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  • Wow – more condos? How many new condo buildings does the city need? Is the market that fluid to include more of these units? Don’t get me wrong, I think new construction is a good thing for the city, but I would think more apartments would be better?

    • I’d say most of the new buildings I’ve seen come up are actually apartments. Sure, there are small condo projects (like rowhouse conversions), but I think it’s actually quite rare to see any big condo projects anymore — still tough to get financing on the big ones. Maybe I’m wrong though; I was under the impression that many were planned to be condos, but ended up becoming rentals due to the market, and that’s continued…

  • 14thandChapin

    Condo’s can also be rented out, I am living in a condo building that has rentals (from the owner)

  • Yeah, condo supply is still historically low, it’s rental inventory that has exploded recently.

    Btw, looks like the final raze permit for the Ontario Theater project cleared yesterday. Glad to see them finally moving again – that partially demoed building is an eyesore.

  • So sad. I always wished someone would come around and rehab this back to a working movie theater. I think there’d be alot of demand for an Uptown-like theater for this side of the park.

  • Wow. That guy has a really steady stream. Prostrate is A.O.K!

  • I’d generally agree with your sentiment, but this building has been a blighted nuisance for long enough. I honestly think a big part of the crime on this corner (see last weekend) is that people are free to loiter/drink/drug/malinger on this corner because noone’s shooshing them away. Bring on the gentrifying overpaying yuppy overlords!!

  • Why should it be saved? I mean nothing of any real historical merit ever happened there…like say U2 or The Clash playing there. I’m sure the new yupster tenants can impress their guests pontificating about how Bono and Joe Strummer might have occupied the exact airspace of their new $600,000 2 bedroom apartment over a coupla brewskis.

  • Actually, U2 and the Clash did play there, as well as Blondie and The Police.

  • U2 playing there would be a reason to demo it

  • Sarcasm – you don’t get it.

  • It seems much easier to get approval for condos and convert to apartments depending on the market than vice versa.

  • So everywhere Blondie played is a historic site now? Get over it. The place has been a dump as long as I can remember.

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