diego Tex-Mex Opens Today at 14th and V Street, NW

2100 14th Street, NW

Via Urban Daddy comes word that Diego Tex-Mex has finally opened up at 14th and V St, NW in the former AM-PM Carryout space. Diego’s website says:

“Welcome to Diego where you can expect the unexpected. Diego Rivera is one of Mexico’s greatest painters of the 20th century.

Enjoy the fresh flavors of authentic contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Best Dishes at Diego:

Tacos al Pastor
Tres Leches cake
And more!”

Formerly AM-PM Carryout in 2010

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  • Does anyone find it weird that they name their best dishes on their own website? Isn’t that like saying the rest of the stuff is OK but these are really good. Seems strange. Also, I checked out the website and there is no menu listed as of yet just what PoP mentions about best dishes. I’m interested in this place because I like tex-mex but strange into I think.

  • Strange they don’t have a menu with prices on their site (unless I am just missing it?). As a native Texan, I hope the prices won’t be exorbitant. Tex-Mex should not be expensive, that is just not the essence of the food it’s not gourmet, not healthy, not fancy. That said, given the 14th Street location, I am not going to be surprised if $16 margaritas and $20 table-side guac are the law of the land.

    • I’ve heard this is owned/run by the same folks from Dupont Italian Kitchen. If that’s the case, this will be about as authentically Tex-Mex as a Taco Bell.

    • ^^^Yes to all of this. Another native Texan here, and I completely agree.

    • lovefifteen

      What are you talking about? There isn’t a single place on 14th Street where you can order $20 guacamole or $16 margaritas.

  • Yeah, I was curious/annoyed by that too. Sounds like they just don’t have an electronic version of the menu available yet.

  • Better not say anything about prices, just in case!

  • jim_ed

    A non-latino guy naming a Mexican restaurant after a famous mexican?

    ¿Come se dice SWAGGER JACKING en español?

  • Will the old men (well really men of many ages) still be posting up to play poker under the trees by the patio?

  • Matt, they have moved across the street.

  • “Expect the unexpected”? Why do restaurants even say shit like that?

  • Wow, North Dupont is really growing up…

    • Nothing about this is Dupont related… It’s U St.

      • Just a little joke. When I lived a couple blocks north (14th & FL) in 2005, the condos on that block were being marketed as “NORTH DUPONT!” Results gym always referred to their 16th & U location as Dupont, too.

        “U Street” used to be a hindrance; now it’s prime real estate.

  • hispanicandproud

    Looking forward to eating there!

  • Yawn. I wish this could have just stayed a fried chicken and fish place. Only more upscale with alcohol and seating. I’m guessing the guys who played checkers and chess out front of the old place are gone for good?

  • Another Texan here. I hope, oh-so-dearly, that this is legit Tex Mex. Due to the distance, trekking to Friendship Heights for Mi Cocina (the only decent Tex Mex I’ve found) is only a once a month event and that doesn’t satisfy the cravings.

    As for the prices… one can only hope.

  • brookland_rez

    Even if the food isn’t legit tex mex (whatever that is), at least they fixed up the building. Looks a million times better than when it was the carry-out.

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