DCanter Wine Boutique Soft Opens Today on Barracks Row

545 8th Street, SE

Hard to believe this space was a former costume shop. DCanter’s website says:

Hi there! We are Michael and Michelle Warner, owners of DCanter.

DCanter isn’t your typical wine or beer shop. We offer products and services that encourage our customers to experience and discover what’s unique about different wine and beer styles in a welcoming and unintimidating environment. Our hand-selected offerings of artisan wines and craft beers from around the world caters to the palate of connoisseurs, as well as to those interested in learning more or simply trying new styles.

We host frequent tastings and educational opportunities for those who are curious and looking for fun ways to learn more about the wine or beer world. DCanter has a dedicated tasting room and educational space where guests can enjoy events around a 16-foot communal table made from reclaimed wood, centered by a breathtaking glass-blown purple chandelier. We are also excited to bring the passion of winemakers and brewers directly into the store through in-person or virtual visits. To further our customers’ wine and craft beer experience, we offer books covering various related topics and accessories like glassware, decanters (of course!), corkscrews and beer openers.

Store Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm
Closed on Monday

They soft open today and will have a grand opening July 23rd.

The renovated space looks amazing:


Lots more photos after the jump.

Michelle and Michael Warner

tasting room

wall of wine all under $15 (also 100 wines available for under $20)

tasting room with large screen tv for video conferences with brewers/wine makers etc.

carrying 300 wines

beer and books (there will around 80 beers available)

international beer

local beer

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  • justinbc

    Well it’s not exactly the craft beer store that I’ve been hoping for in DC (Batch 13 promised but has yet to deliver), but at least it’s another option I can walk to and apparently teleconference people from.

    • Really!?
      I havent made my way to Batch 13 again since they first opened but i thought, after the way they made it seem, that they would be the go to place for craft beers in DC no question

      this isnt the case?

      • justinbc

        When I moved out of that neighborhood in March they still didn’t have their single bottle license, which is what they were reserving the second floor for. DC’s crazy laws require it to be separately licensed, so right now (and since opening) they’ve just got 6 packs. Granted, they are 6 packs of some pretty decent stuff, but it obviously limits the scope of what’s available.
        They do however offer up probably the best bourbon selection in the District.

    • Have you been to D’Vines? In Columbia Heights, pretty awesome craft beer selection and very knowledgeable staff.


      • justinbc

        I thought D’Vines had an OK selection, as does Devinos over in Adams Morgan. Connectict Avenue Wine & Spirits and the P St Wholefoods both have decent selections too. But they all are lacking to some degree compared to some of the shops you can find out in NoVA. I was hoping Batch 13 would change that with their promise of over 1,000 unique single bottle selections, but I’ve been waiting over a year now for that to actually begin.

  • I will be watching to see if this store has a better or worse selection than the total wines in laurel. Additionally , I will be watching the prices of the craft beers to see if they are outrageously overpriced.

  • Whoa! That looks wonderful. Love the $15 and less wall of wine.

    I can’t believe this is the old costume shop space, either! While it was cool to have Backstage Costumes on the Hill, I would always try to get in and out of that place as quickly as possible. It felt like a major fire trap/shirtwaist factory disaster waiting to happen.

  • Between this and Scheniders, looks like the Hill is well served when it comes to wine.

    • Even some of the old liquor stores, like Chat’s, have started doing wine tastings and improving their wine inventory. There’s also a fancy cheese and wine shop coming to 660 Penn Ave (where the Sprint/Moto Photo store is now).

  • I’m pretty excited about this and will likely pop my head in on my way home.
    Any updates on Kraze Burger up the street? Seems like that should have opened by now.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yeah I was hoping to have an update on Kraze Burger too but it still just has the coming soon sign. Very strange.

  • GiantSquid

    I will check it out but my heart will always belong to Bernie and Chat’s up the street.

  • I’m encourage by the affordable wines, but honestly it looks like a poor use of space and a very weak selection, especially beer. Hopefully over time they plan to build up their inventory and selection. I’m mostly going to stick with Harris Teeter, Chats, Schneiders, and Costco for the time being.

    • Something about the beer shelving is weird. It looks like they took some bookshelves and made a decorative arrangement of beers on them.

      • It’s weird that they aren’t in a refrigerated case. Even Yes! has a pretty decent refrigerated beer selection.

  • I’m a fan of any store that carries Zywiec.

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