Dear PoPville – Looking for a beach get-away-rental for 2-4 nights (not a whole week)?

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“Dear PoPville,

Any ideas on a beach get-away-trip where my partner and I can getaway for 2-4 nights? Seems like all the beach home rentals require a 1 week minimum stay for the summer. We’re open to Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and even the Outer Banks. Thanks!”

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  • You’re not going to get a partial week rental during the summer with plenty of advance notice, except at a random, rundown vacation house you’ll find on VRBO or Homeaway. Sorry.

    The only way to do it is to contact the owner the week before they have nothing booked. They will probably let you do a long weekend rental so they don’t lose any money with an empty house. But it’s going to be very last minute, so you’ll need to be flexible about location and days

    You can do partial weeks for the long weekend during Memorial Day and Labor Day during the summer. I usually rent at Broadkill Beach in Delaware – it’s a great place! Very secluded and awesome for families.

    Good luck, but don’t get your hopes up.

  • Why not just get a hotel room for a couple of days?

  • I have a friend who goes to the OBX every year but straddles two weeks and only pays for one. He calls the realtor place down there on a Monday for a check-in that Thursday (check-out Tuesday). They in turn see if any of the owners who have not yet rented that current week and the next one are willing to rent to him. He has been doing this for 20 years and it has worked every time. I know this isn’t apples to apples and the uncertainty may not be ideal for you, but thought I would throw it out there nonetheless.

    • That’s friggin’ awesome. I am going to do that the next time I’m planning a group trip. Does he negotiate a discounted rate or does he pay the full rate?

      PS – I hate the Twiddy monopoly of OBX.

  • jim_ed

    If a specific beach isnt that important to you, then check out Colonial Beach in Virginia. It’s not the ocean, rather its where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake. But its dirt cheap, and a bunch of places are available for 2-4 days over the weekend.

  • Try
    I’ve used the site a few times (although not for a beach rental) and had experiences all around.

  • I almost hate to share this secret, but my partner and I have been going to Black Walnut Point Inn for a few years and absolutely love it. It’s technically a B&B, so you can do 2, 3, or 4 nights. They have a pool and grill, and tons of land surrounded by water. Absolutely love this place.

  • notlawd

    Have you considered a bed and breakfast? I had this same dilemma earlier this year and we decided to go with the Lazy L at Willow Creek in lewes, DE. Going this weekend, so I can let you know how it is. Several years ago I also had success with the last minute rental, but didnt have luck this time.

  • saf

    P-town? I know it’s a bit further away, but I do love it. My favorite B&B there will do 2-4 nights:

  • For just a little more of a drive than Ocean City, MD, you could go to Ocean City, NJ or somewhere else on the Jersey Shore. Rentals are down because tourists are reluctant to come due to the damage from the storm. I’m from the part of Jersey that got the worst hit and I will say, there’s still work to do, but it is in much better shape and the beach was amazing this past weekend when I was visiting (and further south looks even better). Anyway, you’ll definitely be able to get a short term rental there and you’ll be helping out the local economy as they rebuild. Good luck in your search!

  • We personally love the Blue Water Inn in Lewes. It’s two-block walking distance to Delaware Bay and an easy stroll to downtown Lewes. there’s a wraparound deck so each room has its own balcony. Easy to rent a bike to go to Cape Henlopen or Rehoboth, or you can take the ferry to Cape May. Actually Blue Water has its own bikes (and it has courtesy lounge chairs, boogie boards and beach towels you can borrow).

  • I don’t know whether somebody else mentioned this, but try airbnb dot com. Depending on the area, there may be some people renting out their condo/house for short terms.

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