Developers Proposals for Walter Reed

Photo by PoPville flickr user Madame Meow

Thanks to Caroline for sending. From the Walter Reed Local Development Authority:

On July 18th 2013, Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins and the Walter Reed LRA Project Team joined over 200 members of the community at the Developer Presentations which were shared in response to the recently issued Request for Proposals (RFP).    The community is invited to share comments, questions and concerns via email at [email protected] or by writing to the LRA at 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 317 Washington, DC 20004.  Responses are due by 5PM on August 19, 2013.

Below, please find the Walter Reed LRA’s Agenda/Presentation and the Developer Presentations shared on July 19, 2013.

Walter Reed Local Redevelopment Authority Community Meeting Agenda & Presentation

Forest City Washington-Part 1

Forest City Washington- Part 2

Forest City Washington- Part 3

Forest City Washington- Part 4

Forest City Washington- Part 5

Forest City Washington- Part 6

Hines-Urban Atlantic- Part 1

Hines-Urban Atlantic- Part 2

Hines-Urban Atlantic- Part 3

Hines-Urban Atlantic- Part 4

Roadside Development- Part 1

Roadside Development- Part 2

Roadside Development- Part 3

Roadside Development- Part 4

Roadside Development- Part 5

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  • All I know is that I’d hate myself and my life if I had to put these kinds of decks together all the time. So many smiling people on the promenade! Is there enough diversity?! So many back tag lines!

  • I’m digging Forest City’s proposal, but I’m partial to the work they’ve done down here at the Navy Yard. I appreciate the reconnection of the site with the surrounding community by opening the streets up to through traffic again in the Roadside proposal.

  • There better be a whole lot of 70 & 79 buses. Based on the time it took to redo the 10 blocks of Sherman Avenue, the 60 blocks from K to Walter Reed should only take 12 years or so.

  • Anyone know when they will decide on the final developer? As a resident of Brightwood, I’m just hoping to see this thing start moving (though I know it won’t… forever). Also, very VERY hopeful on the Wegmans plan, and sincerely hope they win.

  • Thanks for posting all of these. I think Forest City is may favorite. I’ve like what they’ve done with The Yards so their past performance is promising (for eg, actually bringing in some local business). The Hines-Urban Atlantic seems ok too. Not too keen on so much space being devoted to medical services in the Roadside Development proposal. And though I will likely get slammed for saying this, not so keen on SOME being located right by where LAMB/Yu Ying have space as outlined in their proposal. It looks like they think having Wegmans sign on as an official partner is a “get”. But if Wegmans wants to go in, then I’m sure they will work with whatever developer is selected.

  • None of these really look amazing to me. But, if we’re going on past DC experience, I agree that Forest City looks like a good call. Hines should be punted out of the room for those plastic-clad nonsensical boxes in City Center. I’ve only heard terrible things about Bozzuto and am worried to see them as a Roadside partner.

    “Wegmans” sounds great, but the Hines proposed timeline wouldn’t bring them in for several years, so it wouldn’t really affect anyone any times soon.

  • I like Forest City but consider their partner Menkiti group a bunch of crooks who shouldn’t be allowed to build legos, much less anything else. Which makes me lean to the Hines proposal.

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