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  • Does anyone know why it took so long? There was a sign up at one point saying they would be open June 17th or so. Even at that point they hadn’t done any obvious work for about 3 months. I think they did interviews back in April.

  • pablo .raw

    Just minutes away from my office 😀

  • KSB

    I truly thought it had opened back in the spring but tried to grab a bite there last month and saw that I was mistaken… glad it’s FINALLY opening up!

  • I have my doubts about the success of businesses in that development.

  • This place has been sitting there ready to go for months…They initially claimed that it would open in April! I really just can’t fathom the ineptitude it takes to delay an opening that long…the fact there is no explanation whatsoever regarding the delay just makes it seem that much more inept. The other joke is the “Carolina Kitchen” across the street claiming to open in “summer 2013″…why even make that claim when there is no way to meet that deadline? The whole Rhode Island Row seems like a great idea, but the fact that it is already dissolving into classic DC incompetence doesn’t bode well for the future…that being said, I will do my best to keep Chipotle in business…

    • Haha – yeah. I agree. I used to get a kick out of the “HALF STREET COMING 2009” signs all around the Nationals baseball stadium last year.

  • There was a problem with some construction during the grand opening process and the store was shut down till everything was repaired. I passed by that location three days ago and saw that they were doing interviews again and asked when they would reopen and they said August 20!

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